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  1. I can see both sides of the argument however those that bemoan the waste of money that this would be seem to assume that everyone is as able bodied and traffic aware as they are. In fact there are a large number of supporters who are able bodied before the game but like a few beers! - alcohol, pedestrians and cars don''t mix well. I am perfectly able to look after myself but found myself this week, with others, walking in between moving traffic and brushing wing mirrors. Why? Because the road was full of pedestrians and all of a sudden cars are driving straight through the crowd. It is a matter of time before an incident happens, maybe not serious, but unless the club sort this out it will.
  2. Hoolahan has to go on loan for me.  He is undoubtedly one of the highest earners at the club and with the club struggling financially we have to try and reduce our cost invested in him either by a sale or a loan.He also fails to flatter on the pitch losing the ball many times in midfield.  Whilst nice to watch he leaves us very vulnerable.  I totally disagree that the side is balanced almost wherever you play him.  His tracking and pace is appalling and we simply dont have the quality of squad to build a team around him to protect the midfield which is what i believe would be needed.If we were in a better quality of league and were playing better football then I would like to see him stay, but that isnt the case and I would like to see him go to a better club where he will be ''treated better'' i.e. played and we can reduce our costs and/or bring some cash in.
  3. All well put, I have just posted something similar.  Today''s events are hardly surprising but by appointing Gunn before the board setting out a destiny of failure unless they brought in weak willed board members. Timing though is less than ideal but may well turn out to be decisive moving forward. As others have mentioned, I feel sorry for Gunny as I dont think he has been treated fairly in all of this in relation to the timing of his appointment and sacking.
  4. I agree with you although for slightly different reasons.  Delia and MWJ to my mind are the primary culprits here for being so unprofessional as to appoint Gunn before the board was properly constituted.  This never should have happened and Gunn might have been prepared to continue on a temporary basis until the board was appointed. Doing what they did always meant that there was the potential for there to be unrest about his appointment within the board.  In the same way that the new manager will no doubt feel about a number of the squad, all of which were not his choice. Whoever made the decision, in my opinion the timing of this shows to me the ineptness of the board at the time of Gunn''s appointment.
  5. [quote user="ryan85k"][quote user="peartreeproductions"]And yes that cost me £1![/quote] Yes and it was a stupid stupid thing to do. You have posted peoples addresses on a public forum, just to prove me wrong? If the Turners get burgled tonight then expect a letter from their solicitors mate. You realise that that £1 does not buy you the right to share that infomation? [/quote]Agreed LQ/Ryan - not the brightest idea i have ever had.  Pete could you ''cleanse'' this thread on my behalf please.
  6. Ok here is my take on things:I thought the other day about checking companies house myself.  The level of spin coming out of the club recently means that not everything is as transparent as some fans would like.  Besides which it takes 2 minutes to check with companies house (i just have).  So TFA hasnt got an undiagnosed OCD as some would suggest!I have online access to Companies House and only two minutes ago checked it again. The last resignations filed were Andrew and Sharon Turner in September 2008.  As TFA pointed out resignations should be notified within 14 days to Companies House.  However, just because Companies House has not been informed does not mean he is still a director.  That would need clarification from Co''s House.It does appear to be either an oversight or a cover up.  I say the last option as I believe it is clear that the club intended us to believe that Munby and Doncaster had left the club completely.
  7. [quote user="bluemike"][quote user="cityangel"][quote user="bluemike"][quote user="hogesar"][quote user="First Wizard"]God, isn''t envy ugly?[/quote]I don''t envy them. Never envy the scum.Might envy the money, and perhaps the ambition...[/quote]What a bunch of envious people you are. If you look at the current situation you ARE being run as if you are a small club, Clegg is absolutely right in his comments. Its not a slight on you the fans, as ive said in another post you guys really do deserve better than the prats you have in charge right now.[/quote]   Its ok Clegg talking about how attractive your 30,000 capacity is but when will he ever see it full [:)] Think you struggled to average 21000 this season didn''t you? [/quote]yes you are correct, but based on population of town etc we are actually better supported than yourselves.[/quote]Based on population maybe, but Clegg comes across like an obnoxious arsehole in that quote.  I would be embarrased if I were you.
  8. Technically that is true that we would could be stuck with anyone under contract, however I would think that in the main all of the players have a clause that substantially reduces their salary in the event of relegation.  The club got stuck with quite a few players in the past like this and it is fairly standard fair these days.
  9. You dont need to sign up to canaries world.  You can listen to Radio Norfolk online, here http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/norfolk/hi/tv_and_radio/
  10. Ginge- He recently played 90 mins in Europe for Man City.  He didnt have the greatest of games, what with giving away a penalty, but is certainly beyond our reach and they are obviously keen to showcase him even if he isnt to feature in their squad.  I felt he was out of our league, money and ambition wise, when he was on loan here.
  11. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="CanaryJames"]Fair enough Wiz. He will go if we go into admin. as I have little doubt he is on a very tidy wage. I''m personally hoping all 3 go, even if I am "one of the 17,000 board-lovers" (who oddly enough absolutely loathes the board and has done for some time) for being a season ticket holder and next year making 9 hour round trips to watch my team. Sometimes I even disgust myself ;)[/quote] I admire your guts James, but I still think the fans renewing so early, sent all the wrong signals to the board. [/quote]You really are a tool of the highest order Lord Wizard.  The vast majority of those season tickets renewals were done automatically by those on the direct debit scheme.  The automatic renewal was introduced this year for the first time (no coincidence with our league position at the time!).Anyone who supports Norwich would want them to do well.  I very rarely see that from you.  For several seasons you have been wishing us to get relegated, or lose umpteen matches to get rid of the manager.Hang up your boots.
