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  1. [quote user="Duffman"]I wasnt implying that LM is chris.   If you looked at the highlighted part of her message that I quoted, thats the bit I was referring to as being Chris or Fozzy or whatever he calls himself each day.[/quote]I''m Lisa Marie - its Wednesday isn''t it?
  2. [quote user="Disco Dale"]Thats not allowed anymore I dont think.There is a certain miles radius to recruit players from. [/quote]I wasn''t aware of that. We still get loads of scouts checking local sides out especially Southampton & Leicester for some reasonWhere was the London taining facility, dont remember thatThe moaners dont seem to full of ideas......
  3. Just registered as Lisa-Marie....... Now thats FOUR names to look for old fella
  4. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]1- Read signature!!!!, i''ve also asked you in previous posts if you are IBA or I BEAT ATLANTA. What made you think otherwise?? [/quote]Hi Binner. Does it annoy you people have multiple usernames? Come on Pete, put the old fella out of his misery.Is Ralph the same as IBA and Badger?Long may Delia reign and annoy the moaners....... Unlikely anyone will ever come along with enough money to buy her shares so I''d say you''re stuck for a while...... YEARSBut then you can just moan day and night about the new majority shareholder.....
  5. [quote user="Barclay_Boy"]Give Roeder the beneift of the doubt?????????????? Better still, give him 3 million quid, then see how long it takes him to get a striker in. HE CAN''T DO IT WITHOUT A TRANSFER KITTY! [/quote]And who would he get for £3m? Already made his valuation on Ameobi abundantly clear..... who is available, would come, and not disrupt the dressing room with a £20k pay packet??
  6. Showed some skill and had a strnge ability to dispossess an oppo player by wrapping his leg around from behind. Medium pace, bit lightweight and generally a bit naive..... played very much like a young player who had been moved up too early..... except I dont think he''ll improve. I wont miss him.Rioja amigo
  7. Cue jokes about the board already have.....Just what would you all do to improve the club? Its easy to say "get the cheque book out" when its not your money, so what else could be done?Or is it after all, just money dependant ?
  8. [quote user="CambridgeCanary"]   and the £56million sale price? [/quote] Thats just simple maths
  9. [quote user="steve o"]   How do you know his transfer budget is 6 million, [/quote]Was. Read.
  10. [quote user="steve o"]  How do you know his transfer budget is 6 million, that is obviously a complete guess, the Chief Executive sorts out the price for the player with his opposite, the manager has a budget but does not say how much we get for a player or how much we pay, [/quote]yeah ok.... you''re right. I know nothing
  11. [quote user="Be Smart "]Delia one last thing, if you Really love the club sell Now [/quote]To who? You? Listen carefully children.Roeder put a valuation on Taylor. Below the max funds that were available. Way below. The bid was rejected. It was increased by 30%. Thirty percent. It was refused. That was Roeders top valuation. We walked away. It was not the board that blocked any transfer.Ameobi was being touted for £3.5m. Roeders valuation ROEDERS, not the boards, was far less. Unless the amount acceptable by Newcastle comes down to a level that Roeder deems acceptable then we walk away.Roeder is a grown man. he''s a professional with his finger on the pulse of player values. He''s not some puppet of the board. its not his style. He''s opinionated and outspoken. if he was being shafted by the the board he''d walk in a heartbeat. Dont taint him with your own snivelling yes man mentalityThe transfer budget he was given on taking the job was £6m to INCLUDE the initail 12 month contracts. Factor into this any savings on the squad he inherited. you do the maths. Its very complex and extremely flexible.Some seasons we''re good, some we''re shit, some we''re mediocre. Its life. get over it
  12. [quote user="Loan City Fc "] she is bleeding this club to death .[/quote]Clarify? Specifics? Just how do you bleed a PLC without going to jail?
  13. [quote user="Neil Cluckcaster"] Oh great...the old saviour crap again...... Do you think she was the only prospective buyer....or just first through the gate via her celebrity status?... Stop the apologist bleating for Gods sake....it''s been done to death already and found to be pure myth. [/quote]Yeah they''re still queuing around the block..... must be hard for her to hide all the take over bids on a PLC.... doing a great job of that isn''t she?
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Read Gunnys book if you havent already.. he DOES speak well of Chase... the players all thought Chase was a kind and Generous man... they were all gutted when he left jas :) [/quote]LOL
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