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  1. [quote user="AVFC-NCFC"]What an absolute fool. I regret now not playing for the school team or a local club. He will regret it when he realises how much of fortune he could have made. He will end up bored in an office job not even getting paid half what he would have playing for Ipswich.[/quote]Why is he a fool? Owen Garvan was homesick and wanted to quit football at one point when he''s probably too good for us! I have nothing but respect for him, I''m sure 90% of footballers would like to sit on the bench and play a handful of games a season for £1 million a year or so! Okay he may regret it but he can always come back to football and he''s shown guts to want to grit it out in the real world. Money isn''t everything.
  2. [quote user="waggers"][quote user="Huddy "]i cant''t believe the City is too thrilled by their portrayal in the add anyway; could you imagine a Norwich Version; it would be Alan Partidge all over again![/quote] My thoughts exactly. I''m sure the Plymouth locals don''t talk with such a worzle type accent. Pretty pleased they didn''t pick Norwich to be honest.[/quote]Plymouth fans love it...http://www.pafc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10364~1745680,00.html
  3. Very sad to hear and I hope you''re feeling well soon. A very nice gesture and one your club and fans should feel proud of. Agree with Scooby: call it Ipswich and do the double over it!
  4. Lisbie''s joined Col U on a season long loan so those of you who want to thank him for his antics a few months ago will have the chance sooner than expected lol. He''ll be fired up for his first game back.
  5. [quote user="John Morlar"]I  feel that local TV is also biased against us, they seem mighty pleased that Peterborough and MK Dons are on the up and we are not. I bet both teams receive better coverage than us from next season on.[/quote]I don''t know about Anglia but Look East seems to have a heavy bias towards you. A few years ago when we were often in and around the play off spots, we got less coverage than you even when you were safe and had nothing to play for. Last season you had more coverage than the build up to Keanes first game in charge on the Friday and you played Reading on the Monday and not the Saturday! They''ve also seemed to drop the patronising "our lower league teams" now you''ve gone down as well. I remember Jeff Stelling getting Ipswich/Noriwch confused a few years ago and he said "it doesn''t matter, they''re both out of the way and places nobody goes!" and I think this sums us both up and the reason we will never be seen as "big clubs" in the medias eyes anyway
  6. Cork are halfway through their season, of course they''re going to be fitter than a team 1/3 or so through their pre season. Cork are also in the Irish equivilant of administration and no matter what Keane or anyone says, this game was played to get people into the stadium, make them a load of money and hopefully give them hope/bring them back for more. This is his hometown club and he wants them to stay alive.Not that i''m making excuses [;)]
  7. [quote user="Salahuddin"]http://www.greenun24.co.uk/content/greenun/sport/football/league-one/colchester-united/story.aspx?brand=EADOnline&category=ColchesterUnitedFC&tBrand=GreenUnOnline&tCategory=xDefault&itemid=IPED14%20Jul%202009%2015%3A22%3A36%3A700   Please let this be BS!!! [/quote]I never thought I''d see a newspaper trolling lol.
  8. You have to feel a bit sorry for Alan Lee. He''s a journeyman whose biggest success came at Ipswich and the club where he felt most at home. Now the majority of Ipswich fans dislike him for joining Norwich and comments he made around the derby (that he''d celebrate if he scored etc). Norwich fans now seem to be going off the idea of signing him too whilst others say they never liked him!I think he could end up being in an Andy Marshall situation where you hated him for joining us and we hated him because he was rubbish! East Anglia may be the place he feels at home but if it comes out that he didn''t join you because he wanted high wages then I don''t think he''ll be too welcome in Norfolk or Suffolk!
  9. [quote user="Jonnypncfc"]Ipshit wil only be sunderland rejects any way![/quote]When in the past month or so you''ve had endless topics about how you should be signing Alan Lee, Billy Clarke, Ivan Campo, Alex Bruce, Tommy Miller... and now one about Kelvin Davis.[:O][:D][;)]Maybe you can get Fabian Wilnis out for one more season? He might consider it a step down from Grays Athletic though...
  10. Ipswich bought him for £100,000 or £200,000, Palarse bought him for £600,000. So you''re looking at £200,000 - £300,000 probably.
  11. [quote user="singing canary"]what goes round comes round , how much money did keane blow at sunderland , few million , dont rate him nether do sunderland fans ..why not ask some of them , you may change your tone and worry then !! [/quote]"quite pleased. if I had to pick a club for Keane it would be someone like Ipswich. Nice club, not a rival and miles away! Hope he does well, but it won''t be easy.""Weird, it''s like when you hear an ex has started going with someone else. Don''t give a **** at all but there''s a twinge of jealousy. I bet every single Ipswich fan will be f***ing delighted with this.""I got a horrible little cramp in my stomach when I heard this, say what you like about his last few games at the club but i would much, much rather he was still in charge than mr personality bypass.""Nothing but admiration for the man and gratidude for what he did here. I also have to confess I''m a little bit envious of Ipswich Town supporters this morning"So sunderland fans don''t rate him? Erm ok!You''re also forgetting he has ties to a certain club which is the best in the world at the moment, and a good relationship with Celtic! I''m glad you''ve changed my mind!!!
  12. According to Wikipedia Keane only spent £6.2 million in the title winning season...though admittedly there were a lot of undisclosed, so add maybe 4/5 million more, it''s still less than Magilton spent.And one of the main reasons he left Sunderland was because he thought he had taken them as far as he could and had become pretty P''d off with not being able to get the players he wanted because their WAGS didn''t want to move there. Ipswich is near London and Essex so I can''t see that being a problem...I know it''s only hating because he''s with Ipswich but there''s no denying he did a great job. The crazy amount of money he spent came whilst they were in the prem and probably evened itself out with the prem money and tv money anyway...all or nothing.
  13. Wouldn''t you be awarded the 3 points if Derby were found guilty?
  14. To the Norwich fan that posted his home address in the hope of meeting the Ipswich fan: I think there are premium sites on the internet that allow you to have whatever kind of fun you want with other men, and whilst I don''t judge what other people may or may not do in their spare time, I believe that a football website isn''t the right place to be hitting on the posters in an attempt to get a bit of anal.
  15. Town''s overall record against Narrwich:Played: 137 Won: 59 Drawn: 27 Lost: 51Goals for: 203 Goals against: 177
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