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  1. Pre registration is pointless as you could get a positive covid test the day after you have preregistered. It took 10 seconds for my pass to be scanned and checked before the turnstile so they should 100% checks at barriers before the turnstile queue. I sat in the bar at 2.15 and a supporter with an exempt lanyard sat down next to me and started telling me he had applied to NHS for a letter showing his vaccination status which he hadn't received. So no pre registration, no passport check and to top it all no mask. The mask adherence was appalling in the concourse and no attempt to do anything about it.
  2. 1https://mol.im/a/9761555 It is the Daily Mail but there are other news sites with the story. DM is 2 days ago
  3. Surprised nobody has mentioned that the Premier League are pushing ahead with Vaccine Passports for all games. This will certainly stop some people attending. Much will depend on what they bring in for under 18s Some others may not have been double jabbed by the start of the season.
  4. Should we be promoting this activity with the current Cromercrab Virus worries?
  5. Almost as good as Jordan Rhodes leading the crowd at Villa with If you dont jump you're Ipswich Scum. Quality moment.
  6. We need it on the big screen at the ground pre kick off
  7. I was going to suggest flying a banner over Poorman Road but it would be a wasted gesture with so few there to see it
  8. Plenty of home tickets available in the section next to away fans. You have to register to buy but appears to be no restriction on signing up.
  9. You can buy whatever ticket you want against eack ST number. The important thing is to ensure you click on the Update button before proceeding to the pay screen. If you dont update it defaults to the normal ST holders band on the pay screen
  10. Assuming 40 points is needed (I really hope for our sake it isn''t) we have little room for error now and will need a distinct improvment in our current level of performance. Here is my analysis of what we need to do. It does look possible but it will require more consistency at home and a couple of away wins. Crystal Palace A 1 Everton A 0 Cardiff City A 3 West Ham (7.45pm) A 1 Aston Villa A 3 Southampton A 0 Swansea City A 0 Fulham A 0 Manchester United A 0 Chelsea A 0 Hull City H 3 Newcastle United H 1 Manchester City H 0 Tottenham Hotspur H 0 Stoke City H 3 Sunderland H 3 West Brom H 3 Liverpool H 0 Arsenal H 0 Total Points 21
  11. Looking at online sales its going to be the lowest crowd for years. Unless there is a huge uptake of tickets today it will be below 10,000. Can''t understand the apathy with the entertaining free flowing attacking football we are playing.  Obviously very few people think its worth £10.
  12. You have to remember this corner is the vehicle access to pitchside for emergency vehicles which would mean very few seats being fitted in at the lower level.  It would be great to see a corner infill but it just isn''t going to happen.
  13. The money we got from the hotel deal effectively kept us from going into adminisration at the time. If that had happened do you think we would be in the position we are now. The club have maintained that seats in corners are not cost effective or the best value for additional capacity. I think we can forget any idea of stadium expansion as there is there is not the demand for the extra seats. When first promoted the club talked about expansion afyer a couple of seasons in this league. Its not even on the clubs radar any more. Away followings are declining quite seriously which frees up enough seats to satisfy home support for most games. Take away the obvious top 5 or 6 games and seats were readily availble up to match day.
  14. Just shows how big the gap between the two clubs now is. Our friends south of the border are getting really excited at the prospect of playing what will likely be a city reserve squad. I would let them get a real feel of  what its like in the big league, charge them £50 a ticket. Can''t see a lot of interest from city fans for the game so high prices won''t bother us.
  15. If he had stayed on the pitch I''m fairly sure they would have won the game. They are less likely to win at Wigan now but it keeps Villa well and truly in the mix for relegation
  16. A hard fougt 90 minutes followed by a mauling in extra time as they run out of steam and pick up a few injuries and a red card or two
  17. Maybe we should restrict this discussion to people who are old enough to have lived through the years leading up to Thatcher and actually saw the huge benefits she brought to us all. Perhaps some of the infantile comments being made on here would not be made if the younger ones amongst us were around then when the miners and other public utilities held us to ransom and we had to make do with only having electicity on every other day. Imagine that - no xbox or Playstation on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. No heat  or hot food either. The miners were blind in their faith to Scargill who led them into a battle with the government they were never going to win. The mines were losing millions which the UK taxpayers were subsidising. How many of the people on here spouting bile now own therir own home?  Something else brought to many by Thatcher. And if we want to keep this thred to football how many of you want to go back to watching football like we had to before she made football get itself in order. Its easy to moan about id cards (which never happened) but she was behind the drive to rid the game of hooliganism and introduction of familly friendly stadia. And to answer the OP question - football should do nothing to recognise her achievments. Football can pay its respect the same as everyone else who wishes to when she gets full honours at her funeral.
  18. Putting all the emotion aside around Grant Holt there are a few points raised by many on here which can not really be disputed. He should have been given two red cards in recent games when coming on as substitute. He certainly appears to have put on weight since last season which probably explains his apparent slowing in pace. He has lost his sharpness in front of goal. Open to question is his commitment to the club which has rewarded him foolishly (in hindsight) with a long contract. If you want a conspiracy you could think he is trying to work himself a transfer up north having moved his familly "home" and now showing more effort into getting himself sent off than scoring goals. Its a shame to see a club legend end like this but this summer we need to unload him but cant think there will be many takers with the contract he is on. £6 million West Ham - a year too late I''m afraid.
  19. Its not just the home support which is suffering. The support at Wigan was pathetic on Saturday. Well over 2000 there but it sounded like an away day for the Geofrey Watling Stand. A few pockets of isolated singing but the majority just didn''t join in.
  20. Last season we set out to score more goals than the opposition This season we have set out to concede less goals than the opposition Is one more effective than the other?
  21. Holt has had 2 or 3 decent games this season but in general has had a very poor season. Its difficult not to believe he has been affected by his home situation as by judgingfrom his tweets he can''t wait to get up to  Carlisle at every opportunity. He hasn''t been helped by the negative tactics and he looks like he could be following Morrisson onto the list of decent strikers ruined by our current manager. Morrisson looks the player he did at the start of last season again playing for Leeds. Shame our current management couldn''t harness his cuurent goal scoring form. I know its a league below us but in 3 games he has only one less goal for Leeds than our top scorer.
  22. The problem is the football being served up is so boring. I have been a season ticket holder for over 30 years and this is the most boring city team I have ever watched. Of course we have seen far worse football but even in the darkest days of relegation to league 1 there was still some entertainmant value. There is no pleasure in watching city at the moment and the final whistle can''t come soon enough. To start out every game looking for a nil nil draw is just wrong. We treat every game like Man Utd away and to listen to the manager after every game praising the quality of the opposition is wearing a bit thin. Yesterday was Southampton for gods sake and we allowed them to play us off the park. There was only one side looking like they wanted to win and as usual it wasn''t us.
  23. corporate season tickets are not just in the boxes and corporate areas of the ground. Several companies will hold a few general ground tickets so they can take clients to a Premier League game.
  24. Do you seriously think NCFC would want to get into a position of having to defend its actions and try to mitigate an action in court brought against it by enforcement authorities. There may well be room for discussions a la Man City to try and achieve a compromise but in the first instance the club will have to demonstrate that it is able to comply with the requirements as they now exist You are missing the point - no authority has ever had the courage or the evidence to take any closure action. Do you honestly believe an underfunded local authority would risk taking potentially expensive action against a football club? Good use of tax payers money? I don''t think so.
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