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  1. We are already down , Alex Neil does not look like he has a win in him and neither do the players , did you hear Shearer on Match of the Day whoever wins the Newcastle Sunderland game will more than likely stay up , they don''t even class us in the mix we are just as much gone as Villa except our death will be slower .
  2. Think your right about Scotland the standard up there is dire and we have far to many of them at the club , see in the press today we are linked to a striker at Hibs , really should not have sold Hooper with a return to the Champs looming .
  3. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]dont newcastle and sunderland play each other next week??....we cant afford anything other than a draw from that as should either club win ,it would take us weeks to make up those 3 points on that team[/quote]Not next week , cup weekend , Sunderland have no game and Newcastle i believe are away at Leicester on the Sunday or Monday .
  4. The only question you need to ask is could anybody do worse and with one point in 27 the answer has to be no , changing manager may improve us and keep us up but it cannot make us worse we are at rock bottom .
  5. Lafferty for having the patience to put up with a manager from hell
  6. [quote user="Molly Windley"]In answer to the original question - No, he will not be sacked this weekend, next weekend or any weekend after that, this or next season.[/quote] Yes he will , he is useless and most people have seen through him now , might as well bring back Gunny at least he signed Holt and won a few games .
  7. He took us up with somebody elses squad , putting one together himself seems to be beyond him , signed so much dross that he wont even play his own signings .Should pack him back off to Scotland and give him Tony Andreau as a parting gift .
  8. I bet every poster on TWTD wants Alex Neil to stay as well .
  9. It will be 1 from 33 after the next two games , is that the worst ever for a Norwich manager ?
  10. He took Leicester up and kept them up , a decent manager head and shoulders better than the fraud that is Alex Neil .
  11. Lets see Man City next then West Brom away well there''s no points there how far will we be behind by then , dont know who Newcastle or Sunderland have next up but i doubt they will both lose . Then you have to factor in that Newcastle have to play Sunderland and somebody''s  getting points there so really depending on that game we are 2.3 or 4 adrift .
  12. [quote user="Jeremy Borbyn"]Maybe we will make him manager with six games left?[/quote] I thought you lot were over the moon with McCarthy .
  13. We may as well play with none up front our strikers are so bad they are laughable . A premiership club that only has Jerome and Lafferty on the books has no right to be in the division , mid table champs next season if we stick with our pretend manager .
  14. Would summer signings have made any difference ? all Neils signings have been woeful apart from Brady ,as  for Naismith i would class him a bigger waste of £8 million than the Wolf he has been utter dog shit .
  15. [quote user="Kurious Oranj"]Come on, yes it was poor, but saying it was like watching a Hughton team at its very worst is just blasphemy. At least we attempted to win the game. Hughton wouldve settled for a narrow loss.[/quote]It wasnt any better than a Hughton performance and at least that man could bag the odd point or two 1 in 27 is sackable and thats really what should happen.
  16. Must win game that we never looked like scoring in , Neil has been abysmal and i doubt starting from scratch he could do any better in the Champs , he really should be sacked we would have a better chance of staying up if Hughton was still here . I suppose the big attraction for the City Board is he is more than likely as cheap as chips .
  17. Please give us a glimmer of hope sack Alex Neil tonight its as clear as crystal he just is not good enough .
  18. Crap manager , crap players = relegation .
  19. Jerome and Mbokani have not got a goal in them if they are better options than Bamford he may as well give up any hope of a top flight career , why did Neil pursue him so vigorously if he wont give him any game time ? for me this club could really benefit from a half decent manager and not one that keeps making the same mistakes week after week .If that is the starting line up that has been posted i would expect a comfortable Swansea win probably by 3 or 4 goals .
  20. Hope we see the shipping out of the likes of Martin , Bassong , Jerome etc , they have had their chances and proved they are just not good enough . We need to put together a team that can go up and make a decent fist of staying up , far too many players have been at this club far too long . If Alex Neil does not show any sign of improvement in the last 10 games i would get shot of him too , any manager that ships out about £12 million pounds worth of strikers in the Jan window and then brings in one loan that he wont play is pretty suspect imo .
  21. [quote user="EGGY "]All thats needed is the strikers to star hitting the back of the net, start giving Bamford and Lafferty a go ?[/quote]In all honesty i doubt they would be much of an improvement on Jerome and Mbokani but then they could hardly be any worse and we are running out of options . Read last night that Afobe already has more premiership goals than Jerome this season , we missed the boat big time by not following up our summer interest , £10 million Afobe or £8.5 million on Naismith , young and upcoming or a aging premiership reserve , somebody got that call badly wrong .
  22. Newcastle , think they said on Match of the Day last night that they still had 6 of the bottom 7 to play , add to that they will almost certainly sack the manager anytime now (most clubs do make at least an effort to survive) and their home form is ok so they should be fine .
  23. Alex Neils signings have been poor , he had the money in January and we dont look any better whatsoever . Dorrans , Mulumbu , Jarvis all poor has he actually made a good signing yet ? and he spent a million on Andreau too . Maybe a good idea not to let him waste too much more .
  24. Report in the paper after the Leicester match said "Cameron Jerome looking every inch a Championship striker" that''s nail on the head , a striker who does not score is a waste of a shirt , would much rather have had Hooper up front at least he does what a strikers supposed to .
  25. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]Swansea''s result tonight makes no difference to Saturday for us (a must win)[/quote]It makes a huge difference , we would of been playing against a nervy Swansea with relegation on their minds now we are going to be playing a side brimming with confidence after a win at the Emirates .
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