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  1. Norwich just dropped from 25/1 to 2/1 in the last 10 mins  , Weds now out to 7/1 .. oh well we can hope a little longer
  2. And Naismith too more likely than not , oh what a happy dressing room we will have. No promotion this season .
  3. Been a shambles , Alex Neil better hope results are good because people wont have much sympathy for him after this , be gone  in about six weeks time .
  4. Been pretty poor for a while now probably why they want him gone . We are supposedly after a youngster from Livingstone now who Man Utd are also after :-) theres plenty of gems in those Scottish leagues.
  5. 8/11 got to be something in this , isnt his dad goalkeeper coach at Weds .
  6. [quote user="Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB"]Why do folk think Rhodes is for sale?.....[/quote]Northern Echo reported Adomah and Rhodes would be leaving .
  7. In fact if hes going anywhere it looks like Sheff Weds . Price has dropped right down to 2/1 with him staying at Boro out from 1/4 to 8/11 . Norwich are 9/1.
  8. No , expect to see Villa and Newcastle take a grip on this league now , the buisiness they have done is outstanding .
  9. Afraid Sky said very unlikely Rhodes will be leaving so would have to be an offer they cant refuse , does that sound likely from Norwich ? we would offer something like £5 million .
  10. Mbokani to Hull being reported now , is there anybody decent left we could go for .
  11. Why even bother , not what we need .
  12. [quote user="Alex "]Outs - Lafferty Ins - Loan striker (Gyan?) or Mbokani, Gunnarsson from Cardiff Could be a fair few other ins and outs though today - Bassong, Turner, Martin, Brady, Klose, Naismith, Tettey, Mulumbu, Andreu, Olsson... Literally any of those folks could go if they get the right offer, or we do. Although it''s kind of exciting, I''ll be pleased when it''s closed, hope we get a striker in on loan but will also be keeping my fingers crossed we don''t get any horrible surprises in the outgoing department.[/quote]Why Gyan he failed a medical at Reading yesterday .
  13. McGovern would not have signed for Norwich to be a NO2 keeper that was pretty obvious from day one , for me Ruddy is the better of the two though, McGovern looks a flapper who is good at throwing himself at peoples feet . Another bad decision .
  14. [quote user="Alex "]I think you really need to temper your expectations folks - we aren''t going to buy an expensive striker in the next 24 hours, so forget it - you know as well as I do the cash isn''t there, that''s the tough reality which you can either accept OR put Norwich City Football Club aside in your life until your Middle Eastern oil baron changes the face of our club forever. Whinging like spoilt children will change NOTHING. But I''d expect to see another loan come in once we''ve got rid of that charlatan Lafferty. And personally, I''ll take that for a one striker system - Oliveira, Jerome, a loan striker, and Morris as back up.[/quote]How can the cash not be there when we made such a big bid to sign McCormack ? surely we didnt go spend our striker kitty on a midfielder we really did not need that would just be to stupid for words .
  15. [quote user="Samwam27"]And are we seriously and disappointingly not going to even bid for Rhodes after all this?[/quote]Not looking likely is it , looks like he will be staying put now 1/4..  Norwich 5/1 and Bristol City now 7/1 as they have £15 million to replace Kodija . Really thought this would be our big signing after Neil said he would be interested but hope all but gone now .
  16. We may not be able to compete with Villa or Newcastle but after 4 of the last 5 seasons in the top flight you would have thought there would be the money there to buy one decent striker if not two , a Rhodes or Assombalonga not really that much to ask is it . Our frontline is now as weak as it has been for years , Jerome hardly sets the world alight . As has been said we have 2 seasons to get back up or we will be back on a par with Ipswich and stuck in this league forever because Delia will never sell to allow investment and no club without a rich owner will compete with the clubs coming down .I still think two good strikers and we would have been promoted , Jerome and Oliviera probably means we wont , just my opinion nothing more .
  17. Thats our main two rivals for promotion with massively better strikeforces than us , had all summer to get this sorted and made a right balls up of it again .
  18. Might need him if the reports West Brom have bid for Klose are true .
  19. Swansea now favourites to sign him , Norwich 18/1 not going to happen .
  20. Doubt we will see a top striker sign now , Moxey has all but said Oliviera is a good signing because he is cheap and he has the 9 shirt . Still dont think there is anywhere enough goals in the squad .
  21. [quote user="Indy"]Where has the signed paperwork come from? I know AN said its 75% complete but never mentioned him being signed and waiting for paperwork to go through?[/quote]It was in one of the pink un stories this morning, everything done waiting 24 hours to announce.
  22. [quote user="Molly Windley"]This one has gone a bit quiet, anyone heard anything?[/quote]His manager said last week he was pretty sure he was going to stay .
  23. Dont see Austin getting loaned out he started for Saints at the weekend , as for Forest i think they will lose Assombalonga too , looks like he could be the next target for Villa .
  24. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="king canary"]@FTW I agree, so do I. There are a fair few posters on here that are just trolls in my opinion (Highland is one that springs to mind). However there have been quite a few (I include myself in this) who can be positive or negative but get tired of being shot down on the basis of not thinking everything in the garden is rosy. But anyway I''m probably being a fanny now. And Morty, I''m a lover not a fighter...[/quote]It''s all fair game. As Nutty said, you''d have to be pretty weak to get offended by any ''bantz'' on here. There are only a few absolute no-hopers on here who deserve all the sh*t they stir to be stirred up even more and thrown back in their faces - CanaryOne, iron_stan, Keith Scott, pete, Highland being the main offenders. Some of the doom-and-gloom merchants are more than happy to enter into discussion and still post when we win - Dean Coney''s Boots and daly, for example. And the multiple Waveneys are self-aware trolls who I actually find quite amusing.There we go, names named. And what?[/quote]Just listen to yourself you utter prick , if everybody was as weak as you it would be in a poor old state . somebody mentioned fannies and you are the biggest one on here .
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