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  1. [quote user="Desert Fox"]There are some really encouraging signs that our central midfield three are starting to gel and no longer look frightened rabbits with the ball. We were outclasssed by better players today, but we were never overurn or bullied into our own half like we were at Spurs.However, a major area of frustration is that when we get the ball out wide, our widemen (I wont call them wingers) repeatedly seek to cut inside. This slows down the attack and means that we seldom get to the byeline. Defenders know what to expect when they play us. Also, said wingers have got to learn to look for the forward in the box rather than constantly trying to score themselves. Both Wolf and Hoops have come in for criticism, but if you look at their movement and positioning, they are often in the right place in the box and in space, but the ball is never squared to them. We had sveral great opportunities today where our players were simply being too selfish and werent looking for the simple sqaure ball to the free man.Please please Mr Hughton, I have three requests:1. Can we have a right footed winger playing on the right and and a left footed winger on the left. 2. Can we practice passing to each other in the final third. 3. Can we consider picking players on form and not giving a player is so patently out of form 90 minutes every week. Yes, I realise that Eliiot Bennett is injured, but there are other options.Otherwise, despite the scoreline today, we are miles better than some of the earlier dross and there are signs of improvement. Our season wont balance on the likes of Arsenal, and if we make a few changes, I really can see us winning our next three home games and being mid-table.[/quote] Now tell us something we don''t already know.
  2. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]We are not cut adrift at the foot of the table like Sunderland or Palace. We are in the same situation as clubs like West Ham, Stoke and Fulham. The main concern has to be our inability to create decent attacking plays.[/quote] Not to mention shipping shed loads ????
  3. Nice and early for me this week, and I''m off to the land of the garlic eating surrender monkeys and PSG vs Bastia. Hoping for a hat full from Zlatan and Eddie and a home win for Paris. Good luck NWC and all.
  4. [quote user="QHcanary"]This is a cracking game, but that first half shows how open and susceptible to the counter attack a team can become when they throw so much forward in attack. Poland could/should have scored, but England could easily have had 2 or 3. You have to love the way Townsend plays. Much like our Nathan.[/quote] 2 or 3 ??!! More like 5 or 6 if Sturridge and Wellbeck would stop fannying around. Baines has obviously been ordered to stay back 2nd half, no threat at all down the left which was where our best attacks were coming from 1st half.
  5. Going to have to be Spain to win at home for me please. Good luck all.
  6. [quote user="snake-eyes"]I think you will find pretty much every team sends there big defenders up for corners Tom. We were no more exposed at the back than at any other time in the game, or previous games, at that corner. This was not a tactical failure, but a human error from a player who had been excellent all game! It was a mistake. They happen no matter what tactics were or are employed. Snake [/quote] This. What he said. I agree. etc etc
  7. Jesus!! Ba was all over him, twice jumping straight into him when he had both hands on the ball and the pathetic ref did nothing. Ba had complete freedom to elbow, foul, and dive whenever he wanted and the ref did diddly squat as bloody usual.
  8. Unfortunately Shyster your logic is flawed. At the time of my picking Wolfsburg were the fourth most popular choice by our dear old pink un chums, ergo I would have had to have picked them anyway. Oh dear. Now, one would have thought that an old hand like yourself would have known that the usual arguments are put aside on this particular thread for a worthy cause. Apparently you have neither the wit nor the intelligence to realise this. Therefore, you may go and stick your head up a dead bears bum. I apologise Nutty and all fellow pups for my profanity.
  9. That''s just chuffin typical isn''t it. Bottom of the league, can''t buy a point and they go and win 2-0 away. Brownsh1te are now officially my least favourite Jaremuns :-( Sorry chaps and chapesses.
