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  1. That''s all i can say about the refs performance at your game. If that had of been us i would be livid. Never a sending off and the Reading player near the end should have gone. I have seen this clown a few times and he is too young and too inexperienced to ref at this level. God help us if he refs us two, we could be down to 8 a side.
  2. doing ok. You can see the respective boards hoping come January we are both in the same,if not improved, positions. No more financial investment then. Seriously though even with Evans investment and your astute manager i didn''t expect this. We all want the premier league but sorry,with clubs with our size and investment this league is far more exciting. Weird but true.
  3. Don''t worry about us we will spend our way out of this. Mid table this year,challenging next year. You really need to concentrate on your own team. An impressive season ticket uptake and excellent crowds yet little money to strengthen your team and rising debts. If you go up then you will still have around the same attendances so that means not much more money. You have a league 1 team so how,if you go up, will you afford a championship team.
  4. After the very sad news yesterday and all the tributes to our great manager and ambassador of ITFC it got me thinking about the way football is today and how the greed and selfishness in football has ruined this once great game. When the tributes came in and people were talking about how Sir Bobby was prepared to raise millions for cancer even though he was seriously ill it made me also think of Bryan Gunn. Here is a man who has also faced great adversity in his life. To lose a child is unimaginable but to come out the other side and decide to do something to help others shows the measure of the man. I have never heard Sir Bobby moan,likewise Gunn. I have never heard Sir Bobby publically chastise people in the football profession, likewise Gunn. Yet here we have 2 men who could have quite easily,and rightly so, felt sorry for themselves but chose to stand up and be counted and start a charity purely to help others. We may not get on on the football pitch but one thing we can both be proud of is that in the greedy,corrupt world that is football today we have 2 men in East Anglian football we should be very very proud of.
  5. If you have no investor then however much it sounds like blackmail what do you do. Say no to your rebate and you get more funds or claim it and your club MIGHT not go up next year and you go into admin . As an outsider it seems the general concensus is that you don''t believe that all the money will go into your transfer kitty. It really is a hard one to call.
  6. The reason we have been taken over is because we were not asset rich. Our creditors had no chance in getting their money back so had to take something as making us bankrupt would have meant they got nothing. ME comes along and offers them a few million and as there are no other investors the creditors have to take it. Not ideal i agree. The problem with Norwich is they are too asset rich. Sounds daft i know but it''s true.
  7. Thanks for that but i just think you might be pleasantly surprised. 20,000 crowds will attract the better players willing to play in that division.
  8. This,from a blue, is my honest opinion of next season. Firstly we won''t go up. It will take 2 seasons to get up and if Keane is given the funds i think he will do it in the second year. Secondly...for all the doom and gloom that has hit home since relegation look at league 1. Nearly every club has debts that are holding the club back and impact on wages when negotiating a free transfer but,and it is a big but, if you were a player would you take the 3k (just guessing) at a club who gets 5000 fans or would you rather take the 3k and play in a ground with 20,000 people. It''s a no brainer really. I know it''s easy for me to say this but i honestly don''t think you will have a worry next season. Top 2 and i''m that confident i''m going to do you in my accumulator.
  9. p.s...this is funny...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrXhxmQJSS0&feature=PlayList&p=DC74ADA8E2154221&index=0&playnext=1
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzlgXPbGy-E&feature=PlayList&p=DC74ADA8E21542T21&index=2&playnext=3&playnext_from=PL
  11. Well you had better prepare for it because you are staying up. It must be a very strange feeling hoping your club survive as you are fans but having the knowledge that if you do it is likely to save the regime that runs the club. I don''t envy you for that. I still have a sneaky feeling though that WHEN you stay up you will be under new ownership OR have some significant funds next season.
  12. and i honestly think you will as you will beat charlton and Barnsley will lose, what will happen when the feelings of relief go. Can you see the supporters ousting your board or do you think Gunn will still be manager on a limited budget again next season. Is staying up a catch 22 situation?
  13. Here is what i hope happens sunday. I hope you stay up for 2 reasons. Firstly i would miss the derby. You could play Real Madrid but the derby is something else for our little part of the world. Secondly and more importantly i would like to see Gunn have his moment of glory and then decide he feels the need to hand the reins to someone else so he doesn''t fail next season. Gunn has experienced something i hope no one ever has to experience in life and the remarkable way he has come through it and had the drive to raise thousands if not millions for charity shows what a remarkable man he is. The same could also be said about Sir Bobby which i know by previous threads on this site you lot admire too. I hope your boys do it for him.
  14. Normally no but surely your club has been run so far down in the ground the best option is to go down and rebuild. Yes it may get ugly but i bet you would have a clear out at all levels including the board. Stay up and what have you got to look forward to next season?  
  15. If he took us up and then kept us up he would no doubt be offered a bigger job anyway.
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