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  1. Out! Cant believe so many still want her in!
  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz They are so wonderful! They make the bed, so they can LIE on it
  3. I know a scummer and his name is Jim (name is Jim) I hurl tomatoes hard at him (hard at him) Tomatoes are soft so they dont hurt the skin But these f*#kers do cus there in a tin (in a tin) all together now.......................   ah well, I''m bored
  4. I''ll go along with the Delia out bit as I think the problem with this club starts at board room level, serious lack of funds even though she says otherwise! This has been the case ever since we got promoted to the prem all those years ago. As for Roeder, who the hell better would we get who is given f all to spend? I personally would of liked PC to run this club purely because he has money to take us forward, I could not give a toss about Delia Smith and her mob anymore, all I want is to see NCFC play good football and compete.  
  5. Badger - you talk out of your Beaver!! Should of said, Delia - Put up or shut up
  6. Viva Arturooooooooo Viva Arturooooooooo Hes our new King Here the City sing Viva Arturoooooo   All to the tune as Viva Ronaldo
  7. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]Right, I''m doing this.  I''ve read up on PetitionOnline.com and I reckon that''s the way to go, then we can email it to Mr Cullum after a certain period (2 weeks?). Something like: We the undersigned call on Mr Peter Cullum - billionaire and lifelong Norwich City Football Club fan - to further consider investment into the club. We believe the club has gone stagnant and needs a serious injection of funds to be able to compete in this ever-changing football world. We believe that the recent investment talks, and its handling through the media, has upset and divided the fans and that we now need to stand together as one and do all we can to make sure the club gets the success it craves and deserves. We believe that your financial help - be it in the form of direct investment, loans, gifts, or a full takeover - could make the difference and that, handled correctly, your name could become synonymous with our great club for many years to come. Please consider our petition, on behalf of Norwich City Football Club and all related message boards. [/quote]   Ok Evil, maybe you are right, get this poll going!
  8. [quote user="Chris"]the Turners won''t be earning anything from their loan to the club as it was interest-free... looks like your dads mate was incorrect[/quote] You are most probably correct Chris, but I''m sure that their salary more than makes up for that!
  9. Frustrating times indeed for City fans and with our lack of ambition from the board in previous years it is not suprising we are all so despontant. We have to trust Glen Roeder will put together a decent side for next season, after all, he must have something in the pipline knowing the stick he would get after letting Huckerby go! Lets hope the board backs him! This club needed an overhaul and my god are we getting one. Trust Roader, we have no choice.
  10. Roeder is a loser is he? Colney Canary go to bed you naughty little boy its past 9!!
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