  12. [quote user="SNAP"]The differences between us and Ipswich have never been more sharply brought into focus than in the past week.   * They beat in the derby with a team that has received investment.   * Two days spent with my son on trial at their training facility at Playford Road shows where they have invested. Colney is a palace – Playford Road is practical. Playford Road has a canteen – Colney has a players’ restaurant and conservatory.   * They recognise the need for a top class Chief Executive. They go out and appoint one.   * Even after a derby victory they see that their manager is not cutting the mustard. They sack him. Our board takes months to dither to the same conclusion. Not once but three times.   * 24 hours later they have a top class replacement in post. We spend weeks looking for the cheapest alternative.   I take no joy in watching these developments but I do question the priorities of our board. How long before Delia announces that when she said we should follow the Ipswich Model. That’s if she every has anything else to say……. [/quote]Only time will tell whether or not this is a good appointment for the blues, yet you are happy to assume to worst.Load of old subjective drivel if you ask me, get behind the team.
  13. Today a liability, in the right game an asset.  He needs to be given the hook before he gets red carded.
  14. [quote user="Things are looking up "]Spillane for me next season. Doing really well at Luton possible player of the season.[/quote]Agreed, Spillane has always impressed me and had a fantastic game at right back a few seasons ago (Sheffield Wed I think).  Be good to see him back.As for him always being rubbish etc that is harsh.  He did show a lot of promise when he started.  However he has been far too lazy lately and tries to rely on his pace too much, which normally means he doesnt stop a cross.  Overall an athlete more than a football, and one that week in week out gives less than 100%
  15. Clingan for me.  Has an air of calm about him and leads by example. I think the comments about him not being about are irrelevant.  We need to survive till the end of the season, if we get relegated there will be a lot of players leaving of their own choice (if they think they can do better) of our accord (if their wages are to high).
  16. Lets not be misled by a couple of good performances, he isnt a natural footballer by any stretch.  However at present we are in dire straights and we need performances and I dock my cap to him for helping us out of a hole. A loan is probably right for us if we have any ambition in the long run.
  17. [quote user="koimatsuba"] Hi All   I''ve been posting on here for a while now and I will continue to. I love NCFC and I''m a current season ticket holder. I joined when the New Jarrold stand was built, got a cracking first season winning the league and it been down hill on a slippery slope ever since. I like the mate I go with have had about enough now, OI said that its was 28 days top go then 14, well to be honest seeing the signs on the boards Saturday saying ... 6 days 12 hours, blah, blah blah just made me angry! 6 days to pay up or the deal will cost more. Do they think they are Zenith Windows, must buy now or else policy! Its not just that like many I have lost it with the current board, I like Delia but the runnign of the club is a joke. 25K fans and can''t balance the books??? Oh Dear. So are Crystal Palace, Donacaster etc etc etc all very skint because they only get 11k or more fans??? Anyway I''ve made a desision. Told the fans around me on Saturday. I''ll get a membership for a £10 but thats it. Cheers All, Hope to chat again soon.   [/quote] What have wizard and smudger got to do with it?  Do you want to join the ''club of pessimism''!? Footy finance is a lot more complex than how many fans turn up.  Whilst it does raise expectations it isnt the be all and end all of our success, even though we would like it to be. Let your blood stop pumping and see how you feel.
  18. Long winded boring debates make me wonder why I waste my life going to the last page....I will never get those minutes back.  Please make this the last post, save yourselves!
  19. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="thefutureisyellow"] [quote user="thefutureisyellow"]TOP SIX, TOP SIX, TOP SIX ..................................HA HA [/quote]   GOING DOWN, GOING DOWN, GOING  DOWN.......................................  [/quote] hahahaha just as we deserve to... [Y]   [/quote] Obviously you are on a wind up as nobody takes you seriously anymore. 3-3 (unfortunately for you)
  20. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Delia S. Tickers"] [quote user="TIL 1010"]Blimey three hours has passed and no sign of Wiz.[/quote] He sent his apprentice though....   [/quote] Looks like some people wanted us to release an anti Board statement so we could then be accused of rocking the boat at this crucial time.I also notice that the anti NCISA brigade still want us to fight their battles for them so you just cannot please everybody. For goodness sake can we just stop this bickering and concentrate on the job in hand which is Championship safety.   [/quote] I think that all of the bickering and NCISA anti-sentiment is exaccerbated by NCISA members posting their opinions on a public forum.  Do you find sports desk pete posting on here something to the contrary of his employers?  Or Neil Doncaster saying how personally he thinks that Gunny is a bad appointment? Unfortunately when you are part of an organisation you have to be seen to tow the party line.  You also have to rise above any flaming (which I hope you will understand this isnt).
  21. For those who are bored he is on place in the sun on C4 at the minute, introduced as an ex-watford footballer.....
  22. [quote user="colneycanary"] According to Paul Ince''s agent anyway http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/sport/story.aspx?brand=EDPOnline&category=Sport&tBrand=EDPOnline&tCategory=Sport&itemid=NOED20%20Jan%202009%2009%3A45%3A29%3A327 [/quote] Ok moving back onto the subject of the thread.   Please show me where it says that Ince is keen on the Norwich Job.  I think your paraphrasing leaves a lot to be desired.   Wiz - all I can say is I am glad you are not on the interview panel.  I know we all have our opinions and favourites but you seem to rule everyone out!  Have you submitted your C.V. and therefore getting a bit peeved on all these links [:P]
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