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  1. Woeful from start to finish , did not create one scoring chance , we need two decent strikers Jerome is terrible as most people already knew .
  2. No point going overboard after 1 game 20 games or 30 games , this season will be deemed a success if at the end of it we are back in the Premier League , if we are still in the champs it will have been an absolute fucking disaster .
  3. [quote user="Green and Yellow fellow"]Anybody mentioned Connor Wickham? I know he''s an ex scummer, still only aged 23 though, not getting regular starts at Palace and would do a decent job in the Championship. Everyone is throwing out suggestions, just thought i''d put another one out there. He''s not the slowest and standing at 6''3 he would certainly add a physical presence up front.[/quote]Great shout , was starting to score at Prem level and would certainly do a job in the Champs , young , and would pi55 that lot down the road off as well . Lambert has not been scoring for a while now and surely on a downward slope.
  4. You always want good players and Pritchard is that , spending that sort of money on a position that you are well stocked in while you do not have one decent striker on the books is highly questionable though .
  5. You can be sure a good few on here will think its an excellent move , would much rather have kept Ricky than sign shite like this .
  6. He should do one like Fry , complete utter waste of space as are most people appointed by our pathetic old owners who should be sat in a care home somewhere instead of ruining a football club .
  7. [quote user="canarywales"]£15 million is a rediculous amount of money for a 29 year old with no top level experience[/quote]Reports say £12 million not 14 , we probably are still offering £10 million
  8. Thing is who do you turn to now ? Assombalonga , doubt Forest would even consider selling , Kodija ? Bristol have already turned down Villa , look abroad maybe ? never been a happy hunting ground for us .The season is upon us and in my opinion we have not got one decent striker on the books , lets hope plan B goes better than plan A , thats if you even believe there is a plan B , what are the odds plan B will probably be plying his trade in good old bonny Scotland  .
  9. Getting a bit late in the day to move onto other targets , are Forest going to part with Assombalonga or Bristol Kodija with the season about to start? afraid it looks like we have totally wasted the summer window once again , strikers and defence yet again not improved at all . Last summer was poor this one has been diabolical .
  10. The squad is old and tired and the Manager himself said it needed freshening up , it has not been freshened up at all . Jerome , Naismith and the defence are still as shit as they were last season and why wouldnt they be . Just cannot see promotion this season and a £12 million pound 30 year old wont make a great deal of difference either.
  11. Seems we are still bidding under £12 million , what is the point when they have said they are not going to sell for under that amount . One week to kick off and no decent striker in the squad , time to move on to other targets if we actually have any and stop messing Fulham around .
  12. Really thought this was much furthur down the line how Neil was talking , dont see us getting him for £10 million and surely Newcastle or Villa will outbid us . Worryingly short of time now to get a couple of strikers in before the start of the season , and dont envisage us doing too much with what we have on the books at the moment .
  13. [quote user="HertsCanary93"]I''d rather we spent the money on Assombalonga, we''d definitely get him for the money being thrown around for McCormack. Both fantastic players, but one is 23 and the other nearly 30.[/quote]But then to balance that out McCormack scores goals at this level season in season out , Assombalonga has had one good season at the level and then missed a season with a nasty injury , no guarantee he will ever be as good as before or even if he was that he would score as many as McCormack.If McCormack scores the goals that get us promoted £15 million would be a drop in the ocean .
  14. Theres a reason why there are so few clubs owned by the likes of Delia now , its because they cannot survive or compete. Take away our parachute payments and our chances of ever getting out of the Champs would be next to zero theres just too much money about even at this level .Everything is fine for now while we keep yo yoing but fail to get back up and we suddenly look more a League 1 club than a Prem one.A bunch of filthy rich Chineese or Nephew Tom without a pot to piss in ? fairly easy choice if you want the best for your club .
  15. [quote user="hogesar"]Result and performance literally mean naff all right now. Win or lose its not going to effect our season. If anything these tougher matches where we arent having it all our own way should help our fitness more. Oh and Canaryone, top yourself.[/quote]Oh get you , really have to say thick (unts like you should be banned from public forums .
  16. Season almost on us and we have not even shipped out the unwanted deadwood let alone actually improved the squad , season of struggle looming .
  17. Wilson looks like hes off to Fulham season long loan .
  18. Well its a good job we have the best set of keepers in the league because with just over two weeks to kick off we certainly have one of the weakest set of strikers and apart from McCormack (we wont pay £15 million ) and Asombalonga (Forest say they are not selling ) there are not even any rumours .People keep saying about the great business we are doing but a youngster and a third choice keeper does not scream we are going for it to me .At least Neil will be able to flip flop the keepers every few weeks now, i am sure that will do their confidence the world of good .
  19. If he''s that good whats he doing at Hamilton , going to have to sell Ruddy now because this guy is going to be No1 and after patiently waiting for his chance i doubt Rudd will be happy seeing somebody like this brought in in front of him . We were ok for goalkeepers why rock the boat concentrate on getting some strikers in because we are woefully weak in that department and some defenders so we can offload the likes of Martin and Bassong .Not seen anything yet from Neil this summer to ease the fears that he''s not got a clue .
  20. Last time in the Champs first thing Neil had to do was recall Bassong to shore up a terrible defence , Martin was part of that defence and is now 2 years older , should be sold or released on a free he has been here to long and is far to comfortable as well as trying to dictate to managers where he wants to play . Want promotion upgrade the weak links , last seasons weak links were Martin at the back and Jerome up front and we have already handicapped our chances with not getting shot of Jerome dont make the same mistake with Martin , theres a reason Brighton dont want him and that reason is hes shit .
  21. Still no decent striker on the books ,  getting two top ones in is whats going to make or break the season .
  22. Brighton tracking Russell Martin ,come on Hughton do us a massive favour .
  23. Being reported bids been rejected so over to you Norwich make them an offer they cannot refuse or move on to the next target , times getting short though .
  24. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]If, as is rumoured, we have put in a bid, how can you say we are ''umming'' and ''ahhing'' about it? And in any case, would we not be somewhat sensible to be sure about a £multi-million deal? Unlike some, we don''t have limitless pots to gamble with. Some people seem to be rather detached from what these figures actually are, bandying £7m here and £10m there as if it is nothing - in the real world it is a heck of a lot.[/quote]In the world of football £7 or 8 million really isnt very much nowadays , certainly wont get you a top player just look at £11 million for Redmond or around £15 million for Brady thats the amount you need to sign players that are borderline Prem quality certainly not stand out stars .As for Asombalonga well a lot depends on his knee if he is fully fit then £10 million minimum imo , but we should remember Villa are looking to sign two strikers and have the money to blow us away so i would think the quicker and quieter we get things done the better .Personally i am still of the opinion that with McNally gone whoever is supposedly running this club has not got a clue , 4 weeks to kick off not one signing done , not good enough by a long way .
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