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  1. My fiancee just asked if this was the point when the local looney''s get on the phones. Bit hard to argue with that sentiment. Comedy cringeworthiness though!
  2. I wonder if the erstwhile Mr Cowling will be all mouthy come press call on Monday morning????
  3. [quote user="morty"][quote user="First Jedi"]Toxteth?[/quote]Reference to obscure character mentioned in the university challenge episode of "The young ones"?[/quote] Ah, classic comedy. When sitcoms were funny. "The world''s stupidest bottomburp? Vivian, Britain? Says Rick here". Love it
  4. I left Thetford this morning at half 6 to come to Norwich & it took me nearly an hour to get to the Attleborough roundabout. Just turned around and came back home. If the A11 is barely driveable then god knows what the minor roads would be like! (I''m a delivery driver!)
  5. Sutton Utd, FA Cup 4th round. 8-0. Malcom Allen 4, Rob Fleck 3 & Trevor Putney. It set a dangerous precedent because, as an 8 year old, I expected Norwich to win every match by that margin!!
  6. The feeling that after a long, long summer. Football is back.
  7. [quote user="JimRoyle"]The thing that bugs me is all those empty seats in the first ten minutes or so of the second half - for heavens sake if you''ve paid 100 quid for a ticket the least you can do is make sure you see the whole game! [/quote] I gotta say I do regularly attend the home matches & this is the one thing that gets me too Jim. It''s always around the halfway line & middle tier. Prawn sandwhich brigade methinks. Also, Surrey Yellow. Mate, just because we don''t want to upgrade to the ''+'' membership, doesn''t make us any less of a supporter than you. I''m afraid I won''t be suscribing to your views on this one. Although they are just that & you are entitled to them. Slightly off the topic there, but I never see any Norwich fans (other than the one in my group I go with). The last time I saw a Norwich fan at an England match was vs Jamaica just before the World Cup in 2006 at Old Trafford. The thing I like about international matches is all club allegiances get pushed to one side for 90minutes. I go with a Spurs fan, an Ipswich fan, a Palace fan & a fellow Canary. It''s what it''s all about if you ask me!
  8. [quote user="Duffman"]About our side. We have 4 crap strikers, probably the worst four in this league at the moment.  Cureton couldnt finish his dinner, Cort is a donkey with 1 leg, Cody signed from non league Dartford and Killen is a waste of breath. Ok wide players, Crofty is most improved player this year but cant cross or score.  Hoolahan has been a total nightmare all season because we dont know where to play him. Left and right backs are rubbish, cant defen and offer nothing going forward.  Had about 7 left backs this year.   Our 2 centre backs have often been mistaken for Barry and Paul Chuckle.   Keeper is Marshall who is ok but dodgy on crosses and installs no confidence in his defence.  All the best for tonight, you will beat us. [/quote] Oh my days. I don''t ever use textspeak and that won''t change but I did actually ''laugh out loud'' then. Brilliant.
  9. Apparently this psychologist bloke doesn''t want us to bother turning to matches anyway. He mentioned in his ''article'' that as there''s 25,000 fans there, City aren''t much likely to win? Looks like we''ll get plenty of more points next season when the crowds dwindle. Oh wait, that''ll be because we''ll have been relegated this year & are playing inferior opposition. Archant reporters? Shocking.
  10. My Dad has had a season ticket longer than I''ve been on this planet (I''m fast approaching 30 by the way) & has given his notice to cancel his season ticket as he simply refuses to put himself through it anymore. I for one know how much of a big decision it''s been for him to do so.
  11. The keepers'' at that level do like to go walkabout don''t they? Some pretty tidy finishes in there. Fingers crossed the boy does as well here. Look forward to it.
  12. Personally, I find it a particular annoyance but then if you were to ask my missus she''d tell you it''s just because I like to be right all the time & have OCD! My particular favourites are: Your & you''re. They''re, their & there. Lose & loose. But I won''t push my particular bugbares onto people. What''s really annoys me might not annoy others.
  13. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="JimboRoyle"]I''ll be renewing my season ticket - League One or not. I love matchday at Carrow Road and life would be unthinkable without it. And I''ve never had a prawn sandwich in my life! [/quote] exactly how i feel! match day is my drug and im a huge addict! jas :)_ [/quote] Wiz tried to make you go to Rehab & you said no, no, no.........? Sorry Wiz, not a dig but your username fitted quite nicely!!!
  14. [quote user="Nuff Said"] Who will be the first person to say only 16 points off the playoffs? Oooops [:$] [/quote] 16 points off the play offs. Oh wait... Damn it!!! Nice to get 3 points in the bag today.
