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  1. To old , and i do hope poor mans Earnshaw is not going to be starting next season , 2 new strikers please ,Rasiak and Earnshaw would do nicely.
  2. Oh dear oh dear , really setting our sights high now .
  3. Hardly terrible news is it , most clubs do run at a loss and as the article says Magilton will still have considerable funds to strengthen the squad , i very much doubt any of their supporters would like to swap with City right now.
  4. Please do go Fozzy , third rate footballer with no club when we took you on , you wont be missed , we need players with quality you have none.Sign of the times at Norwich when we dump class like Huckerby and try to hold on to utter dross like you .
  5. Not really an Inbetweenie that Roeder is supposedly interested in is he , cheap though so probably something in this one.
  6. £2 million hardly buys you one good player, to think Roeder can rebuild our entire squad (and thats what we need) with that amount of money is laughable .To give us any chance whatsoever of competing at the top end of this table we need around £8 million .
  7. The team has hardly been broken up , the loans have gone back and Huckerby is the only first team casualty from Roeders massive cull.
  8. WES Hoolahan''s stock has risen dramatically after clinching a place in Giovanni Trapattoni''s first Republic of Ireland squad. Speculation about the Seasiders'' winger''s future is growing with a host of clubs reported to be queuing up to try to woo him. Hoolahan''s inclusion in Trapattoni''s 28-man squad for the friendly internationals against Colombia and Serbia later this month has triggered a rash of fresh reports suggesting that the Seasider is a wanted man. Norwich boss Glenn Roeder is certainly one manager believed to be actively pursuing Hoolahan. However, it remains likely that the winger will be a target for one of the Championship''s bigger hitters, such as Wolves, Charlton, Watford or last night''s play-off losers Crystal Palace. Hoolahan flew back to Ireland after Blackpool''s final game against Watford and didn''t show for the end-of-season player of the year awards. He is said to have told friends that he won''t be playing his football at Bloomfield Road next year.
  9. We should be able to , sell out crowds ,premiership money ,parachute money,transfer profits, but no we cannot compete with at least half of this division now .To get a good player nowadays you have to pay £2 million plus we just cannot ( or will not more like ) pay that sort of money.Every transfer window we are linked to good players , last summer it was Sharp and Varney but they never arrive , we ended up with a 32 year old from Colchester , this year so far its , Ameobi,Earnshaw,Etherington,Hoolahan,Taylor etc etc will they arrive , something tells me no chance.
  10.  Roeder thinks hes a player that will destroy Championship teams and is far to good for this league, do you trust the managers judgement or not, he certainly flopped at Stoke , but was he anywhere near match fit ? Only one way to find out and thats pay the money.
  11. We wont get anybody anywhere near as good as Earnie, would have been a great signing .
  12. There is not one shred of evidence that either of these two players will be joining , going to be a lot of people let down.
  13. Well his budget it seems does not stretch to Ameobi , so why Roeders been banging on about him for i dont know.
  14. 88.87% of Norwich City supporters according to the Evening News poll  think it was handled badly , now thats a pretty high majority.
  15. How can you say 95% of managers would not have kept us up , thats just pure guesswork , we could have appointed Warnock and made the play offs .Roeders usual record is initially does well then messes up big time in his next season , we shall see , its also said he cannot have big named players around , well that certainly looks true as there is any amount of poor players in this squad and the one player he has got shot off was the clubs star .
  16. Of course they might finish 10th or 11th they may even get relegated , but at thuis moment in time they have a far superior squad of players to us and they have more money to strengthen that squad than we do.Thats just the simple truth of it however hard it is to swallow.
  17. Why would they need a major overhaul , they finished 2 points off the play offs if they add a little quality where its needed they will be a force next season .If we finish one place above them next season we wont have done to bad.
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