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  1. mine has galway roast stand on it
  2. available on official site,might have 2 available later in the week.
  3. phoned up and ordered tickets for both of the home friendlies nearly 3 weeks ago and they have not arrived
  4. get well soon marc...hope you will fit for the sunderland game
  5. Www.norwichlads2003.freeservers.com/
  6. you need 10 away  stubs from the last year so you can be in cat 2 when you apply for away tickets
  7. i guess they do it because some people buy tickets for their friends and the friends wouldnt show up on the system as buying an away ticket
  8. ive got 8 stubs and i have qpr and leicester away to swap for 2 more,has anybody away stubs form scun,blackburn,forestdonny,preston,bristol,cardiff,millwall,cov,boro,palace,leeds,swansea,watford,ipswich,pompy to swap?pm please
  9. just make some of that...."special"...coca cola up in your bottle...
  10. i didnt get one either in the ballot...2nd time running after allways getting ipswich tickets over the years...anybody want to sell me one?..pm
  11. you get a form from the ticket office...there is some in there now.......you just fill in your credit details  and get sent the tickets...you are allowed 5 refusals of tickets untill you get removed from the scheme.
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