  10. Ok pickers, here we go. At this moment I have had well over 20 different picks from you lovely lot from around 40 different pickers which is a fantastic effort so thank you all. So, after much deliberation, many ''thank you but i can''t pick them all'' and even the odd ''are you serious?'' I have decided to go with the following six. LIVERPOOL v Palace Home win. As much as I hate them I just can''t see this not happening; (Hissing Sid, Mr Chops, Gravy, CTID, DDD and NWC) OLYMPIACOS v Viera Home win (CD Mullins, Trent, Meth) BARCELONA v Valladolid Home win (Chelle, Vindo, Twidio, Cosmic) WOLFSBURG v Braunschweig Home win (Inchy, Mandie Moo, Ginge) PSV EINDHOVEN v RKC Waalwijk Home win (Tilly, Gregt) This one''s my pick for the record Nutty. BOTEV PLOVDIV v Neftohimik Home win (Purple) Loved this one Purple. I was sorely tempted by QPR who many of you picked but I''ve always thought Barnsley are very unpredictable and can beat anyone on their day (and we all know who''s there now), and Hector, I nearly went for your Hyde hiding until I noticed that they''ve lost a lot of games only by the odd goal, and they only need a lucky draw to screw us over. Very tempting though and a good spot. So there ya go guys and girls. It''s now fingers crossed time. Good luck everyone!
  11. Thanks Nutty and hi guys and girls! There seems to be a great many picks to choose from already but keep ''em coming, I need as much help as you all can give me. I''ll do my level best to make it another win following on from Vindo''s great win last week. Just glad I''m not in charge of the Norwich bet as I haven''t a clue about betting! ( so stop scaring me Tilly). Good luck with that one Splutchco. So keep picking and I''ll make my selections some time on Friday PM.
  12. Well Nutty, I''ve been so busy that I''ve completely forgotten to post this week. Can I still pick one from tomorrow? If so I''ll have a home win for Debreceni in the Hungarian 1st league. I humbly apologise for not assisting my fellow pups this week. Let''s hope I don''t forget next week !!
  13. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="Scooby"]Why are people suggesting Martin at CB when Ryan Bennett is fit? I think Bennett is fast developing into a quality CB and deserves his place with Seb out. . [/quote] If Ryan Bennett was that good then why didn''t he start the season when Bassong was out? I know Martin is club captain and does a decent job there but if Bennett was such an outstanding prospect then surely it''d be a no brainer? He gets a bit over-hyped. [/quote] For most yes, but not our CH. I doubt you''ll see a team without Seb or Russ in it for a while.
  14. With Redmond on the right as I, and others, have been saying. A quality cross for Hooper''s 1st and still able to cut back in when necessary, as he did when teeing up Murphy for his goal. 2 assists for Redders. More of this on Saturday please CH, with Pilks on the left?
  15. snake-eyes wrote the following post at 26/09/2013 10:25 AM: I completely disagree that there is an overreaction to Snoddy! He was a disgrace on Saturday, selfish and highly unprofessional. Not just for the pen but his antics on the pitch, which have been going on for some time, are an embarassment. I admit I don''t like him. He has ability and had a half decent season last season, but the more I watch him the more angry I get. He just does not fit the profile of a team player and although I welcome individuals in a team, they have to be that good to hold their place. Snoddy is good, but not that good! If he is not benched it says to me that CH believes him to be untouchable. That is a very dangerous precedence to make! No one player can be bigger than the team. Imagine that Snoddy plays with RvW on the bench. No matter how much you can argue it is tactical, it would ultimately show a distinct lack of respect to RvW. Act professionally and you still get benched, act like a moron and you still play! I know RvW may not start on the weekend and I would understand that, but Snoddy should not either. This is no overreaction, it is about discipline, professionalism and accountability. Snake SPOT ON SNAKE !!
