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  1.  Hopefully they won''t have taken us to the brink of League Two by May next year! Yes, but what if they have? I''m sorry but I wouldn''t have any confidence in this management setup if we go down.
  2. Gunn not doing too bad obviously some Wins are needed, however he''s getting points Yes he''s getting points but not many more than Roeder was getting per points available. Roeder''s point available to points achieved = 32.8% Gunn''s point available to points achieved = 33.3%
  3. Are you staying in the Travel Inn? If so there is a Pay & Display car park approx 100m to the right which is cheaper. There is also a Chinese All you can eat Buffet next to the hotel. You will have no problems from the locals. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  4.   Croft 7 - If you looked at him at the end of the match his work rate shined through. He was the only one who had any dirt on them from battling, and the only one completely shattered. Not a great game technically but for the only one to put in 100% he gets MOTM for me. Croft was very poor today - hardly noticed he was there! I would have only given him 4/5. If he was our MOTM then we are really in trouble.
  5. He left the ground before training started along with Troy. Both we standing on the pitch before they went.
  6. Don''t know if he "stormed off home"! He was on the pitch before the warm-up started having a good laugh with Troy. He then got a phone call and joged across the pitch to leave the ground at the corner of the Jarrold stand. Pity he didn''t stay to support the team!!
  7. 1. Birmingham 2. QPR 3. Forest   Norwich 19th
  8. I have started a new post on this because i think its quite a big issue. The club valued the shares at £30 each. When actually they are only worth between £10 to £15 each. They have way, way, way overpriced them. I call this greed, trying to get double what they are worth or they know Peter Cullum won''t pay this over inflated price and not pursue his interest! Where has this valuation come from?
  9. Let''s hope the club remains this tough if we come to the point where we need a new manager!
  10. This is not news. He has been involved with NCFC for a few months. You often see him on the pitch as the team is warming up.
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