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  1. Norwich City’s development squad will not take part in the new revamped Football League Trophy this season, unless one of the big boys decline to enter the competition. Under radical proposals put forward by the English Football League at their summer AGM, the Premier League’s 15 ‘Category One’ academies, plus Newcastle United, have been invited to join clubs in Leagues One and Two to compete in a new-style format. Relegated Newcastle owe their invite to finishing higher than the Canaries in the league pyramid last season. Norwich City, the next highest-placed league finisher after the Magpies, will only be invited to participate should any of the 16 other elite academies reject the chance to enter. The competition will feature 16 groups of four teams, divided on a regional basis, before a knock-out stage with the final at Wembley. Premier League academies will be able to field teams aged under-23 with three over-age outfield players and a goalkeeper permitted. Supporters groups have reacted angrily to the pilot proposals for the coming season, amid fears it is the first step to incorporating Premier League ‘B’ teams in the English Football League. One of those, Against League 3 (AL3), has already rejected the EFL Trophy plans. “The EFL and its clubs are well aware football fans do not, and have never, supported these plans,” said campaign manager James Cave. “AL3 has regularly canvassed supporters and sought their opinion, as have organisations like Supporters Direct. “Our studies show over 75pc of lower league fans are against the implementation of ‘B’ teams. Yet the ‘B’ teams idea is a mere symptom of a far larger problem in English football: supporters are unrepresented by our FA, our leagues and often our clubs."
  2. Well at the moment in the striking department we have next to nothing , Jerome only managed 3 at Prem level with probably more game time and in a more attacking side so really he should be getting just as much stick for being crap as Rvw . Everyone thinks Jerome is wonderful because he scored 21 at a lower level a level Rvw has not had the luxury of playing at.We really need 2 top class strikers , Boro finally went up after signing Rhodes for £10 million , Burnley £8 million on Gray , just who will Alex Neil bring in ? hotshots from the Scottish leagues just will not be good enough .
  3. If you scroll down the articles on the homepage this was covered , we are next in line and get in if one of the big boys drop out .
  4. Twitter seems to think hes getting the No9 shirt next season , well i suppose if you cannot afford a multi million pound striker you may as well use the one you already have .
  5. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="alartz"]We won''t sign anyone. Just give a couple of youth players pro contracts that''s it''s.[/quote]If we make no permanent signings from other clubs before the end of the window, I''ll give £20 to the PUPs fund.If we do make a permanent signing from another club before the end of the window, you give £20 to the PUPs fund.Deal?Well shut up, then.[/quote]Of course we will sign somebody but what about a signing that really stamps the message we want to go back up ? Newcastle have just bought Gayle and Ritchie at around £10 million a player , thats called ambition . We desperately need two very good strikers , how many signings do you see us making around the 8- 10 million mark ? None, well pipe down then .
  6. We have not learnt a thing from last season , club is run by amateurs .
  7. If we get a striker my guess would be Bamford , not really that many about unless we look abroad .
  8. Superb news , they must be crazy giving him a 4 year deal , starting to worry whether Alex Neil is going to get any backing at all this summer though .
  9. Wales to get tonked 3 or 4 nil and very enjoyable that will be , they really are nowhere near as good as they think they are lets face it the only team England managed to beat .Rep of Ireland were the standout home team for me their fixtures were very tough and they still put up a decent show .
  10. Funny how people forget that we had a lot more success on the pitch under Chase than we ever have had under Delia .
  11. Employ a third rate Scottish manager and i suppose its no surprise to end up with a team of third rate Scottish players . This would be a truly shocking signing and almost certainly see us failing to gain promotion , Newcastle are showing us how it should be done while we look like the bunch of amateurs we are .
  12. Says in the Pink Un article he probably wont figure much in Neils plans , if thats the case may as well sell but its starting to look a bit like a fire sale anybody whos wanted is available .
  13. Looks like he could be the next one out , Reading and Preston interested .
  14. With the players we are being linked with we will be lucky to make the top 10 . Only Norwich could have 4 out of the last 5 seasons in the Premier League spend peanuts and still be broke .
