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  1. I dont usually post on here, but had to for this one as it is 100% spot on.
  2. Just to clarify, Ill go for tottenham to beat stoke. Good luck with your selections.
  3. Am new to the board, hope its ok to join in! Man utd to beat stoke at 1-7 on doesnt look worth touching. But Tottenham to beat Fulham looks a very good thing.
  4. Insurance will cover his wages, but a very sad loss, and will prob end his career.
  5. The thing is it comes down to how you look at it. Imo Glenn does not not like supporters as such, he sees them as an annoyance when they question him as I feel he believes that they are not in no way near qualified to question his opinion, which obviously comes across as arrogance to the fans, and maybe it is.  I feel, and again is only my opinion that he thinks fans should get behind the team no matter what and be happy with what we receive. What however I feel he fails to take into account is the fact that the fans feel, maybe rightly so that it is their club, and they should be treated more importantly as it is their money at the end of the day keeping the club afloat and Glenn employed. Ok I hear the argument I would rather have a manager who talks how it is and has a succesful team, but we are hardly succesful and because of his attitude to the fans is it right for us to give him our support?
  6. [quote user="Thirst Wizard"][quote user="Mello Yello"] [quote user="Delia S. Tickers"]The notion of a Club Employee posting here for "damage limitation" is quite absurd.[/quote] No it''s not.....quite the contrary. [/quote] If you add together all regular posters of the major message boards, they''ll still only add up to a tiny minority of fans out of 25,000 (40,000) if you count the entire data base at the club. Therefore would the club bother to do it?  Me thinks not. [/quote] actually you will be suprised of the amount of people that view these message boards and never post. (ie myself!). If you include all the message boards there are a good few thousand who view them like me, and it is a major way of judging public opinion.
  7. Says alot does it not being arrested at the training ground over the alcohol limit, maybe thats the problem!
  8. Have been reading this message board for ages now so thought that I would ask this question.  Having read numerous posts on here and also having spoken to loads of city fans and also a few West Ham supporters as well, it seems that with Glenn, even when he is doing well at a team ie the good run with us, (albeit a bit lucky at times imo), people cant wait to knock him and seem to enjoy taking a dislike to him. Admittedly his much publicised comments about media, players etc dont help, I know lots of people find his "tinkering" irritating but on the whole he has done a great job so far for us, But cant help wondering if the players are starting to feel a bit negative towards him as well. quite a few of the players seem to be lacking in confidence and a bit dejected, At other clubs he has done great to start with then pretty quickly it went sour and not many players or supporters of his previous clubs would admit to being sorry that he left. Is this just a lack of charisma, or a lack of man management skills?
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