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  1. So if he''s done this with Tettey why not the likes of Klose and Brady ? Seems to me anybody with a value is free to go anybody not worth much your staying put .
  2. Got to be a better option than our 3 goal a season super striker who is old and useless .
  3. Well if Redmond has an £8million release clause thats what he will leave for and the latest story on the move to Southampton says £8million , dont think you can get an auction in this situation as any club bidding the £8million will get to talk to Redmond then he will make his decision .
  4. Not seen us even linked with anybody for weeks now , its certainly showing all the signs of being another disasterous summer , getting rid of the deadwood should have been done as soon as the season ended but we chose to give them all new contracts instead .
  5. Terrible striker we are clearly preparing for a long stay in the Champs .
  6. Sell the best players, retain average Champs players like Whittaker,Martin,Jerome , a club that never spends a great deal anyway, a manager whos signings to date leave a massive question mark over him and before you know it we are back to being an average mid table Champs side.
  7. Before it was could lead to disqualification , now its anymore trouble and Russia are out . Still dont think it will make the thugs behave though they are not there for the football .
  8. We should be able to afford a younger more prolific striker than Jerome , starting to think Alex Neil does not know what a good player is and after a season and a half he still wants to rely on Neil Adams signings . Long season ahead  and with 4 seasons of Premiership money our squad should be looking so much better . New 3 year deal for Captain Calamity next i suppose .
  9. Thats last years crap defence and striker all in place for next season then , when Neil says we need a clearout and freshen up he sure does not mess around . Mid table next season and  maybe the first finishing below them down the road for a very long time .
  10. We have known what the lad has said to be true for a number of years now , just look at the mess the club was before Mcnally arrived League 1 reappointment of Gunn even after he had proved he didnt have a clue . People who think we have the best owners going should open their eyes we are run by amateurs and without Mcnally would probably be kicking around in League 1 still .
  11. We need two new starting strikers this summer and hopefully if the Jerome leaving story is true we should get them , truth is the two we sold last season Hooper and Grabban are both head and shoulders better than Jerome . Lafferty will be sold too and rightly so , could not even get a regular start while on loan at Birmingham and hard to see Wolfswinkle still being around either although i must say i would not mind seeing how he fared at Champs level . Jerome , Fletcher , Morris and one other for me would be season over before it started , 2 ageing strikers with a poor conversion rate and a young lad with only a bit of experience up in Scotland ..think better people or we really are going to struggle big time .
  12. No thanks , young and hungry not old never beens .
  13. Nothing wrong with selling Jerome he''s utter s--t and the sooner hes gone the better , then get rid of Martin and the signings can begin .
  14. When Delia goes nephew Tom will take over, its what hes been brought in for .
  15. The owners and Board of this club have not got a clue , now McNallys gone we could soon be back to struggling at the wrong end of the Championship . Add to that a manager with almost zero experience and coaching staff that would look more in place at Lowestoft and things really do not look very good at all .
  16. Has to go there needs to be a free centre back position waiting for Captain Calamity ,
  17. Brilliant piece of news now Martin and Jerome to follow and things will be looking up . O''Neil would not have got near starting for any other Prem team last season and it shows just how poor we were that he was a regular for City .Slightly worrying that Neil wanted to keep him but has lost out to Bristol City though as it does tend to make you wonder just who we will be able to sign even at this lower level .
  18. [quote user="Crabbycanary3"]Spurs would have paid us to take Harry Kane off them, when we had him on loan. Who the hell didn''t see that was the right thing to do? Hooooton Out[/quote]No dont think so , he was a very highly regarded 19 year old who was loaned out for a bit of experience , they wouldnt have sold him .
  19. Well if Jerome is off thats a massive boost for next season , if only he would take Martin with him .
  20. Well lets hope all he can do to get us promoted is a whole lot better than his efforts to keep us up . Just think he''s another very average Scottish footballer and we have far too many of those already .
  21. Just the type of player to avoid  , i also see Newcastle are interested in Bamford and Chelsea value him at over £10 million , with the price of strikers these days its hard to see who we can bring in because we just wont spend the amounts needed .
  22. [quote user="Donkey dangler"]We have the Murphys to play and dont forget young Lewis.[/quote]The Murphy''s are not good enough to get us promoted , they will fade away into lower league football just like all the others before them .
  23. Doubt we will get anything over £10 million , whatever you think of Redmond its still our best player and only goal threat gone .
  24. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="norfolkngood"] ok we signed maddison which i think is a fantastic player but he didnt keep us up did he ![/quote]I didn''t say he did, did I?You implied we couldn''t compete with bigger clubs when it came to signing players - I proved we could.[/quote]If Arsenal or Liverpool had any genuine interest in him do you really think he would have signed for Norwich ?
  25. Should have started Hooper every game and played to his strengths , starting Stevie Wonder up front and Captain Calamity at the back are two of the biggest reasons we find ourselves back  in the Champs .
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