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  1. Manchester City to beat Huddersfield
  2. [quote user="TIL 1010"]I did tell you Nutty that i am on the beach didn''t i ? [:D][/quote]
    Given your length of time on the beach this year, Mr. Tilson, you must have a real deep tan.
  3. [quote user="Basil Brusque"][quote user="Mello Yello"]Sundeland.....is it in the Noth East?[/quote]ooops  [/quote]
    A LIE and a MISTAKE in one thread title. You better stay clear of the Brexit thread for a day or two until you sharpen up.
  4. YankeeCanary

    Look at what you could have won

    [quote user="Baywing"]I can assure you I still sat and watched with envy.....

    Our season is over and has been for weeks Villa still have the play offs to look forward too so I guess their season rolls on for another 3 weeks after we are all on the beach[/quote]
    You may have have envied the position they are in but if you watched their performance ( given what they have spent ) it would take a fool to be envious. 
    In any event, I had difficulty understanding your earlier comment, quote, "So if I can be arsed to go next weekend and it has become a real chore (call me plastic if you like, the seats paid for all year and next....difference is age and life experience has taught me not to waste a minute on things I dont enjoy) I shall be looking on in envy and wondering what might have been ?"
    If age and life experience has taught you not to waste a minute on things you don''t enjoy doesn''t it seem a little foolish to pay for your seat, then suggest you may not be arsed to go because you don''t enjoy it ( perhaps you sat home and watched  it anyway even though you claim not to enjoy it ). Did you enjoy our victory or has age and life experience taught you not to enjoy that as well?
  5. [quote user="Kathy "]In an effort to get further up that profitability league I''m going to go for Cambridge to beat Crawley. For City''s game can I suggest 1-1?[/quote]Hi Kathy. I didn''t check to see if anyone else had spotted this but your selection is being played today, which I think is ineligible. Don''t want you to miss out on that profitability table. Looks like you could have a real shot.
  6. YankeeCanary

    news from the farmyard

    [quote user="Diane"]Both sets of fans like to have a laugh at each other''s expense but City 1st ( Basil Brash ) is as obsessed with all things Ipswich as much as ArnieM on TWTD is obsessed with us. 
    I honestly think the two of them should get together & sail off into the sunset together  [:D] 
    [/quote]You honestly think so, Diane? They would never stop "tacking."Even the fish would look for another home.
  7. YankeeCanary

    Match thread?

    [quote user="lincoln canary Golden Coppel"] Ipswich winning.

    Still an outside chance of the play offs for them.[/quote]

    Good to see you positive for a change.

  8. YankeeCanary

    Anyone else feel a bit sorry for Wes?

    Wes may yet be the match winner today.
  9. YankeeCanary

    OT - Roger Bannister

    Roger Bannister was a great inspiration to millions of others as well as to me in my boyhood of striving to do the very best you can do. RIP.
  10. The issue for me ( and I would guess most football purists ) was the lack of flow in the game during the first half as one decision after another had the referee standing there for what seemed like an eternity waiting for input. It had everyone shaking their heads.

    On a different matter I think I could hear the crowd laughing when the referee, having awarded a free kick, pulled out his white marker, cleared the snow so he could spray white when the obvious thing to do was to draw a line across the snow with his foot.
  11. This referee couldn''t make a decision without video replay if he was at primary school football game. Either he ( or the system ) needs to be sent back to the FA for further review.