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  1. Does the team not realise we''re losing? got to go for it now, time is running out...
  2. Ball watching again! watch the man not the ball! Truly awful defending, I''ve seen better at sunday league level, must be a priority for Lambert in the Jan window.
  3. Ruddy flapping at thin for the second game in a row... unless he starts to command his box more then we''re are going to have serious problems with crosses and set pieces.
  4. [quote user="The Original Pboro_Canary"]We are about to start a new season in the Premier League with the best manager we have had in years. What''s not to be positive about? [/quote]Exactly, save your negativity for when we are 3-0 down to Wigan after 10 mins [;)]
  5. [quote user="Jonzey"]It has to be said at the time he was so right. As much as I really can''t stand the guy and think he''s utterly an useless pundit, he simply stated what the majority were thinking. Thankfully the club also realised the predicament and acted on excellent advice, let''s see how many seconds it takes ''Lawro'' to mention the words seven and one.[/quote]Second this, as nice as it is to be able to prove Mark wrong I''m betting that the majority of City fans would have agreed with him at the time, I know I would have.
  6. If true then we really should be in there with a bigger big, Forster would be an excellent signing
  7. The defense needs strengthening as a priority, I''d like a new GK but I don''t think it''ll happen, we need at least a couple of new defenders.
  8. I''m sorry but this talk of a parade has jinxed it, No chance of us getting promoted now! [;)]
  9. [quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="notts_canary"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "]That''s us f*cked then....  [/quote]Sarcasm?[/quote]Qui moi?   [:)][/quote]Can never tell with you [;)]
  10. [quote user="Paul Cluckbert "]That''s us f*cked then....  [/quote]Sarcasm?
  11. Agree with OP, disappointing 1-1 draw, Holt to grab a last minute goal to salvage a point and it would be typical if Nelson did get the goal against us!
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