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  1. Lessingham, that''s really weird I''m sure I''ve read the exact same statement somewhere. Just not sure where
  2. Rudd Martin Bassong Bennett Brady Tetty Mulumbu Howson Jarvis Hoolahan Mbokani Ruddy has to be dropped not kept a clean sheet all season, and is becoming far to fond of his ''Grobbelaaresk'' walk abouts. Whittaker is dire, unfortunately i don''t think Wisdom is good enough to replace him meaning Martin moves to right back. Bassong would have been dropped if we had some one to replace him, Ryan Bennettt deserves his chance and if he can stay fit will be a great addition to the side. Olson is unfortunate to go as i think he was our best defender on sunday but i think the combination of Brady and Jarvis is just too good to ignore. Mulumbu in for Dorrins as the defence, even with the changes is fragile and the combination of him and Tetty shielding is can hopefully help prevent a re[eat of Sunday. Howson in for Redmond a bit controversial i Know but i think Redmond is better used as an impact sub. Jarvis as I''ve said above dove tails well with Brady can cross a good ball and is a goal threat. Mbokani did enough for me on Sunday to get another run out. just my humble opinion.
  3. hi seatttle, yes normal for this to happen, listen to canary call through BBC i player
  4. Totally agree with OP very impressed with McFadden lots of talking and not at all fazed by making his d├ębut alongside some very experienced defenders
  5. They lost 3-2 away at cardiff and at villa so although highly unlikely is this not the sort of result we should be going for. realistically i think we''ll lose 0-5 but i lost my faith in our team a long while ago.
  6. rather than start another Hooper thread thought i''d post this on here. very bitter QPR fan on ESPN.http://espnfc.com/blog/_/name/queensparkrangers/id/1096?cc=5739#[:)]
  7. great performance yesterday from a second Norwich side passed the ball with comsumate ease took our chances when they came aand but for some good goalkeeping from the posh keeper could have been 6 or 7. what a performance from the 5000 yella army as well best atmosphere i have experienced in years bring back terracing just like the old days today. otbc  
  8. [quote user="shiplee15"]I must admit i''d love to do something like the Emirates Cup![/quote]i thought the same, a couple of seasons ago i suggested to the club that they might organise a canary cup competition, inviting over the likes of nantes and fenebache (sp) but was told it''s not possible as at these big grounds like the emirates they have 4 lots of changing rooms where as we have only the 2. May be when they put the new teir on the main stand (sorry city stand) they might be able to find some room for a couple more and it could then happen. I for one would be quite excited by the idea.
  9. [quote user="LOSCLuc"]Hello friends of Norwich,I come to you to question of you to ask if you have listen to an idea of the trainer of my team LOSC Lille Rudi Garcia to become the new Norwich trainer. In Lille we can hear throughout the fans that he may transfer to Norwich and the clubs are in talks. Also we hear that he may try to buy Mavuba and Roux if he is transfer.Sorry for my poor England.PS: Get ready for Hazard, he will be the best player in your league next year. [/quote]BINNER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Amazing how much his english improves in his second post
  10. great post CU totally agree these are exciting times we have to rely on mcnally to get the right man to take us forward, everything else is in place good squad, facilities and great fans. a real prospect for any manger
  11. are you serious McNally is the best signing this club has made in years
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