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  1. Bit of justice for once....Ledds score in the last minute almost every week!!
  2. Leeds have to play, us, Soton and Charlton away???????!! he he he
  3. And... "But last night''s shock defeat at Peterborough last night means..." Terrible grammar for a multi award winner!?! Was he the only one nominated for an award??
  4. Evil Monkey...some very wise words.. Lads lets not get carried away, it can still go pear shaped, and would hate for him to come back with an "enjoy league 1" thread in 6 months time.....
  5. I think that alot of you Liberal Bi-sexuals would change your mind about what to do with these scum if you lost someone close to you!?!?
  6. Works spot on for iPhone, especially as I can now add it as an application to the homepage!!
  7. I hope he does not have any dirty secrets with QPR...they do not deserve to be dragged down by a man the fans dont like!! A good club with a nice fan base!
  8. Or some funnys like these......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orjOOAnl3q4&feature=channel_page
  9. Always liked "Ei I Ei O...up the football league we go...."
  10. Doubt its a joke...it used to be on there last season!!??!
  11. Think that its a great programme.....really goes into some detail on some games, shame they wiz through league one abit!
  12. I have never understood why clubs have to pay off their ex managers when they sack them! Yes they were under contract, but like in any job, you were not good enough, your fired....that should be the end of it!
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