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  1. Taking the ball from RvW for the penalty and compounding it by hitting the softest penalty seen at FCR for years is the last nail in his coffin as far as I''m concerned. The sheer arrogance of the man is unbelievable. He did the same with the free kick last week when he told Pilks to F off and then hit his usual pathetic waist high effort into the wall. It would perhaps be acceptable if he was backing it up with good performances around the park but, let''s face it, he isn''t! His crossing is woeful as are his pathetic attempts to "win" free kicks. I would not be at all surprised to discover that the stroppy Jock is a bad influence in the dressing room. Quite how Mr Hughton cannot see what, to most of us, is quite obvious is beyond me but maybe speaks volumes about the manager that he is. Who is supposed to be running things at Colney, Hughton or Snodgrass? Maybe if CH could steal some of Snodgrass''s arrogance it would be a good thing for all concerned.
  2. [quote user="Mr Angry"]Scooby (and Purple) the Levadia odds are up now, 1/12 for a home win, are you going with that?[/quote] Thanks Mr A and Purple. Now the odds are up (should''ve checked doh!) I''m going to stick with my pick. Oh and Nutty, forgot to mention, I''m ok for the 5th.
  3. I''m going to go back to Estonia this weekend, always entertaining, and a home win for Levadia Tallinn. They''re top with a 13-1-0 record and will hopefully be too strong for Tallinna Kalev who are 3-2-9 away. As for the Norwich bet, I haven''t a clue as I don''t gamble. Apart from supporting our beloved Canaries which is pretty much gambling with your sanity every Saturday. Good luck all,
  4. [quote user="The Great Mass Debater"]I dont think Garrido has done much wrong. if they were getting a lot of joy down that wing it is probably because Nathan Redmond doesnt provide a whole lot of cover on that side. Matchwinner against Southampton but for me at fault for Coleman''s and Sigurdsson''s second goal by allowing his man far too much freedom. If Garrido is being blamed then solidity on this side seems to be the concern. It would probably be better to consider a flank of Olsson and Garrido. Neither clueless on the offensive, but would be far more solid. Think Redmond might need a break. Hughton says he doesnt want him to play a full season at his age, though Pilks would be the obvious choice. With Snoddy looking off his best though, mayber we should play Olsson and Garrido on the left and Pilks on the right [/quote] Exactly !! Thank The Lord someone can see it too. Olsson is good going forward and, pre-season against the Greeks, he and Garrido worked very well together. Snodders needs to sit this one out, as does BJ, so I''d go with Tettey, Fer, Pilks and Olsson with Hooper behind RvW. Wes to come on for Hoops if needed. My biggest fear is CH''s apparent love in with the ex Leeds boys. Snodders and BJ can do no wrong and Jonny H seems to come off the bench in any position Hughton requires.
  5. "Norwich was down 2-nill" ? I''ve never heard an American use this obvious grammatical error. Only less educated people from this side of the pond. Another clue perhaps as to the identity of our ''colonial cousin''?
  6. [quote user="Reggie Strayshun"]Deffo NOT a red card for me. The ref called it right with a yellow.[/quote] Reggie, sorry I should''ve put the question differently. I want to know if it SHOULD ( by the letter of the law) have been a red card. I thought, perhaps mistakenly, that a deliberate handball by the keeper should be Red. I didn''t watch MOTD as I''d already seen the game and Shearers ''opinion'' doesn''t mean much to me. If Bunn''s was red then surely that was red.
  7. Sorry if there is another mention somewhere, I couldn''t find it, but surely their keeper should have gone! A deliberate handball outside the area is a red card, is it not? If it wasn''t outside, no free kick. If it was outside, Red card. There is no yellow card alternative. It''s either free kick and red or no free kick. Simples, no? Am I wrong? Maybe a ref on here could tell me. I mean, didn''t Bunn get sent off for the exact same thing? Big club, no bottle methinks.
  8. I''m afraid I''m going to have to agree with this one. 15mins to go (ish), you''re 2-0 down and want to get back in the game. Do you a) bring on a defensive midfielder to try and keep the score line down or b) bring on a striker that you''ve paid £5 mil for and try and get back in the game? Do you a) take off a winger who is clearly out of form or b) take off your fastest winger who is full of confidence on the back of a debut goal? What would you all do ?
  9. [quote user="i''m spartacus". this is obviously some regular on a wind up. quote] Yup
  10. [quote user="Chunky Norwich"]Or maybe it''s just time to start playing him on the left? So he can actually start crossing and playing the ball into the danger areas with the foot he actually uses? With regard to his ''poor'' set-plays he scored the most freekicks in the Premier League last season since Ronaldo.[/quote] I wish people would stop harping on about LAST bloody season!! THIS season he has been awful!! Yesterday, as he told Pilks to ''f'' off, we sat saying ''into the wall again mate?'' Sure enough, he didn''t disappoint. EVERY BLOODY TIME FFS!! Hughton should ban him from taking them. And the refs have sussed out his diving, it''s embarrasing. It is definitely time for him to go. Redmond on the right, Pilks on the left next week.
  11. I''m off to sunny Spain this week and a home win for Barcelona please.
  12. Lol. I bow to your greater wisdom my friend. Song writing is definitely not my niche and definitely seems to be yours. Keep up the great work and I hope to be singing along with your rendition at FCR soon.
  13. [quote user="Houston Canary"]I thought this was a thread dedicated to something about regular contributor and possessor of sharp wit Joanne Grey. As for our striker, I''m sure he''d be as happy being called Ellen as he is Joanne. .[/quote] Lol
  14. Isaac. I have just posed the question to Mr McNally on the clubs Facebook page for his Q and A on Tuesday. I see that someone called Luke has already posted the link too. Get your friends to put the question to him as well. The more you get the more chance of the question beig asked. And to all you pink in posters out there who have supported this thread, get posting on the NCFC Facebook page too. Oh, and Isaac. What did you think about someone''s suggestion of the slight rewrite with Legends names instead of the current squad? I would be interested to hear your thoughts.
  15. If you do I will. The more people that ask the better tha chance. Come on guys and girls, let''s all get typing!!
  16. Couldn''t agree more LDC. There is a certain amount of "rose coloured spectacles" where our Snodders is concerned. One can''t help but think that if we got better quality into the box then RVW, Elmander and Hooper would score a hatful this season.
  17. What, pray tell, is a ''''tweet'''' ?
  18. OK I''ll bite Jimmy. The goal scorer was not our Dave Watson. The player referred to is Kevin Reeves.
  19. Ukraine to win at home vs San Marino for me please. Good luck Beau. The odds may not be great this week but it''s a good chance to pick up a valuable win with all the minnows about.
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