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  1. HeyThe Tram Depot on Dover Street (opposite ARU) is good for the footy. They have Greek channels and the gaffer''s into his football. They''ve had an offer on Grolsch Blonde for £2.80 the last few weeks too - good for the lunchtime kick-offs!
  2. I live right in the centre. Always keen to meet up for away games on the telly box. Which I''m sure there''ll be loads of this season...
  3. [quote user="barclay boy "] http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11741_5891416,00.html  It looks like it Gordino [/quote] That''s yesterday''s news :o)
  4. Regards Holroyd: He''s gone to Brighton, as I said earlier. You''re all very welcome.
  5. He ain''t going to Norwich. And he ain''t good enough for Norwich. He''s got genuine weaknesses in his game and Cambridge are eager to cash in...
  6. Where on earth has this come from? I cover Cambridge United for BBC Cambridgeshire. We haven''t reported this at all. Holroyd failed to agree terms with Brighton... but the deal could be back on again.
  7. Just come back from Cambridge press conference. No interest in Holroyd at the moment. He''s an out-and-out goal poacher. Was a little light weight last season, much stronger now. Good turn of pace, knows where the back of the net is. Bit too soon for step up though. Could do with another year at Conference level.
  8. Thought he did a good job. Very sharp and painted a picture well. Maybe a little too excited when chances came along - is it in? is it wide? Is it possible that our opinions don''t count? You decide. Or maybe you don''t.
  9. [quote user="rjwc22"]Come on Mr Gunney, sign the lad up![/quote] Funny - I genuinely laughed out loud
  10. guilty as charged - lighter sentence for good behaviour? to be fair, that thread''s descended into a ridiculous rant about spelling and this one will now descend into one about post duplication one day the football will come first
  11. http://www.cambridgecityfc.com/ He''s a good Southern Premier player, but, well...
  12. On the SSN TV channel the ticker is still saying Gunn has been put in charge - but the Evening News website says they''ve made no decision - so that clears that up then....
  13. "Last night I stayed up to watch Night of the Living Dead on ITV2, so I dreamt of a bunch of brain-dead zombies wandering aimlessly around a field." - funnyI actually dreamt two nights ago that we won with a Doc last minute header, 2-1. Barnsley lost 1-0.I also dreamt that I was able to turn my own self-worth into physical matter and ate it with chips and brown sauce, so I wouldn''t read too much into it.
  14. Just thought the Offside Bar in Islington deserved a nod for keeping 40 to 50 City fans happy Saturday evening - great atmosphere and a decent little boozer. Did anyone finally overflow the urinal?
  15. Anyone else notice the offside figures for the Toronto game? The Quakes were caught offsidefive times, three of them the man in the number six shirt. I love himbut you can''t teach and old dog new tricks can you?As far as the shirts go, surely there''s some good press for somebody there. Anybody tried the club''s PR or maybe a local paper? "Quakes send record shipment of shirts to UK" - might be worth them covering the  postage...
  16. It''s back! Yay. Thanks admins, I''m sure you had to make sure it was all coche and that. Cheers for putting it back up. Now I can share it with the world! If anyone needs someone to explain why it''s funny, then please ask. I might even set up a conference somewhere in the eastern regions.
  17. Yes!!! It''s back! Did you write this picknoser? Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Some people haven''t "got" this and it''s difficult to explain how you do "get" it. I''ll be sharing this with a few people.
  18. Hmmm, the one I read was a send up of that official one you''ve just linked to. Admins, did you take it down? You''ve gotta admit it was very funny. As a journo myself it hit all the right notes and mocked over exaggerated, self-promoting articles. I''ve googled, but have so far found nothing!
  19. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire are reporting that Jimmy Quinn tried to convince Dion to have one more season back at the Abbey with Cambridge United. He said "thanks, but no thanks."
  20. I stand corrected. Well, maybe I don''t. Anyway, after last weekend I defended Gibbs on here, however he was poor today and the game did pass him by. He didn''t manage to make up for his lightweight influence on the game with the neat touches of the previous week. Although, as a subpoint, playing Fozzy and Gibbs was never going to be a good idea was it, Chris Lakey hit the nail when he said that the Gibbs/Pattison combo is an inexperienced Russell/Fozzy partnership. You have to play the battler with the passer - which is why we looked a bit better int he second half with Patti doing a bit of the leg work. That boy can ''alf tackle can''t he? Two crunchers towards the South Stand/River End corner. Disagree about Hucks. If he wasn''t playing Saturday we would have had no spark whatsoever - and that''s not an opinion, that''s just plain fact.
  21. It''s funny how folk take different things from games. I fee the EDP''s assessment of Gibbs was not misleading. Gibbs did everything that Pattison didn''t and to be fair, Pattison did everything Gibbs didn''t. True, Gibbs was not strong in the tackle and he wasn''t exactly putting the fear of God into the opposition like Pattison, but Gibbs very rarely gave the ball away and kept it simple, relieving a bit of pressure and allowing players to take stock of the situation instead of hitting hollywood balls into the corners like Pattison did on numerous occasions. He also put in a better challenge in the air than Pattison and when he did win aerial balls he generally found somebody.The pair compliment each other well and it seems that folk''s opinion on players lies in the kind of player they prefer - the Patti battler or the Gibbs type player who was willing to drop deep to collect the ball and then keep it simple. Either way, both players would have looked worse if the other weren''t playing with them on Saturday.
  22. Hucks: Not amazing, but I thought his sheer presence gave us something extra today. He''s such a good outlet and he relives the pressure. Cut inside nicely on three or four occasions and rarely gave the ball away. Gibbs: Agree with above, neat and tidy is the best description. Looks composed on the ball and never over complicated matters. Shooting - not his strong point. Pearce: Not a foot wrong. I''m a Shackell fan but he made Shacks look like a Sunday League player today. Great touch, distribution decent and very strong. Some folk gave the team a bit of stick on Canary Call today, but anyone who was at Leicester last week would be happy they just managed string three passes together. Just need to create more chances and reallyc ould have done with the second to allay any nerves for the last 15 minutes.
  23. I saw the Linnets at the Abbey this season in the FA Trophy. There were a few anti-Norwich songs from the away faithful, which I found funny, as being as there were half a dozen ex-Canaries in the squad. Including Fleming, who was commentating behind me and is a throroughly nice fella and very eager to talk football. Hope Lynn go up, even if just for him.
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