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  1. Quite interesting i thought. Now searching the googleweb or whatever it is.
  2. i shink hes abit more of an old bor now though
  3. Roeder doesnt want to scupper a potential advertising deal with "Clearasel spot removal"
  4. Gals, We''ve got to be up early, get to bed and rise with the sun in the morning. Looking forward to a peaceful browse round Lathams in Potter Heigham tomorrow afternoon. Any way I digress, I agree Hughes is a lovely ol'' chap. I met him in the queue at the post office a couple of times, and he''s such a polite young bor. Night Night God Bless, Linda P.S. Who''s picking Ethel up this, I''m not picking her up again she bloody stinks! And Sue don''t you go slipping Gin in Deidre''s tea again, she was all over Derek and the parish meeting last Thurday!
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