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  1. [quote user="priceyrice"]I rate wes a lot, very good player, but can understand some peoples problems with him, he can be brilliant, but when hes not having a great game he really is quite inneffective. I am worried about his contract situation, maybe he already has another move lined up, he can sign a pre contract agreement with a club next month so surely if Lambert were, looking to keep him he would already have him signed up to a new contract, i havnt even hear of talk of contract negotiations, has anyone else?I remember when Lambert first came to the club, he dropped hoolahan and doherty instantly, not really sure about the reasoning behind this but it did do a world of good for Wes. Didn''t Hoolahan play for Lambert at a different club as-well, or am i imagining this?On another point, would people prefer to see Wes sold for cash in Jan, or allowed to go on free in the summer. I personally dont think we should cash in on him, as players with 6 months on their contracts barely get a good price and if he can help us claim a play-off place this will be much more beneficial. Hopefully though we will see him sign new contract soon[/quote] I for one would love to see Wes sign a new contract,does anyone know if Lambert has made him an offer?
  2. I agree with most of the comments about Wes and think with out a doubt he should get more recognition for what he contributes to a passing Norwich side.My worry is why does Lambert not see this and keep dropping him?
  3. Couldnt agree more Lincoln,I just worry a player of his ability doesnt seem to come across very happy at the moment.They do seem to rave about him on sky aswell so hopefully he will still stay with us when the transfer window opens.
  4. [quote user="lincoln canary"][quote user="city till i die"]Right poor thread, before you start slating me! My question is if Lambert left to say Blackburn, do you think he would be trying to take the likes of Holt, Korey, Crofts with him? Or anyone else?[/quote] IMO there is nobody in our squad capable of holding down a 1st team place at any premiership. This hypothetical stuff is pretty silly really. Why didn''t you just call the thread "lamberts favourite players" I''m sure that would give you the answers you require.[/quote] I think the likes of Wes would hold his own in some of the premiership teams.Maybe Wigan,Blackburn or even West Ham the way they are performing.
  5. [quote user="Jin Atwal"][quote user="chicken"]If we get anymore strikers in I think we may well be saying goodbye to some come the summer. I say that because we have Holt, Martin and Jackson as our first choice contenders, then we have Oli, Cody and Daley as back up. Cody isn''t back until the summer as he is on a season long lone, he was unlucky with an injury and has scored a few since. The biggest problems with players that rely a whole lot on pace is that you need good players around them to create the space for him to run into and to get the ball right to put him through. I think he could do a job at a higher level. Having said that getting another target man in would suggest him or Oli are surplas to requirement. Oli cant be happy not getting any games. And when people talk of come the summer - lets just wait and see.[/quote] Definitely agree with the comment about players who can find space. I think Cody work work well off Grant and with Henri, Fox etc in the team (passers of the ball). Like I said, he got a few in Champ for us before we got relegated. Few classy goals too I remember - sure there was a lovely lob in there somewhere. Anyway, he obviously went to Gills as part of Jackson deal, but I think Oli is the one to loan out. I still rate Jackson and think he is another player who needs Holt next to him instead of Martin. He does seem a player who creates plenty of chances, but also needs a few chances to score too unfortunately, but a lot of strikers are like that. Remember Beckford is very much like this - gets in decent positions, pacy, but finishing not 100% (more like 10% at Everton!) [/quote] Got to agree,i dont think Jackson has suddenly become a bad player and would be intrested to see how he would play at the side of Holt on a more regular basis.I also thought Chris Martin looked lazy at coventry and we should have started Wes on the left.
  6. do you think since Wes has started in our midfield again, alongside lansbury, crofts and fox, we have been a more creativ, flexible and attacking force? your thoughts?
  7. I agree,people forget the chances Holt and Martin miss in some games.Dont get me wrong i think we did miss holt yesterday, however we should give Jackson a chance before people hang him out to dry.
  8. Well i just think, he definately wasnt our best player particularly in the 1st half! i was not slagging him off in regards of the 2nd half. I didnt use the words as stated above! just merely stated he didnt play as well as i expected
  9. Hi I was at the match yesterday and totally agree that he had a dire first half.  He did seem sluggish and didn''t try and chase anything.  However I have to say he came out a different person at the second half and think he had had three shredded wheat or something because he played really well. Thought Wes Hoolahan deserved man of the match more than him and he did not play the whole game!
  10. [quote user="Marty"] i''ve never understood why people that enjoy sitting get so much grief, like they are lightweights. I am a pretty fit person to be honest but some people are not good at standing for hours on end, it doesn''t make them lesser fans does it? My brother has back trouble when he stands for long also, so does he not have the right to sit down? still, great game and result, and I didn''t mind standing yesterday since there was pleny of jumping around. [/quote]Got to agree abit even though i did stand myself in the early days of going to matches,however i do think if you want to take the kids its unfair on them if they cant see the game because some 6ft fella is stood all game in front of them.(are they not the future)
  11. Think the result was on the cards after the last 4 proformances.
  12. [quote user="ROBFLECK"] Sooner, rather than later, the way we were playing the last few games. Now we will see Lambert''s and the team''s credentials on tuesday. They need to bounce back and show they haven''t been dwelling on the defeat. What do you reckon Lambert should change to the team, i.e. players or formation? We didn''t deserve to win on saturday. So''ton were value for the three points. Let''s put it straight to bed and go on and perform a match-winning one on tuesday! Let''s keep backing the team! [/quote] Lets hope we put a bad day behind us and look forward to our next win tue night.My only small concern is that we are sometimes starting to go a bit direct, and we all know when we play the proper way we have the players to destroy teams.We must back the team all the way as it is this bunch of players and manager that has turned this club around.Dont shoot me down here but would it be worth mixing things up and going 4 4 2 for a change?may be dropping lappin for a player like Mcmanee?
  13.                              Marshall        Otsemobor - Doherty - Drury                 Russell - Clingan Croft                                      bell                      Hoolahan                 Cureton - Lupoli looks good to me
  14. sorry guys but dont want bothroyd,not because hes a bad manager but the style he plays.would rather a manager that plays a passing game cos long term direct does not sucseed.
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