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  1. I would not have asked to relocate if i hadn''t noticed minimum of 20 seats in the away end.I also accept swearing in a general context but not some idiot not even looking at the pitch who would rather shout abuse at someone for standing up when a goal went in, i actually think he was with an orient fan anyway so where should they sit?I was quite happy to sit where my ticket was after speaking with a steward at the start but not so happy after the foul abuse. I can actually watch a game calmly thanks which is why i took my son to the so called family stand.As for my parking, 2 feet the other side of the lowered curb was a brick wall so i don''t think that''s someones drive and maybe its you who is the c***

  2. What a joke, couldn''t get a ticket in away end so had to settle for North stand with my 6 year old son. Tried to relocate before kick off but the steward said away end was full and no chance.Orient score bad start, then we make it 1-1 and two blokes next to me give a slight cheer, queue the wannabe reggie kray or whichever one was gay to start hurling the C word at them for 10 minutes with no response. He then gave up and ran and got a steward to eject them the twat after which they left the ground quietly.Half time comes, i find head of security and tell them my son does not like hearing the C word and is scared to cheer pleading to be moved the 8 feet across to the 10 or so spare seats in the Norwich end by the corner flag. You can guess the response.Second half starts and 1 person yelled constant abuse at Forster, i looked round after 10 minutes and the phrase glass houses came to mind, he looked like he had fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.Sat quietly through rest of second half and then headed back to my car with a parking ticket for parking next to a low curb.
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