  16. Why are people suggesting Martin at CB when Ryan Bennett is fit? I think Bennett is fast developing into a quality CB and deserves his place with Seb out. If we''re going to go for the win then Hooper should start in the hole, where he played Tuesday night, although I doubt very much that will happen. Bye bye Snoddy for me too. He let the team down on Saturday and should be dropped until he learns that the team does not revolve around him. I''d like to see: Ruddy Whittaker - Turner - Bennett - Olsson Redmond (yes, on the right!!) Fer - Tettey - Pilks Hooper RvW We''re going to see: Ruddy Martin - Turner - Bennett - Garrido Johnson - Fer Snodgrass - Howson - Redmond RvW Murphy should be on the bench. He''s earned it. If Sterling is good enough to play for the Scousers then Murphy is certainly good enough too. Send him out on loan??? F Off.
  17. [quote user="peateabee"]Firstly I would like to see Olsson given a run at left back. Secondly I would start with Van Wolfswinkel upfront as I wonder if starting after 120 mins might be too much for Hooper at the weekend. He may not b quite as sharp with his exertions and we could do with starting quickly at the weekend. Also I would expect the Wolf to be ready to go now he''s seen the competition score a couple. Having said that i can see why others would think differently. Then personally I think that Hoolahan is the player in our squad who is most capable of playing that role as a link man behind the striker. As we all know he can be very up and down, but I think I would start with him and give him a decent chance, as having a Hoolahan on form could really help us at the moment. See how that goes then if we go behind or need more goal threat on the pitch you could bring Hooper on, or if Wes is having one of his off-days I would bring on Snodgrass or Murphy and have him, Plikington and Redmond as a fairly fluid three behind the striker, with Pilkington or Snodgrass tending to be the more central one. I''m already looking forward to it actually, I''m sensing it could be a big game for us one way or another.[/quote] That''s actually a very good post. I agree.
  18. [quote user="Wolf"]You interst would appear more genuine if you spelled his name correctly.[/quote] DOH !!!
  19. [quote user="Fleck@Millwall" Yes they are thinking although I think a review before the international break would be where anything happened. I want him out but love him and wish he would change but I fear he won''t and I seriously doubt survival. The Mac is awfully quiet on Twitter these days. A case of baton down the hatches. Whatever your opinion on the merits one way or the other that''s the beauty of the sport and following our club so each opinion is valid and debate is good. As for the Mirror report, it''s just reflecting the betting odds and the growing feelings of supporters and maybe their contacts are whispering things....... /quote] You''re going to throw a Majorette''s weapon of choice down a hatch? How is that going to help?
  20. Walsh on ssn. Hoolahan playing superbly and Hooper looking very frustrated because he''s not getting the service. Who''da thunk it?
  21. [quote user="lincoln canary"][quote user="HoltsDerbyDayHattrick"]A very good and offensive team. Hopefully we will get the win.[/quote] I''m sorry but have I missed something? A left back playing left wing, two very defensive centre midfielders and one up front. How is this very offensive?[/quote] Was about to say exactly the same.
  22. The question for me revolves around the last 2 games of last season. Did CH tell the team to go out and play like that or did the lads ignore his instructions and do it themselves (if you get what I mean). If it is the former then it proves that he can do it and the question is why the hell is he not doing it now. If it is the latter then it proves that the players can do it and, by ignoring his instructions, he has indeed ''lost the dressing room'' and needs to go before any more damage is done.
  23. Quote Baracouda : To be fair to Hughton, he''s recognised that the last few weeks we have been poor with the ball particularly when Johnson/Tettey played together. He wanted to see what Howson/Fer arguably the two best footballers [with the ball] we have who play that position. and to be fair, we created a reasonably amount of goal mouth action. Arguably?? Yeah. I''d argue with that. Howson? Please give me a break. Back to the subject, I''d play Tettey and Fer with Hooly in front of them. Pilks and Redders out wide. But CH''s love in with the Leeds boys will see that BJ, Howson and Snodders will start most games.
  24. Turning on him a little bit Jas???? Arrogant little sh1t can F off back to Leeds now!! Thinks he''s bigger than the team.
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