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  1. [quote user="nu_matik"]F''in hell mate.. im as much of a canary fan as you but , maybe you need to chill out a bit on insults like that. you never know who might be reading...[/quote] That’s OK no more than can be expected from the despicable supporters of an equally despicable club.
  2. Hopefully Colchester will achieve promotion and Norwich will be relegated. That at least would prove there is still some justice iin this world.
  3. I hope Colchester take you to the cleaners it''s what a dirty club like yours deserve.
  4. George Burley. What goes around comes around. As long as they stuff the despicable Norwich again it doesn''t really matter who they appoint as Manager
  5. btw, why do my quotes keep ending up all wrong like above these days?! Do it the same as I ever did? Forum is like the team unfit for purpose. Just can''t get things right. Must be a Narridge thing.
  6. Calm down dear you are only a little club in little yellow shirts with little ability in a little rural corner of England trying to play a game that is so obviously beyond your capabilities
  7. I’ll bet that Semmy is quavering at all these adverse comments
  8. Come on chaps buck up after all you did come second (albeit a distant one) in that match.
  9. [quote user="Smudger"] Tilly looked like he wanted to throw himself in the river yesterday.[/quote] Never mind he''d probably have missed.
  10. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"]I sit in the Snake pit, heard they got a 5-year ban.[/quote] That''s not a punishment more like a reprieve from further humiliation
  11. [quote user="Terry Fied"]Just be grateful. It will be worse next year when you have been relegated again.[/quote] Well you''ve just found one way to get coverage. Well done (and you have been).
  12. Just be grateful. It will be worse next year when you have been relegated again.
  13. One truly great footballing man who brought so much pleasure to so many fans. Rest in Peace Sir Bobby Robson. Give us a wave Bobby.
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