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  1. Now now boys, play fair.  I can just picture the scene, as the mist clears from a deserted platform on a cold frosty Leicester morning.  Will it be pistols?...... Will it be swords? or will Arfur just start swinging his rattle. (If you''re that old Arf you must still have one of those wooden contraptions painted bright yellow and green?) So what if we didn''t manage to spend any money.  No point paying for second class is there, we all saw where that got Granty.  As I recall Glenn made a few offers and got knocked back, and didn''t he say publicly that he offered the asking price for Tiny and Brum said no? Now before anyone challenges me to a duel, I realise that we are all entitled to our own opinions, but mine is that Glenn is biding his time and playing the long game (not long ball thank god). Why spend for spendings sake just to make players permanent, at over inflated prices.  I''m sure if he''d found a player he wanted at a price he deemed fair then he would have gone and got him, WITH the boards backing.  That, however, was not the case, so he''s brought in some quality loan players to shore up a rather thin squad and create competition for places.  Is it just me or does that seem to be working rather well?  Ok, so they''re not for sale at the end of the season (well, not unless they all fall for some lovely Narfolk lasses and demand to stay) but at least by then we''ll hopefully have continued the good form and be more than safe.  And, what if we do continue the good form, what if we do make the play off''s and what if, heaven forbid, we actually get promoted??? Won''t the dear old premier league give us some dosh?  Bet the pessimists won''t like that one little bit [:P]
  2. Thank you Mozzaman and CID,  I was about to run screaming for the hills!
  3. Let''s all hope that hitting 3, regardless of the quality of the opposition, will restore his confidence.  It can''t have been easy for a young lad to have to read the comments about him in the media recently.  Goal scorers thrive on confidence and when they''re not going in nothing seems to help, ask Curo. I think we have seen that Martin has a certain amount of class about him, maybe it''s just the criticism that has made him doubt himself, and maybe this hat trick will go some way to removing that self doubt, together with a recall to the bench on Saturday?  Martin or Hucks on the bench, if no loan comes in? There''s a conundrum.[^o)]
  4. There I go getting it wrong again. Someone will have to explain the "rules" for me. Just trying to have a say like everyone else.
  5. Oooops, I do apologize. I didn''t realise it was only a select few allowed to have voice their opinions on here. Silly me.[*-)]
  6. For many years this site has sometimes been my link with events "back home", a vital lifeline when other means are not available. It saw me through the elation of the Championship winning season from afar (gutted to miss it live) right up to the lows of the start of this season. I have always read the forums and agreed, disagreed, laughed and frowned and the many posts, some very insightful and some downright ludicrous, but never before have I felt the need to voice my opinion, until now. This, on two subjects which seem to have taken pride of place recently. Firstly, Darren Huckerby.  I simply cannot believe some of the comments directed at our Darren from some "fans" on this forum. At the very least this man deserves our utmost loyalty and respect in exactly the same measure as he has shown to the club and the fans! If anyone doubts, or is unaware of, the massive contrbution Darren has made to Norwich City football club then I suggest that they are not real supporters, or have just not been paying very close attention. He has, for a very long time, been the heart of this team. Some have suggested that he is arrogant for suggesting that he has carried the team.  Well guess what? At times he bloody well has! And just think exactly where we might be right now had we not had him. I am not the manager and I do not pick the team, but I see I''m not alone in wishing that I''d seen the number 6 shirt warming up during the second half on Saturday. So perhaps Glenn Roeder hasn''t picked him recently. I would hazard a guess that this may well be something to do with his one winger policy and the fact that Crofty has been playing rather well and the fact that Hucks has been, and is probably still, carrying an injury.  For anyone to suggest that he is not the player he used to be, over the hill, or (unbelievably) too slow, beggars belief.  Every player has a drop in form now and then especially once injured and perhaps Darren is suffering a little at the moment but I firmly believe, and I suspect Mr Roeder knows, that he will do as he has done before and put in such performances that will ram his critics words very firmly back down their throats.  I wonder how many of those critics who want him out now will be singing his praises again? Which brings us to the good Mr Roeder himself.  Wake up and smell the roses people!!! And right now it is smelling of roses at Carrow Road.  Why all the doom and gloom?  I don''t know about you but I''m getting very sick and tired of the miserable brigade, especially the "oh, if we do well someone will notice and come along and nick our manager"!!! Oh FFS !! Tell you what, shall we start losing a few just to throw them off the scent?  I, for one, would like to think that a man of Glenn''s calibre will want to stick around and finish what he''s started and not be tempted by the lure of big bucks.  I''ve also read for the last few weeks about his lack of nous in the transfer market and how some "armchair managers" could have done much better.  Well he seems to be doing ok from where I''m sitting (much more comfortably than I was a couple of months ago) don''t you think? He seems to be a man with a plan, a definite way of doing things and a view of the future and, personally, I will be getting right behind him and giving him, and the club, all the support I can muster (even if he doesn''t pick Darren[;)]) OTBC
  7. Thank heaven someone (Coelho) is talking some sense! Has everyone gone PC mad? The comment about the "hat" is by no means racist just because the poster doesn''t know the correct term for the garment. He was merely making a quip about the ref''s apparent inability to see correctly. I believe the web team is spot on. No wonder they''re monitoring the thread though, in case the PC brigade find something else to blow up about. Now, about that dodgy linesman on the jarrold side ...................................
  8. "You''re Cr*p,  you are, and you look like Panesar ..... referee ..... referee" I was dying to get up and sing it but I''m a little shy[:$]. Personally I thought he was diabolical but still not as bad as the linesman on the Jarold side who, as someone quite rightly pointed out, hadn''t quite got to grips with the offside law!!
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