  15. He is old , does not score (1 in 12 on loan at Marseille) and at £35,000 a week expensive , Newcastle are signing the likes of Gayle and Matt Ritchie thats showing an intention to get promoted and yes Gayle was not one i would have wanted at Prem level but he could be prolific in the Champs . Fletcher wont be .Really starting to worry about Alex Neil , just about all his signings have been flops and if his idea is Jerome and Fletcher to fire us to promotion then he clearly is not good enough to manage at this level .
  16. Sun saying we are after this free agent and are willing to pay him £35,000 a week , Christ what a old s hit strikeforce that would be Jerome and Fletcher . Gayle looks to be off to Newcastle , but then we were never going to spend £10 million on a striker in the Champs when we wont do it in the Prem .
  17. Reports say medical to take place immently not that hes at the club already , wonder where Tishibola has vanished to seems to have dropped off the media radar since we agreed a fee .
  18. Mirror reporting a £7 million swoop , if thats the case i dont see them going up to the £15-£20 million mark .
  19. Really think we are going to struggle to get anywhere near promotion , new contracts for players not good enough and selling anything that we can get a few quid for is a recipe for disaster . It all comes down to do you think Alex Neil can buy 5 or 6 players of good enough quality to get us promoted , on the evidence of his signings so far eveybody must have massive doubts . Lets be honest we have not even got a stiker at the club and two decent ones will set you back the best part of £20 million in todays market , Palace wanting £10 million for Gayle and he really is nothing special at all .
  20. Yes thats the best player we had gone and £11 million really isnt that much considering Scum got £8 million for Mings who had one season of Champs football under his belt , Fulham want £15 million for McCormack and Jordan Rhodes went from Champs team to Champs team for £10 million .Whats more worrying though is none of our top players have come out and said they are staying and we do not seem to be linked with anybody apart from a youngster from Reading who probably wouldnt be good enough to get in our starting eleven , Benitez  commented the other day that Newcastle had all but wrapped up a quadruple signing that would be announced soon , all far far to quiet at Norwich in light of last seasons summer disaster .
  21. [quote user="Diane"]I cant believe we''ve agree a fee for the lad because loads of people on here have said that we won''t do any business until we get a perm ceo in place ? Guess we''ve got a good structure in place at the club to deal with transfers in and out after all and people were worrying for nothing lol[/quote]Maybe we have already got our CEO in place , wouldnt be the first time we have searched and then realised the best (or cheapest) candidate is already at the club .
  22. [quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]If WBA wanted him as a PL side they would have got him by now, no contest. As for Villa big named club but several seasons away from mounting a promotion surge. we must represent an ideal opportunity for the young lad tp get into the PL in the near future, glad we have gone for a young hungry up and coming player, the age of our squad needs an injection of youth[/quote] I think those writing off Villa so completely ahead of the new season need to think again. Ok they have some sorting out to do but they have a new manager and had some talent in that team. they won''t be far off if they get off to a decent start.[/quote]Agree, Villa will be there challenging for promotion , good manager , money to spend and a relegated Prem squad just like Newcastle and Norwich and dont forget they beat us comfortably when they were really really bad last season .
  23. Promotion , anything less will be failure , i keep reading Villa are confident they can sign Brady , that is one transfer that must not be allowed to happen .
  24. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]He rather sounds like GON''s younger/better replacement, to me - a position where we did have a gap; no complaints from me if it''s true. Where we''d get £2m from, though, is anyone''s guess given how skint we''re meant to be...[/quote]According to a report in the Birmingham Mail, Aston Villa are interested in signing Norwich City’s Robbie Brady. Norwich are reportedly willing to sell Brady, following their relegation from the Premier League. The Canaries are reportedly looking to clear out some of their higher earners, as they no longer have enough money to finance their current wage bill. Sell to buy and reduce the wage bill at the same time maybe .
  25. I would say Tettey rather sounds like he would like to leave but has been told he has to stay .Jerome a 3 goal a season ageing striker given a 3 year deal with a option for another year (should of got rid)Yet to see any of our better players commit to next season .No links of any kind to any new signings even after the shambles of last season .IMO we will be a mid table side next season with a side half full of players who should have been out the door as soon as the season finished .
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