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  1. Going to have to spend a lot more than 2-4 million Indy if we want to return to the top flight , would have hoped all the deadwood would have been shipped out by now but it looks as if we will hamper ourselves with the lkes of Martin and Jerome etc. As for the youngsters stepping up , how many ever really make the grade let alone are good enough to gain promotion from a very tough league,take a look at the Lowestoft squad packed full of the great young canary hopes of the past. We will need two very good strikers,two very good centre backs (one if Klose stays) and thats before you start on the midfield and wingers . Money has to be spent or we will be at this level for years to come , and unlike other clubs we cannot hang on to the hope of a wealthy owner riding to our rescue .
  2. We should be looking to replace Jerome, the goals are no bigger in the Championship and he will continue to waste sitters .
  3. Burnley didnt have Whittaker and Martin in their squad , we look as if we are going to retain players at the back , the same players people have been pulling their hair out about for 2 or 3 years now . This season was the time to get shot of these error prone players .
  4. Would prefer him to Captain fantastic if i''m honest .
  5. I''m not sure he would be prolific even at Championship level , never struck me as an out and out goalscorer . Trouble is theres not a lot of striking talent around in the Champs at the moment Gray , Afobe and Rhodes have all recently moved and only McCormack really stands out .
  6. Proven in the division and young enough to still improve , could be a great signing .
  7. [quote user="AJ"]As harsh as it sounds, Klose not playing in the Euro''s might be a good thing for us - keep him away from prying eyes. If he stays I think we''ll have arguably the best defender in the Championship by quite some margin.[/quote]But then if you pair him with one of the worst it tends to nullify that .
  8. [quote user="Katie Borkins"]Both Hooper and Wolf were big goalscorers for big fish in little ponds. It is unsurprising that when up against quality opposition they failed woefully, with Wolf failing more than Hooper to be fair. I would not buy any player from the Scottish leagues on last night''s showing. League Two at best.[/quote]And yet on other threads you are telling people that Whittaker and Martin (two very average Scottish players) are more than good enough for City ? Lets be honest Scottish football is crap even Wales and Northern Ireland are going to the Euro''s and that crappiness does include our own Scotts .
  9. [quote user="Indy"]Well there''s an argument for O''Neil, Bassong, Dorrans, Jerome, Wes, Jarvis, Ruddy & Mulumbu are past their best but we are not in a financial position to replace many players. This fresh approach should have happened last year when we had the lure of premiership football. All fans like yourself & I will probably be very dissapointed when our team takes to the field on the 6th August and will possibly line up like this: Rudd, Pinto, Martin, Bennett, Whitts Howson, O''Neil, Dorrans, Jarvis Wes, Jerome. Subs: Kean, Vadis, Morris, McGradles, Toffolo, Bassong, Maddison.[/quote]Hope not because that team does not make the top 6 , full of old players well past their best . Martin ,Whittaker, O''Neil, Jarvis,Jerome ,Bassong should be out of the reckoning .
  10. The defence was so bad last time in the Champs we had to get Bassong back from Watford , that defence included Whittaker and Martin who should be released this summer , past their best ages ago and better suited to league 1 football and that includes the Scottish national team .As one poster said the other night How crap is Scottish football , answer very crap .
  11. So the great clear out and freshening of the squad sees Martin , Whittaker and O''Neil all kept on , three players that needed shifting out , we are going to be stale next season and i predict many years of Champs football on the cards .Starting to look as if the money trouble stories are spot on , what this club needs more than anything else is new owners  the ones we have are well past their sell by dates .
  12. [quote user="Ricky Spanish"]Would rather have Neil. Much better manager![/quote]I wouldnt even compare Neil to Lambert its like comparing a Prem team with a League 2 side , fail this season and i very much doubt Neil will ever be heard of again . Neil had more money to spend than Lambert and Hughton and was comfortably the worst of the three , everybody clings to the fact hes young and will improve with time , we will see.
  13. Liability last time we were in the Champs , hope he will only be a bench warmer next season but its Norwich so he will almost certainly be centre half and captain .
  14. Well he has not made the Swiss Euro squad .
  15. Surely you are wrong about Derby , Katie Borkins told me they are utter garbage .
  16. What goalscorers though ? people like Gray , Rhodes ,Ofobe all got their moves and will be playing Prem football next season . Apart from a grossly overpriced ageing McCormack can anybody actually name these Championship sharpshooters who gaurantee the goals needed for promotion .We really should of kept Hooper , at least we still have the woeful Jerome on the books and he apparently benefits from the bigger goals in the Champs .
  17. I thought Klose was not getting a start in Germany before moving here , if that is the case i fail to see how Championship football is anymore harmful to international chances than German reserve football .
