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  1. I don''t think you''ll have any problems going even if you don''t change the ticket. My granddad used to come along on my little brother''s season ticket, no one ever asked why a man in his 60s had an Under 16s ticket.
  2. I thought we looked very naive at times, but then that''s to be expected with an inexperienced squad. We need to take the positives and learn from the experience. I think we''ll be fine once we get going.
  3. My mate''s a Wigan fan who went to the game today, he said he thought we were good going forward but looked shocking at the back. Also he thought Hoolahan was very impressive.
  4. We don''t have to match this top talent though. People go on about how the players are going to cope against Fabergas, Rooney, Drogba, Saurez etc. etc. but these players are world class or close to it and even the best players in the world struggle to deal with them. What we have to do is to be able to deal with the players in the mid table and lower teams, we have to accept that we''re not going to be picking up a lot of points against the top 6 but I feel our squad is good enough to get points against the rest and in doing so take points from our rivals.
  5. Clues: The right back and the right centre back played the majority of their games in other positions.
  6. I would''ve liked to see an old hand brought in as back up for Ruddy, not only to prevent a similar situation to ''95 but it would also have allowed Rudd a season out on loan in the Championship or in League 1, which has to be better than him sitting on the bench playing the odd reserve game.
  7. Lansbury has been handed the number 12 shirt at Arsenal, suggests he might be in Wenger''s plans.
  8. I agree with the previous posters. I''m at uni and can''t make games so rely on Canaries Player for radio commentary. For that it''s worth it, if you''re in Norfolk or regularly attending games then I''d say it isn''t
  9. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="Crofts Number 1 Wizard"]I think a player was unveiled before but under Doomcaster anything was possible (except signing a player in June).[/quote]I think you''ve done it again CN1W. If Doncaster never signed players in June, how could one be unveiled at the Norfolk show...which is always in June? [:D][/quote] Sometimes it''s creeps into the first day of July.
  10. I''m a member of a fairly large football website, and a few years ago we were warned about using football league logos on the website. This prompted a letter writing campaign looking to secure permission from all the clubs about using the logos, many clubs said they would be fine with it, the website wasn''t making any money out of it so they saw no problem. Neil Doncaster refused permission, stating that it would damage the club''s reputation to have it''s logo affiliated with unofficial opinions. So it''s not just big, bad McNally who ''protects'' the club''s image rights. (Just for reference Ipswich did grant the website image rights)
  11. I put a £1 on it a couple of weeks ago, got 15,000/1. Stranger things have happen.
  12. Morison is the sort of player we need to gamble on, even if he doesn''t cut it in the prem we''ve still had a decent deal. If we stay up we sell him back down, making only a slight loss, if we go down we have a proven championship striker. And if he does make it in the prem we can keep him or his price will have no doubt doubled. It''s a very good gamble to take in my opinion.
  13. £2.5m is quite cheap when you consider that Liverpool want £8m for N''Gog (http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-fc/liverpool-fc-news/2011/05/27/liverpool-fc-david-ngog-can-go-but-only-for-8m-100252-28775444/)
  14. [quote user="ncfcfan"][quote user="First Wizard"]Rather have Gradel myself.[/quote]Same.Leeds fans feel Snodgrass is too inconsistent, while Gradel has been a revelation this season for them, playing either left wing, right wing or upfront. [/quote] That just shows how opinions differ, the Leeds fans I know all say that Gradel does the flashy things that gets him notice but the real star of their team is Snodgrass
  15. It would make sense if we did have scouts in Scandinavia, if I''m correct then the Scandinavian leagues are summer leagues (?) and therefore it just makes sense to have scouts out there for a few games whilst most of europe is off on holiday.
  16. I always subscribe if I''m out when a game is on, then unsubscribe afterwards. They fulfill a need quite well in my opinion
  17. 17th is obviously the minimum aim, as long as we survive we''ve had a good season and can build. I personally think we''ll finish 15th. We''ll start well, before falling away and looking like we''re set for a relegation battle, but pick up toward the end and although not finishing much above the relegation places never being in any serious danger of relegation.
  18. I can''t see Boro winning at Cardiff, I can see them nicking a point though and at the end of the day that might just be enough.
  19. I think it all depends on how much the players know is going on and how they are as individuals. I was very confident of a result before all this and after all this there is more of a desire to absolutely batter them, if all the players are like this rather than thinking ''they can''t get a proper team together this is going to be easy'' then we should be fine. I think Lambert is going to have them fired up and out to teach Doncaster a lesson for having the cheek to try and get this game off
  20. @ The Great Drinkell - Doncaster have 7 first team players out and have very little strength in depth, hence the poor run of form
  21. I lost mine a couple of years ago, realised when I got to the station and ran back. It hadn''t been handed in but the stewards let me back into a now empty carrow road to look around my seat for it. And whilst I was doing that someone had handed it in.
  22. I agree with Morty, I think it''s best spent now but I wouldn''t be too desperate to spend it. No harm in trying to find the right man for the final push, it could well be the difference between Prem and Championship
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