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  1. mine has galway roast stand on it
  2. available on official site,might have 2 available later in the week.
  3. phoned up and ordered tickets for both of the home friendlies nearly 3 weeks ago and they have not arrived
  4. get well soon marc...hope you will fit for the sunderland game
  5. Www.norwichlads2003.freeservers.com/
  6. you need 10 away  stubs from the last year so you can be in cat 2 when you apply for away tickets
  7. i guess they do it because some people buy tickets for their friends and the friends wouldnt show up on the system as buying an away ticket
  8. ive got 8 stubs and i have qpr and leicester away to swap for 2 more,has anybody away stubs form scun,blackburn,forestdonny,preston,bristol,cardiff,millwall,cov,boro,palace,leeds,swansea,watford,ipswich,pompy to swap?pm please
  9. just make some of that...."special"...coca cola up in your bottle...
  10. i didnt get one either in the ballot...2nd time running after allways getting ipswich tickets over the years...anybody want to sell me one?..pm
  11. you get a form from the ticket office...there is some in there now.......you just fill in your credit details  and get sent the tickets...you are allowed 5 refusals of tickets untill you get removed from the scheme.
  12. [quote user="Webbo118"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="Webbo118"] [quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="Harry"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="Harry"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="Harry"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="Harry"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "]As for Ipswich... I''d say they have a far more passionate support than City and far fewer mummies and daddies bankrolling their brats. Their kids will be ''stayers'' not pussies.[/quote]Now that has convinced me that you need to be sectioned.NURSE CLUCKBERT IS OUT OF BED AGAIN[/quote]Reality and frankness seldom makes comfortable reading...Ask your mum.[/quote]I''m 48 years old and have my own opinions, I don''t need blinkered idiots like you or anyone from the Club telling me what I should or shouldn''t do, therefore I have no need to ask my Mum.Unlike you I can admit some of my opinions may be wrong and don''t resort to name calling when I''m cornered.Everyone has a choice as to whether they have a season ticket, membership, super membership or they want to stay a casual fan. [/quote]And... no... not everyone has the choices you naively lay out and ''staying a casual fan'' simply equals second class fan as things are.[/quote]Not at all, we can all make choices without  being "second class", when I was working away for 12 years I had the choice of having a season ticket and hardly using it, being a super member and having first chance at tickets for home matches and more choice of where to sit or I could have been a casual fan and hope the game didn''t sell out, I went for the super membership as it was the best option for me.Some on here who know me can confirm that I was made redundant and used the money to move my family back to Norfolk, I don''t now have what others may class as a job, I am in fact a full time carer for my partner for which I get the grand sum of £53 a week, we also have a 10 year old son who has autism and watching Norwich is my release valve, I shout, sing chant etc which get''s rid of my tension and frustrations. I have the choice of having a season ticket, being a super member and having first chance at tickets for home matches and more choice of where to sit or I could be a casual fan and hope the games don''t sell out. I have chosen to be a season ticket holder again as it guarantees I get a good seat and paying it monthly means I can afford to go, I''ve made sacrifices to be able to pay for it , I''ve stopped going to away games, I very rarely go out drinking and I never drink alcohol at home releasing the money for  my ticket.If you want it you make sacrifices. [/quote]The fact remains that you have to conform to a pattern of support laid down by NCFC. You are effectively controlled.Season tickets will always exist at grounds and I have no problem with a fair section dedicated purely to them, but stifling the freedom of the casual supporter is filling the ground with habitual drones. No spontaneity or variety of support equates to a church like atmosphere often bemoaned on here.You may well make sacrifices, but clearly your income includes spare money. Many are on pensions or with just one modest tax paying earner who doesn''t have that capacity... so I don''t agree with your comment on affordability for all. Besides which... it''s not all about money, it''s about the freedom of  individual choice. The excessive desire for season ticket sales at CR has killed real support and benefits only the club''s cynical and lazy owner.[/quote]So you are saying that season ticket holders should have their own section and shouldn''t have a choice where to sit, I think you seriously need to get a grip, why should season ticket holders be limited to a certain section so "Casual Fans" can have a choice where to sit.I would rather the ground be full of season ticket holders every game than half full of people like you who want to turn up for the "Big Games" but knock the Club whenever possible.[/quote]Self centred and painfully closetted bollox.There is a life outside of NCFC..... and I think maybe it''s time you found another friend to spend some time with. [/quote]   From someone who seems to spend a major part of his life on this Forum - Mr. 3,100 posts. Get a life! [/quote]Since 2006? Get a calculator. I suspect you''ve had more dumps in that time sonny... and made more sense doing so.[/quote]   I would hope so too. If not it would be a severe case of constipation. On the subject, I understand your own plastic seat has a nice big hole in the middle- merely to let through the smelly, brown stuff that flows constantly from your mouth.   [/quote]
  13. [quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="therossjack"]yes....my second team is norwich reserves[/quote] Is there such a team? [/quote]they play in the norfolk senior cup.....keep an eye out
  14. [quote user="city till i die"]who is this guy?? where did we find him!! he is a must to start the next game!![/quoteyawn..attention seeker
  15. im so sorry i cheered swanseas goals ........i actually was rolling on the floor too...but im sorry.....i must write my lines 100 times....."i must not cheer goals against the scum!"
  16. its on carrow road....just right of old main entrance....its silver....about eye height....hope this helps you me old booty........
  17. i have a home replica shirt and a real player worn shirt and the real shirt is a lot better quality than the replica shirt....better made and better quality material.........
  18. i feel they pick the safer option fans in the ballot...ie...younger fans......and female adults...as they seemed to do for the last portman road ballot........
  19. ive been to nearly every home game since 1975 and been to at least 60 away...............
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