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  1. Kenton for manager?[QUOTE]"But he had another offer over the weekend, we don''t know where from, and Darren''s chosen now to pursue other interests.[/QUOTE][:D]
  2. [quote user="AndyJR"]This one...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wnRnCvBMuU [/quote][H]Even I remember that; must still have been played in the late ''90s.
  3. Can''t manage a full XI, but I''d say Rob Green, Darren Kenton, Darren Eadie and Craig Bellamy have been the best of a bad bunch since I started watching (about 1998).
  4. Think this might be the aforementioned clip. (can''t listen yet; tuned in to his live show [:D]) Was a Dundee United plywood bow-tie if I recall correctly.
  5. He''s back on tonight; can''t wait! You can download some of the old B&K shows here if you''re interested.
  6. Cheers, Andy; think I''ve used that site before. [Y]
  7. I know it''s only Andorra but, nonetheless, PM please. [:)]
  8. Thanks PBTC; the file was fine. I now work on Sundays, so I won''t be able to catch The Championship. Your link was much appreciated. [:)]
  9. My cricket match at Watton was called off, so I''ve got back just in time for this. How come I''m able to listen to Radio Norfolk''s commentary on the BBC iPlayer? Sure I couldn''t last season.
  10. It''s changed on a regular basis throughout the 10/11 years I''ve been attending games so far, but I''d say Dion Dublin, Darren Kenton and Paul McVeigh stand out as my top three.
  11. Norwich 0 - 0 Bury at either the end of the 97/98 season, or the start of the 98/99 season; can''t remember which.Forbes won us a penalty in the last minute, but Bellamy had it saved by Dean Kiely.
  12. Never gonna happen, but the man''s an absolute class act: [URL]http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wI0p-PUZcSY[/URL]Excellent (like in that case) as an impact substitute at the very least IMO.
  13. [URL]http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=spz8_rpE0e0[/URL] springs to mind.
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