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  1. You really can''t disagree with what Jas is saying. The fact is we have not bought anyone & as such we have shown yet again we have no ambition ( or money?). How can signing players on loan help us build a team? Most of them aren''t for sale & come the end of the season they will be going back to their Premier league clubs anyway. So are we becoming some kind of feeder club? Jas is right, if these load players do play well they could end up going somewhere else anyway. Have we got the funds to keep them? I doubt it. So what could we end up with - nothing. The summer comes & we have to start all over again.And we will have an even smaller squad because Hucks & Dion will both be gone.Why are we waiting to start the rebuilding then? Sure the rubbish has been shipped out but we still have plenty of football to play this season - haven''t we? Can we really expect GR to make 6 or more signings in the summer when we haven''t made one during Jan? I for one am struggling to understand where our club is going.  
  2. I didn''t make the Leicester game and accept that was all one way traffic. And I am aware that we should be pleased with the way we have dug in for a change. But last night they had 26 chances with 4 on target, so lets face it if they were half decent it would have been a cricket score. Yes the possession was equal but we simply did not do anything with it. Anyway I am delighted we have scraped 3 points when earlier in the season we would have lost heavily, so I ain''t going to moan. But lets not kid ourselves there''s along way to go. Let us hope we sign a striker because last night we started with a soon to be retired player & soon to be returned to their club striker, and we all know Cureton aint the same player as last year. Fingers crossed.
  3. Just a few points about the game last night before people get carried away. Yes we got 3 points but it was daylight robbery & unless we strengthen the squad then we are going to be found out. I cannot remember such a one sided game & clearly the Saints left their shooting boots at home. We could have easily lost by 3 or 4 goals as their finishing was comical whilst our goal led a charmed life. I could be positive and say we held out & didn''t collapse like in previous games, but really we were so so fortunate to get anything out of that game. Let us all hope that GR has a master plan & come Thursday night there are some decent new faces at Carrow rd. You really cannot build a team on loan players, it simply does not work long term. I fear the second half of the season is going to be very long...  
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