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  1. So home games are capped at £30, does that mean some may be cheaper or are they all going to be £30 ? . . . I pay £560 for my season ticket, so if they are all £30 I am getting a slightly discounted rate & a guaranteed seat, but if some are going to be cheaper there might not be too much of a discount
  2. Brilliant. Browsing the forum while having a tea break & on seeing this snorted my cup of tea through my nose . . .
  3. I had a £10 bet on Teemu to be top scorer at 50 / 1 Cashed out at £483 cos my oven & boiler packed up in the same week Still, happy with that
  4. but we will do it in at home on Saturday instead OTBC
  5. don't panic mr mainwring, they don't like it up em
  6. however, if the ref thought it wasn't a penalty & bambi was simulating, should he not have booked him ? Ok, perhaps being a bit greedy
  7. You will get on the same coach there & back & it will have a number so no problem leaving stuff on there. But as Canaryking said, don't try & get on a coach that has regulars.You will probably know as the seats may be reserved. I got on one last season before they had fully put the reserved signs out & got a seat near the front, there were disgruntled mutterings for the journey there & back . . . . not a happy bunch
  8. Cheers Lappinitup, got my voucher through this morning
  9. https://www.skysports.com/football/brentford-vs-norwich/preview/392845
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