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  1. [quote user="morty"]That Brighton manager has done okay.[/quote]Yes he has , makes you wonder why we sacked Hughton yet stuck by an inferior Neil ?
  2. Oh please just f u ck off there is a complete difference between a player who has moved from Peterboro to Forest and waiting for the next move up to a player who is loaned out year after year , wonder why nobody wants him ? oh wait alog came Norwich .As for anger management funny its you on every thread blowing your top , take your own advice sunshine .
  3. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="CanaryOne"]If he was any good he wouldnt have been at bottom half of the Champs Forest last season[/quote]Same club as Assombalonga, who everyone is desperate to sign. Why are you so retarded?[/quote]Me retarded you are an absolute fucking thick c u n t , Assombolonga is a youngster on his way up in football you dont see him loaned out to any shit team every year no doubt his big move will come this season or next .Grow the fuck up you are like a spoiled little kid as for football find another sport that does not make you look such a ignorant arsehole
  4. If he was any good he wouldnt have been at bottom half of the Champs Forest last season , we need a quality goalscorer but once again just like always we get the cheap option nobody else is interested in .
  5. Not everybody is willing to accept any old rubbish , some of the happy clappers on here would still be putting their hands together if we dropped into League one again .Try having a little ambition for the team you support .
  6. Everybody making good signings and we get an unknown foreigner who has a new team every year , not good enough .
  7. Our midfield is supposed to be so good but they would struggle to open a tin of beans , playing Blackburn first made us look a lot better than we actually are .
  8. The favourite is he stays at Boro 8/11 .
  9. [quote user="Indy"]I love this, so you''re unhappy because we''ve possibly signed a player who''s played 15 times for what are the European champions but you rather we signed a 30 year old who''s played 13 times for Scotland! I really don''t understand some of our supporters, I''m happy that we''ve got a young all round striker in his prime for a fraction of the money we would have paid for McCormack.[/quote]The reason he''s a fraction of the cost of McCormack is he will score a fraction of the goals McCormack gets . Newcastle and Villa have goalscorers in their squads and are still looking for more , we have Jerome and Oliviera , its worrying .
  10. [quote user="Indy"]Pritchard is 23 and is growing into a quality player, he has 8 years of prime football ahead of him. At 8 million and I expect lot lower wage than 45k a week, a very strong addition to our squad. I don''t see any issue in McCormack going to Villa for a combined cost of over 25 million taking fees and wages into account. I never was keen on a player in the same bracket as Hooper, he didn''t fit out club and I saw McCormack as the same. Much happier with spending less on a full international with higher league experience with his best years ahead of him, like Olivera[/quote]You maybe happier Indy but Alex Neil clearly wanted McCormack and Oliviera has probably been signed because time is running out and just about anybody will do now .
  11. [quote user="Indy"]He''s a damn sight better than a 30 year championship striker past his prime and a fraction of the price! How can anyone not think its a good signing......by the way for the comment about being at one club and being shipped out! Bamford must have the record for that! 6 loan clubs never having played for his parent club in the premiership! Great news and a good option to push Jerome.[/quote]Come on Indy hes nowhere near McCormack  and we didnt really want somebody to push Jerome we needed a goalscorer to start so Jerome could drop to the bench , as for Bamford according to the Mail he has an offer from us on the table but wants Prem football .Still a few days to go and the Rhodes price has dropped from 8/1 to 4/1 today so maybe we will get our goalscorer after all , then again dont hold your breath .
  12. And now the Villa price is dropping 16/1 down to 11/2 could be McCormack all over again , football clubs really do need filthy rich owners to compete these days .
  13. Still a bit of a come down when you start the window expecting McCormack and end up with a relative unknown who may or may not score , still think we need that top striker as a starter Jerome just does not cut it for me , 11 months since he last scored at Carrow Road . Not looking likely to be Rhodes though as the bookies have us drifting badly now ..4/7 Middlesboro  11/4 Wolves and 8/1 Norwich .
  14. Karanka has just said in his press conference that Rhodes is training hard and his chance will come , dont think he''s going anywhere .Chances of getting anybody half decent grow slimmer by the day .
  15. Forestieri for me , pacy can pick up the ball and create his own chances , Norwich just do not create enough for a Rhodes type forward we saw that with Hooper .
  16. Wolves are linked with him as well as Derby and Norwich , plus Karanka has said today he wants him to stay so plenty of work to do to land him .
  17. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="CanaryOne"]Far to many old players , we look so slow with no idea of how to open up a defence , i stand by the opinion if thats all we have we will be playing in the Champs again next season . Newcastle now picking up and Villa looked decent at Derby , they have spent the money and it shows.[/quote]What about the positives, though? Anything to share with us?I thought Mulumbu had a decent game today. Did you think he was sh*t, like everything else in the world?[/quote]I dont pretend like you , Mulumbu is one of the old ones i would like shipped out along with Jerome, Naismith . We are average , many think otherwise because we beat a pathetic Blackburn side easily, people mock Villa on here but they looked way better than us yesterday .Good points ? our inept manager finally put Canos on but much to late and after Murphy who like his brother are league one quality at best .
  18. Far to many old players , we look so slow with no idea of how to open up a defence , i stand by the opinion if thats all we have we will be playing in the Champs again next season . Newcastle now picking up and Villa looked decent at Derby , they have spent the money and it shows.
  19. Another penalty box poacher who does little else much like Hooper , i would have him as we are getting desperate but how many penalty box chances do we make ? very few . If we are going ex scum maybe Wickham is the better buy .
  20. Expecting , hoping , praying , well Alex Neil does not sound overly confident of a striker signing .
  21. [quote user="Alex "]Think posters who said the booing may have put off the French lad from signing maybe right, we were obviously close to the dotted line... Perhaps the negative atmosphere failed to impress?[/quote]I thought Alex Neil said he was not going to do anything more on this signing untill he has strikers in .
  22. Abysmal performance if thats all we have we can forget about promotion , never look like scoring when we go forward , balls hit aimlessly into parts of the pitch with no Norwich player in sight and a manager who was going to be fearless scared shitless to attack one of the poorest teams in the division .
  23. [quote user="Haggerdoo"][quote user="Samwam27"]Starting to look absolutely suicidal that we sold Hoops, and then let RVW with no replacements in sight. Can see this going to to the deadline and then us signing someone on loan in panic cuz nothing came off![/quote] Hoops showed just how ineffective he was on Saturday and as for RVW he never was or ever will be good enough - move on FFS[/quote]I would take Hooper ahead of that waste of space we call a striker any day of the week .
  24. Any football team that plays 90 mins without creating a single scoring chance deserves to be booed , the team were shit end of .As for Bamford , great signing at this level as he showed with Boro , Villa showing its really not that hard to sign strikers if you have the ambition to do so and pay the going rate.What we may need more than anything else is a manager that knows what hes doing , Wednesday looked more organised than us in every department .
  25. Stomach injury , im more interested in why we bought Canos if both the Murphys are ahead of him .
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