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  1. Talksh*te and their ilk survive on controversy - all they need to do is push the right buttons and wait for the angry callers to rise to the bait and phone up whilst rubbing their hands together and laughing maniacally as the dosh roles in. I guess they made a rod for their own back when hiring an overweight Scottish alcoholic - his bar bill alone must count for 99% of the stations outgoings.
  2. Vs Southampton in 1990. Norwich won 3-1 with Neil Ruddock scoring an own goal. Remember turning up on the day and paying on the turnstile to sit in the South Stand - none of this £50 membership malarkey!
  3. Having been 4-0 down at half time despite putting in a pretty decent performance it really wasn’t a disgraceful result. It gets arguably one of the hardest games of the season out of the way early, the players kept their heads up and kept fighting for the whole 90 minutes and we caused one of the top teams in Europe problems throughout the game. The main thing is not letting our heads drop, learning quickly and cutting out the silly mistakes as much as possible, at least with Klose and Zimmermann to return there will be more defensive options available. At the end of the day, if we can play like that against most of the sides outside the Top 6 we should have enough to make a good go of it.
  4. The gloating on TWTD about us losing to one of the top sides in the Prem is really quite pathetic. I guess it shows how dismal things are in darkest Suffolk when they are more concerned with what their nearest neighbours are doing than the plight of their own rabble.
  5. The logic behind that one makes my head spin like I’ve been playing a friendly against a certain bin dipping midfielder.
  6. Who knows, the stars seen by Flynn Downes’ poor victim might magically attach themselves to their horrendous shirts, give the simpletons something else to brag about...
  7. Yet we are still living in their shadow.... apparently!
  8. I remember that game! Was on the verge of leaving early to get the last train back to Reading when we won the free kick. Celebrated like a madman whilst doing my best Linford Christie impression towards Luton Station!
  9. Boro, for no other reason than getting to see the latest installment of everyones favourite bearded oaf melting down on Boro TV after our latest 1-0 win!
  10. Surely that £3k would be better spent investing in a tree surgeon and a decent pressure washer to spruce Portaloo Road up a bit ahead of their next adventure. Although, maybe a tree growing through the stand is par of the course in League One?
  11. Long time, no post (that is an understatement!) but just wanted to say cheers Ricardo for another cracking match repot. At the end of the day games like this are ones where losing is not an option. Whilst I am gutted we couldn’t hold on for 3 points we have almost seen out our toughest fixtures and still remain in a commanding position. If we can avoid defeat at Elland Road next week then an automatic spot is well within our grasp.
  12. Bolton to beat York City for me as well please. Good luck Obiwancanary!!!
  13. Anderlecht Home win for me please. Good luck and merry christmas to all.
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