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  1. Rumours up in Sheffield is that Ched Evans is coming back to Carrow Road on Loan. You heard it 1st here.
  2. A famous british businessman who has companies in the travel industeries and a F1 team wants to buy a championship team and invest enough for europien football in 6 years. He is looking at a team with bad debt but good facilities and a share price below 10 pence.
  3. Im a college sports student and part time lifeguard :D
  4. Norwich have beaten Ipswich to the signature of Newcastle striker Shola Ameobi (Daily Star).
  5. [quote user="Canary Chris"]Yea, il be there :-) What''s capacity of Hillsbrough? And does anyone elses ticket have ''post in view'' written on it?!?[/quote] I believe its just under 40,000 - and according to their website they have now completely sold out, so i should think about 36,000 will be turning up to the game  
  6. Hi guys, Ive got my tickets for the game but was just wondering how many of you on here are taking the trip down to Sheffield this Sunday, i think the atmosphere is going to be great and i''d really love to see us out-sing their ''sell out crowds''! Also i''d like to no if any of you are taking inflatable rings/balls etc... to the game as im able to get around 12 beach balls fairly cheap which me and a few mates will take with us :) See Ya there
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