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  1. Having just read Hucks comments in the EDP, I think that many posters need to really reassess their criticisms that have been aimed at him. He has been loyal and has provided us with some of the most entertaining moments on the pitch over the last few years. Yes, he is getting to the end of his career, but we should really be celebrating what he has done for this club, not complaining about him!.Hucks came here despite his agents best attempts to sabotage the move, he has been a man of his word throughout his time here and continues to score and assist vital goals for us, As he says there have been many players that have picked up easy money then left the club with no sense of loyalty or responsibility for the club. Hucks has never done this, why are some so driven to put down the one person in the club who has never let the fans down?I cannot understand those who feel that he is to blame for any of the problems we have endured over the last 2 years. Those who call for his head are embarrasing to the club, other clubs would call for him to be honoured by the club. Today he has not ruled out a contract extension. I for one really believe that he still has a vital role to play at the club.Before knee jerk reacting to this post please just consider how justified your critisisms of him really are.
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