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  1. I thought that the newspaper industry was going down the pan and that Archant have been letting a fair number of staff go.If I was working there, I would not be best pleased. His time would be best spent looking after his core interest.
  2. I wish it had not come to this but..he is showing self interest before that of the club. He should not have been considered and he should not have accepted.He is no longer a legend.
  3. [quote user="Gunn the Leech"]Just hope when the Scottish twat fucks up again he gets his backside out of the club for good , freeloading waster.[/quote]There swiftly goes his legend status. Self interest before that of the club.Gunn is a t0sser now!
  4. Well, he knows the county and he has passion. What other management skills does he need?
  5. I hate Neil Smirkcaster. His face makes me want to punch my telly.
  6. [quote user="Sideshow Tim"]The first casualty from this mess has to be Neil Doncaster. In my line of work, if our organisation performed like City has then the CEO would be removed from his post. Please get behind this post and make your fellings known, I will then print off and forward this post to Roger Mumby. The rest of the board will get it''s comeupance soon but let''s start with the CHEIF EXEC.   Doncastor to leave with immediate effect [/quote]I just wanted to say the words lemon curd in a post your going to print off and send to Mumby.
  7. [quote user="shareholder-fairy"]It''s you who ain''t got a clue all the other reports say Gunn handled it the BEST! Try putting some constructive criticism together for a change other than rubbish rubbish rubbish! Have you forgotten he inherited the ''rubbish'' you describe you can''t blame him for that.He has demonstrated integrity, people and man management skills and has the respect of managers and people in the game at the highest levels, his ability to recruit Butterworth and Crook shows his acumen- Butterworth has the highest level of coaching ability and qualifications and with the creativity and excellence of Crook this combination provides an exciting new dawn for the club. He was willing to take on the trail of destruction and dessimation left by Roeder, appointed days before the transfer deadline with no money to spend...who else was queing up under these circumstances?  Roeder left the players broken and whipped and it takes time to turn things around. They have shown their love and commitment to the club, the least they deserve is to be given the opportunity to put their collective expertise into practice. The fact that we were still in with, albeit a whisker of a chance, of survival right to the last match of the season shows that, given a clean slate, they have the capacity to take this club back to where it belongs. Loan players by and large haven’t worked. Given Gunn’s brief track record of pulling in McDonald, Smith, Shacks and Lee who have shown passion for City then what a prospect to have a whole team of players with the qualities Gunn has identified in them. Appointing a manager from lower leagues would be a big mistake and smacks more of the lack of ambition the board have been accused of. [/quote]Which member of his family are you? Seen a number of your posts...
  8. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"]Now im no fan of Gunn, but if he is given the job then we need to give him support, if the board backs him....we have to assume they will give him funds to rebuild...... [/quote]Your joking!The reason he will get the job is that no other manager will want to come here to build a new team with NO money. An impossible task and one that only 2 legends Gunn will ignore for the glory of his ego.
  9. Does that say E-OR on his shirt?Wonder if E-OR would sponsor a couple of our players, if they stay. "Are the goals any bigger in divison 3", I bet was one of the first questions one chap asked.
  10. I don''t mind if 2 legends Gunn stays on. Just not as manager. Back to making sandwiches for the golfers me thinks.
  11. I would love to see him back at CR.But, I am afraid that he will get kicked to pieces in the more physical division. His poor old hips....
  12. [quote user="Scottlarock"] If Bryan Gunn loved our club he would never have taken the job - he would have honestly turned round and said to Neil,Roger and Delia ''guys get a grip - we need a proper manager, I''m not that just now". [/quote]Spot on!His love for the club is huge...but his ego is larger.
  13. [quote user="book end"][quote user="Canaryfan7"]He had 19 games in charge so had time to get us out of this. We were not in the relegation zone when he took over. He''s at fault too and needs to be held to account as well as the board. What annoys me is that Gunn lords it about, he loves the power, the limelight - just leave Bryan. Move on, get a new job outside of the club. Maybe you can do Art with your wife or promote your daughters modelling career instead of using Norwich City to promote your family.[/quote] Disgusting post. We are all upset but these cheap personal shots are way below the belt. I mean I can see where you are going with this, What next hey? What other jibes can you make at his expense? Sure he is at fault, he has admitted that himself. But he''s no way more at fault than certain others, are you not forgetting those who are actually most to blame. He is still a club legend who I honestly think did his best, just it wasn''t good enough. But no need for this rubbish so get some respect. [/quote]The sad fact is that he wants the job for next season and, knowing how the club operate, he will probably get it.His record is poor and he has shown that he does not have the ability to be manager. That should be the end of it. If he loves the club so much then he should move on.
  14. I would not be surprised if the board decide to issue it as a rebate for the following season.
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