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  1. [quote user="Blackburn Jamesy"]Def not a QPR fan. If he goes for 10m I will be over the moon. I have heard 6m mentioned. I dont expect anything other than abuse. Have a good season guys[/quote]   I know he is under 24 so there would be compensation but that seems an awful lot for an out of contract player
  2. On Sky website now.   http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,26691,16514,00.html
  3. Or maybe we are waiting for Russell to move on to pastures new to free up the wages and cash for signing on fee
  4. Probably been mentioned before but what about the 3 ex spurs youngsters, and the CB. Have they gone to Scotland, or just gone?
  5. At least Parkinson will confirm he has spoken to him, rather than Gunn''s We know he''s out of contract - one of a number of players out of contract - but I think he''s been mentioned in connection with quite a few teams.”
  6. Another released from down the road. Would he be worth considering as competition for Drury? Did well at Southend last year
  7. Seriously hope not.  Mentioned this rumour to a Coventry supporting friend who says we can have him for nothing as he goes AWOL for at least 10 minutes a game
  8. If Cullum purchased £20m of new shares how would that work in respect to the percentage he would own without having to make a full offer for the club?
  9. I once had to sit with the ipswich supports at Carrow Road.  If my memory serves me correctly it was the FA Cup match in the 1982-83 season.  I think that John Wark put over the bar from about a yard out and I had to feign disappointment whilst secretly cheering.  But as I wasn''t very old it may have even been somehow the other way round.   I have also sat in with the Forest supporters a couple of times just before the promotion season as my wife''s cousin had a season ticket there that he donated to me for the matches
  10. About 15mins ago the BBC was saying that Stockport''s offer had been accepted and he was unlikely to play tonight, but now the are reporting that we have also put in an offer for him and it is unclear whether he will play. 
  11. Not having seen the what was in cityangels email the point about even if he had offered £56m she wouldn''t sell would indicate that he has not made such an offer, and so what has he offered?  The worrying thing is that being a long time browser I would also trust what cityangel says I am still firmly on the fence with this, I would love nothing more than for Cullum to plough his hard earned into the club, but only if the deal was right. 
  12. No, not with the lack of full details on what the offer was
  13. Surely for the past few games we have only had 3 loanee''s playing so if 2 first teamers get injured then we will be able to replace them with 2 loan signings without breaking any rules. 
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