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  1. Next week - I think we all agree - is a big/ important game. This game is due to be preceeded by the annual playerof the year awards. May I make a suggestion and ask the opinion of others. I suggest that we cancel the presentations before the match and present them after the final whistle, The players can then fully focus on the job in hand. and the preparation will not be interupted. Normally once the final home game is over the players come out for the "thank you" lap and the fans that are interested can stay behind for this and the presentation of the awards.  Anybody got any views either way???
  2. Nothing wrong with the football we played today Eggy, just need a prolific scorer.
  3. CA great post - When we needed a win in the premiership season we were all told to wear RED underwear, It''s time to get them all out again.(the red undies I mean).  WBA are a good side and should be leading this league by a country mile - but they''re not - why? beacause like all teams in this league they lack consistency.    NORWICH 2 WBA 1 Right off to Marks for the Red boxers!!!
  4. [quote user="Rupethebear"] As they weren''t hurt we could soon make up a song, goes to the tune of the infamous Man u song, just need the last line improving, over to you!! Whos that driving down the road way Whos that crashing in the car Its Magilton and his boss making such a fxxking noise Cos they cann''t drive it  home very far [/quote] How about finishing it off with "Whos that driving down the road way Whos that crashing in the car" It is sheepy and his boys who are making all the noise Cause they can''t get the new A12 to flow.  or alternatively Cause they can''t get thier crap team promoted. ( I know it doesn''t rhyme but who gives a s**t)    
  5. [quote user="ipswichrscum"] the one which leicester play!!!!   Fantastic choice . the post horn gallop. Only thing is is based on the Fox Hunt and has been played at Leicester for years. But could somebody write something similar ofr us??? Cathy Dennis where are you when we need you!!!   ... [/quote]
  6. Funniest incident I saw was during a hammering at Carrow Road by Forest in the Cup (i think) we lost 5 or 6 - 1. During the days of terracing in the Riverend.  Some how a couple of Forest fans had got in the said stand and understandably were enjoying some good banter with the locals. After - I think it was - the 5th goal one of the said Forest fans was continuing with his jibes about farming and tractors when one of the locals turn to him and explained if he didn''t shut up he would give him "a couple of acres!" This is still one of the best one liners I''ve heard at a football match, and the best thing about it - it was all done with a smile on the faces and a fun atmosphere.
  7.   True, and I''ve got a big test tomorrow aswell. But if the 4th Official had seen it, why wasn''t he refereeing the match?  I wasn''t there but maybe a different angle provided a better/different view? - It''s gone let''s move on.
  8. [quote user="sam"] The next win will be against QPR i reckon, even that won''t be a certainty. [/quote] Is there such thing as a certainty in this league? I don''t know one.
  9. Just a diversion tactic, his players couldn''t defend a free - kick? so blame the ref for a bad decision. Reffereeing is one of the hardest jobs you have a split second and no replays, and mistakes will happen ( providing that they are genuine) i have no problem with that. Once the kick had been given the players should then sort out the positions and defend it.  I wonder if any of them were distracted by the antics on the touch line?? - It''s always easier to blame others  
  10. Although he didn''t get much of the ball - did set up the fourth goal - I thought his movement was very intellegent, and I look forward to seeing more from him.
  11. [quote user="matt crowhurst"] have to agree with you 100%. im norwich through and through and whilst i thought he played well yesterday i cannot cheer someone who has been charged with drink driving. my dad was killed by a drunk driver when i was 8 and i was badly injured as well and someone in his position should be setting an example. if i had been in charge i would have suspended him for yesterdays game, even though i like him as a player, just to show that his actions do have consequences. i have to admit as well that i was disappointed with the crowds reaction when he went off as even though i thought he played well he would have learnt more if the crowd had gone slient when he was subbed. i was also concerned with the celebrations after the penalty as it looked very much like cahills celebration for everton a couple of weeks ago after his brother got jailed crossing the arms as if handcuffed. could anyone shed some light on this? sorry for the essay but needed to get it off my chest OTBC [/quote] Matt, Obviously this is a very sensitive issue to you, but I can asure that the crossed arms was intended as the sign of a strike in bowling. The players went after training and when Jamie scored Fozzie did the cross with his arms. Then JC pretended to roll a bowl, fozzie then fell over like he had been skittled out. I actually thought it was a very original goal celebration.  
  12. Totally agree with this post, the performance was average, I thought we played better against stoke (first half) and but for 2 mistakes we could have beaten one of the so called "better teams" in the league. Today we beat a team who are almost dead and buried and very low in confidence (8 without a win). The finishing was the difference today.  We were also able to play the luxury in Hux who did well going forward but left Otsemebor exposed in the first half. (no surprise he had his best game today - he needed to)  It always amazes me the over-reaction from the fans depending on the result alone.  Well done yesterday and a much needed great result but the performance - well lets be glad we were playing Colchester!
  13. How about saving on Huckerby''s wages and getting him. I''ve been very impressed, best of our loanees by far.
  14. [quote user="jim blair"]Can anybody explain why he was treated like some kind of hero today?[/quote] Hey Jim, what are your feelings about Lee Hughes at Oldham. He did kill a man and left the scene of the crime. and has been given a second chance ( with cult following from the Oldham fans from rumours I''ve heard.) Hopefully this will stop a "young" man from getting in to this sort of trouble and to critise him wwon''t help him in any way. It''s during the bad times you really need you''re friends and support.
  15.  It would be ironic if a 1-1 draw at Hillsborough relegated Coventry because we owe them one BIGTIME! And yes I do still bear a grudge!    Nutty I''m with you on this one although I still think Everton did us no favours!!
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