  18. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]How can you tell if a player is less enthusiastic you binner[/quote]Grow up you sound like a 5 year old girl .
  19. [quote user="Katie Borkins"][quote user="CanaryOne"]What makes people think we have a promotion squad ? they only managed the play offs last time with the help of a managerial sacking and they are all a bit older and less enthusiastic now .[/quote]Two seasons ago Cameron Jerome scored 21 goals in the Championship and was 3rd in PoTS.  He is an excellent striker at this level.Under Alex Neil, this squad managed P25 W17 D4 L4 in the Championship, exceptional by any standard.Derby are gash.Your trolling is weak.[/quote] 21 goals wow , you must rate Binner Murphy a world beater then he got near on 30 in a much weaker squad , as for Martin his normal poor performances were what resulted in Bassong being recalled from Watford . They were poor 21 seasons ago we need better now or we wont come close to promotion .As for trolling no that would be you , its all you come on the messageboard for .
  20. What makes people think we have a promotion squad ? they only managed the play offs last time with the help of a managerial sacking and they are all a bit older and less enthusiastic now . Also there has been a lot of big money spent in the Championship the last couple of years and the likes of Derby , Sheff Weds etc have squads very much the equal of ours .Players like Russell Martin and Cameron Jerome and quite a few others  must go they offer nothing at all if we hope to move on .
  21. We really do have a lot of deadwood that needs shipping out , we need almost a complete new team and when you look at Neils signings to date you really have to ask is he the right man to give the money too . Mess it up and we will be Championship for years to come .As Darren Eadie said the other night i do really think most City fans view Alex Neil through green and yellow Wembley glasses .
  22. Andreu,Bassong,Jarvis,Lafferty,Martin,Mulumbu,O''Neil,Ruddy,Turner,Whittaker,Jerome,Wolfswinkle , other possibles Dorrans and Hoolahan .Out with all the old deadwood that have proved time and time again they just are not good enough and never will be .
  23. Alex Neil has hinted Norwich could part ways with some of their long-serving players in the close season. Sunderland''s midweek win over Everton condemned City to an immediate return to the Championship, and Neil will sit down with the club''s owners after the weekend to put together a plan for the summer. The Norwich squad contains a number of players - Russell Martin, Ryan Bennett and Wes Hoolahan among them - whose arrival at the club predates Neil''s by several years. The manager said: "There will have to come a certain amount of freshness. A lot of players have been here for a number of years and that carries its own problems at times. "We''ve got the basis of a really good squad. Looking at the squad we''ve got, how we would''ve hoped to have performed, I don''t think we hit those heights and ultimately that''s where we''ve got to." Well at least the manager agrees that the players who have been here too long need shipping out and we need freshness .
  24. [quote user="mrs miggins"]The problem with selling and getting the cheaper option is that you end up with the cheaper option. #rocketscience[/quote]Who said anything about cheaper options , spend those parachute payments , Neil wants to see the club move forward not stagnate for another few years . Plus how much do you think players like Martin , Jerome and Wes are worth ? they are the cheap option .
  25. [quote user="mrs miggins"]That will never happen though Miggins , go up with 6 or 7 of these Championship players in the team and you cannot upgrade them all so you end up giving them a go because they got us up . Jerome can be replaced by better even at Championship level as can Martin and a few others . These players are stale and fast approaching the end of their careers , time to ship them out. ----------------------------------------- Cameron Jerome is 29 in his prime. Martin is a decent option to have on the bench in the championship. Jerome scored a good number of goals in the championship and heavily contributed to our promotion, However we also had one of the championship top scorers as well on our books from the previous season in Grabban - once again we''ll need that sort of signing again (although I don''t rate Grabban that much, it was a logical signing at the time). You''re point about going up and then replacing 6 or 7 of the team isn''t realistic - incorrect. Look at the teams we went up with Watford and Bournemouth - the bought in a whole host of players, especially Watford. We also spent that sort of money when we went down with Hughton then; the problem then was that players recruitment was poor - RVW and Elmander ffs. I see what you saying - get the PL players in now to get us up and to stay up, but imo thats not realistic. If we sell Olsson, Redmond, Tettey and Brady - you think we''re going to replace them with better quality? You''re kidding yourself if you think that imo[/quote]The players you mention  would not be the ones i am talking about though , maybe Tettey but i would keep Olsson , Redmond and Brady . Players like Russell Martin , Jerome , Bennett , Hoolahan , Jarvis, Mulumbu, Lafferty etc etc players that are no good to us if we find ourselves promoted again .Its time to rebuild now because fail to go up in the next couple of seasons and there wont be any money left to do it .
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