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  1. [quote user="we8wba"] 20% people on here talking sense - i.e hucks is gone. move on! theres nothing you, or hucks can do now to change that 60% people are reasonible in saying we should kept him, he is your icon player to be fair. but not going over the top about it 20% just plain stupid in saying sack roeder etc....   basically silly talk coming out in statements such as "retire the shirt number" now im sure hucks is by far your favourite players over recent years! but is he really norwichs best all time player? i know he been strong figure for you and done some wonderful things but he only been at club 5-6years? then you got people saying sack roeder! 3-4months ago this bloke could do nothing wrong! is it really hucks going making you say this? is that one player bigger than whole club? do you go every saturday to support norwich city or darren huckerby? i personally think its for the best! roeders got chance to create his own team his own image! if it doesnt work then slate the bloke! the one thing i will agree with people is that he did deserve to say goodbye! i think deep down roeder knew he was getting rid of darren huckerby and its a shame he didnt get the justified send off he deserved [/quote]   FU*K OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. [quote user="Waller"]I think they will defianately need to stay up if we want him. I think he was one of there main players during their promtion season so bruce will know that tiny is very good at this level and will probably want to keep him. Tho i hate birmingham and Brady and her s**t colum in the sun that she writes.[/quote] I can tell that you read the sun.
  3. Roeder 100%. Huckebys gone get over it. Regards, Barbara xxx
  4. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"]Barbara is a GILF. x[/quote] If i knew what one of those was i would be able to comment. Lets just hope its nothing rude. Best Wishes,   Barbara   xx
  5. Now now everyone calm down. Me and the girls are regulars at carrow road, no need for name calling. Best Wishes, Barbara x
  6. Georgy, Dont worry dear we are still here, currently halfway through our coffee morning. We shall report back to you all the gossip dont worry my love.   Regards, Barbara xx
  7. Calm down Sue, Linda was only having a laugh. You always were the abrasive one. Anyway yes i agree, Russell should stay along with cureton but then again i''d say keep them all they seem like lovely old boys. Regards, Babs xx
  8. Thats whats wrong with todays youth, just taking the mickey out of us oldens''. Theres space in the micra if you fancy coming "ipswicharescum" however i wouldnt trust Deidrie''s driving, she cant even see her own hand infront of her face these days. Three crashes this calendar year doesnt bode well. Good job Johns inheretance came through so she could afford a new car each time. Any way im going off topic.   Speak soon,   Barbara.   xxx   p.s if you do decide to join us, your choice of biscuit when arriving for the first time is vital, i''d suggest something simple yet effective such as the standard custard cream. Avoid hobnobs at all cost as Sue has a nut allergy.
  9. Andy, bor, In response to your observation, very good point. I didn''t have my specs on at the game, but in hindsight wearing phallac symbols on your shirt in public should not be condoned in any way. If the board have any sense they ought to track these young hoodlems down and slap ''em with a fine or ban! On another note Doc to go? He doesn''t cure any of my symptoms, at my age I cant afford any more more sporadic performances what with my dick heart. Best Wishes, Barbara x x
  10. i saw them on the front row, lovely old bors aswell they were.  
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