  15. [quote user="Michael Starr"] I''m sooooo confident that Cureton will score tomorrow i''m gonna shove £20 on it right now! [/quote] Ex-player syndrome. Could very well happen..........
  16. we8wba - "as i said one word - overated" I couldn''t care less what a Wolves fan thinks to be honest.
  17. [quote user="The Butler"][quote user="Smudger"][quote user="The Walking Man"][quote user="The Butler"] [quote user="Yellowbeagle"]Talk about selective memory. Chase hardly left this club fit and healthy.[/quote] He was never fit and healthy. But the club was in a better state than it is now. Less debt, better players and higher position. [/quote]   Are there many clubs who are in a better financial position than they were 15 years ago with the exception of those with a sugar daddy? Better players, can be argued left righ and centre, as has been mentioned the second tier is now much more competitive imo with perhaps better players looking more average than compared to the end of the chase era. Also I hate to mention a certain mister Windass and THAT 50k. Perhaps if Mr. Chase has of agreed to pay what Hull were asking for and not try and screw them for the sake of 50k then we might be in a higher league position with a manger who wouldn''t have left us to go on and win honours with Leceister and Celtic and who now is competing for a champions league spot... [/quote] How many times could we say the same thing about Delia and the current boardroom members? Tiny Taylor last year for starters!!! How has she managed to increase the debt so much?  It surely isn''t because we have gone all out to win promotion and stay in the Premiership is it??? At least when Chase was here we would sell a player and usually invest half the money we got for that players sale (apart from during his last year or two).  Still not enough I will admit, the majority of teams spend far more than that.  Apart from the few years that Worthy was given a shot at things can you honestly say that we have invested anywhere near enough money in to the playing squad?  Since relegation we have made a hefty profit on our transfer dealings.  For a club that has had the biggest gates in the league plus 2 seasons of parachute payments in the last 3 and a half years that is disgraceful. [/quote] Hells teeth Smudger you and I arguing on the same side!! You will have me going to a demo yet[:D]   [/quote] Same here. I never thought I would see the day I agree with something Smudger wrote but, credit where it''s due, well put & COMPLETELY in agreement. Although I''d never wish Chase back here, ever.
  18. [quote user="Michael Starr"] The new girl here at work is hot! I might be tempted to make a move. [/quote] Sling one through her for me son.
  19. [quote user="SuperWesIrishWizard"] [quote user="We Want Worthy Back"]Mr Moore?[/quote] Do I even need to answer? thought my post was as clear as day! [/quote] True, but then it was stupid foggy during the day yesterday so visibilty was fairly low...........
  20. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]I''d take a packet of walkers crisps for that waste of space. an ok player at best, when he''s bothered, a lower league player most of the time. He''d do well in league 2, maybe league 1. We have 3 better CM''s than him at least anyway. [/quote] Walkers? Do me a quaver, I''ll take a pack of Space Invaders.
  21. [quote user="Clipped Canary"]The new goal music is ''Living La Vida Loca'' too! [;)] I''ll get my coat........... [/quote] I would. Oh dear. *shakes head* Hahahaha
  22. [quote user="renegade tootsie"]I cannot quote my source, but its someone that my mum''s best mates uncle once met at a convention in Florida back in the seventies, who knows this guy who drinks in the same pub as a woman who once slept with a man who often used to walk past the club on his way home from work.... [quote user="renegade tootsie"]I have it on good authority...... [/quote][/quote] You know them too?????
  23. He''s an attention seeking boy. The title of the thread should tell you enough. Calling everyone who is pleased to see the back of Roeder ''MUGS'' is a way to garner a reaction. Personally, I couldn''t care less what he says & advice? Don''t bite.
  24. As much as it is easy to look at the odd''s and pick the favourite, I do wonder if this lucky stab in the dark could be right. Was having a peruse on Skybet earlier & noticed that (albeit briefly) betting was suspended on Boothroyd? The mind boggles............ Could this be why we''ve not announced a caretaker as something could be imminent?
  25. [quote user="PhatCanary"][quote user="NorwichRat"] So a few hundred people protest and the board roll over - so ficle and weak. We are now doomed to go down now we have sacked Roeder. He was our only chance of staying up. It is the sad state of football at the moment - sack a manager every 18 months or so( Grant deserved it, Worthy did not) , never give them a chance to build. Look at successfull clubs - they keep managers on and give them time to develop the club. Yes we are in the sh_t at he moment but we gone and done the worst thing we could have. Sorry to burst all you bubbles. 1st division football and administration beckons. [/quote] Cough.. Cough... Bullsh*t... Cough Sorry bloody flu. [/quote] Don''t you apologise Phat, we all have the same flu like symptons at the moment......... It seems that Norwichrat''s flu has affected how his mind works if he truly believes that Mr Roeder would''ve improved the team.
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