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  1. Any of you considering doing both games? Looks unlikely you''d get between the 2 venues by public transport but a cab should be about £40. You''d need to leave immediately after final whistle at Sutton and might just make kick off at the Valley.
  2. Paderborn is about an hour by train from Dortmund. I''m flying to Dortmund on Saturday 15th with Ryanair from Stansted as I''m sure a few other City fans are as the price has doubled since I booked it. Overnight stay in Dortmund and will book a train to Paderborn for the Sunday morning/early afternoon a bit nearer the time on www.bahn.de Paderborn''s facebook messenger team confirmed to me the game will be played at the Benteler Arena, Paderborn''s stadium. The Union Berlin game is virtually certain to be at Marienfeld which is where their pre-season training camp is. German Canaries confirmed this on their website although I know that''s not an official source! Unsure whether I''ll go to this game or not and will book my return flight when details of the 3rd game/U23 games are confirmed. Would be interested to see how many fans travel. Probably similar to the 80 or so that went to Bielefeld last year.
  3. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I don''t think there''s anything wrong with the current system where if you want to go to all the games you buy a season ticket, and if you only want to go to some, you buy casual tickets. Too simplistic?[/quote] Nail on head! if it''s not broken, don''t fix it!
  4. [quote user="Matt Juler"]It''s no different to me having a season ticket (which is what both myself and my wife will have for next season) and over the 23 matches many different people using the seats. I''ll be at a few games, my wife will make a few and we may get a chance towards the end of the season to get to a few together, but for most matches it will either be friends we''ve let use the ticket or random people through the Buy Back scheme. Paul - I really hope you don''t sit close to me as I don''t want you not feeling content ;-)[/quote] If you know enough people to have your ticket when you cant make it then I don''t see what the issue is. You haven''t lost out and you can pick and choose your games. As someone mentioned earlier it would become interesting if we''re in the Premier League any time soon. Put my name down for the Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United games please ;) ;) Aren''t season tickets for buy back only available when all casual seats have sold out? My luck on the buy back scheme is poor!
  5. This sounds like way too much admin for the club to even consider. I''m not suggesting your not a loyal fan, because i know you are, and i appreciate that circumstances change throughout life, but it does come across that you want to have your cake and eat it. Personally I wouldn''t be content potentially sitting next to random people from one week to the next. The familiarity of knowing the fans around you is part of what gives the season ticket its value, although some may disagree depending who you sit next to!! The club probably see the buy back system as perfectly adequate for people who can''t get to the occasional game. In their eyes, a season ticket is what it says, a ticket for the season.
  6. For those of you in London and the South East area please visit www.capitalcanaries.co.uk for details on affordable rail travel to the majority of our upcoming home and away games. Rail tickets are currently on sale for the upcoming Nottingham Forest and Wolves games but you must be a paid member to travel. At just £10 for adults this represents great value for money. Rail tickets are purchased almost immediately after TV schedules have been announced by our dedicated team so rest assured you are getting the best price possible. Tomorrow we are proud to announce that we have 17 members travelling to Birmingham thanks to the very affordable rail travel we were able to provide with plenty of notice. Contact awaytravel@capitalcanaries.co.uk or membership@capitalcanaries.co.uk for further information. Alternatively you can find us on Twitter and Facebook.
  7. Anyone heading to either of the 2 games? 4 of us driving from Vienna to Kumberg and back after the game. Staying 2 nights in Vienna 19-21 July.
  8. King Canary, A few changes at Capital Canaries this summer, keep checking the webpage for details on membership and away travel. I will be one of the organizers of away travel Membership is still of value regardless of where you live, as long as you intend to make some journeys to away games from London. So from Norwich (albeit an early start for you) you would need to travel to London for further travel to Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton etc. The itinerary for trips are planned to be listed on capitalcanaries.co.uk, Occasionally subsidised travel is offered and there is normally several others travelling so better than travelling alone.
  9. For those of you going to Bolton on 11th April I am looking at a transfer from Wigan station to Bolton due to the engineering works on the Horwich line. I have got a quote for a 15 seater minibus for £195 return (hoping to get this price lower) Just want to know roughly how many would be interested. If numbers are low than sharing a few taxis might be a better option. Paul
  10. Not to mention losing at home to a Conference team in the cup! Tough start to this season in fairness to Hughton. We''ve only played 3 teams in the bottom half and not a bad record. W1 D1 L1. November is a huge month for the club with some winnable games. I would wait until about mid December before deciding whether i want Hughton to stay or go. Then you could argue who would replace him and do a better job ?
  11. [quote user="Jezzard"]Does anyone know the likely kick off time for this match? The fixture is on Braga''s website, but no mention of KO time there either? Ta[/quote] I would guess about 8pm. Hopefully not much earlier as it would be nice to see the city and get a beer or 2 in before the game.
  12. His best years are behind him. Would rather have young, hungry players with their best years ahead of them. Pretty much what we''ve done for the past 3 years.
  13. Anyone made any travel arrangements for this game? I''m arriving on matchday from Eindhoven at 12:20, staying in Braga and getting the 6am bus back to Porto Airport. Would be interested to see how many are going and what plans you have.
  14. Am I on my own in thinking that £30 isn''t an outrageous price? Before the prices were announced I was anticipating maybe £20 - £25, so OK it''s a little bit more than expected but hardly daylight robbery? A game against a high profile Premier League team for a place in the Quarter final of a Cup competition. As for the people calling it a mickey mouse cup, that''s a bit of a poor attitude considering it''s the only domestic we''ve ever won and it guarantees a place in Europe. How can you compare ticket prices for the likes of Scunthorpe and Doncaster to Spurs? It''s simple business sense, the greater the attraction, the higher the demand, the higher the price. I''ll be going...
  15. [quote user="Oz Canary"][quote user="Surrey yellow"] Home after a great few days. Bratislava and Graz are beautiful cities with plenty to do, well worth seeing. Gleisdorf was tiny, maybe the size of Wymondham so maybe wasn''t worth staying over night but was OK for a day. Also met Budapest Canary and his young lad...[/quote] Obviously, didn''t make the game, just a tad too far for me. Can you give us some idea of how many NCFC supporters witnessed CH''s first game in charge and what you thought of the two squads in each half on the day. Who performed who struggled etc? Cheers [/quote]   I would say no more than 40-45 max Norwich fans. Maybe 130 total attendance. Definitely outnumbered by Berlin fans. There were dozens of jobsworth stewards in the bar with us having a beer!  Credit to Colin Calderwood for coming up to us and having a chat. Maybe a bit unfair to judge players on 45 minutes in the first friendly but James Vaughan was definitely the stand out player. Looked very sharp and useful. Couldn''t really say anyone else had a good game to be honest, just an energetic kick about, no more than that...  
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