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  1. Great post, very true. What about Wes? I think he sees Norwich as his club and is happy here - there always used to be rumours about him leaving but he''s stuck with us for a good few years now despite relegation and not always being in the starting XI. It''s true, as the OP says it makes us feel a whole lot better to think of the loyal servants, like Drury too, who like the area and the club and are happy to stay.
  2. Reply to Shankslad: Good post - as you say the challenge for both clubs is next season, so if both get their managerial appointments right then they could hit the ground running in August - new manager syndrome or whatever it''s called! What we''ll never know is how Lambert and Rodgers would have fared had they stayed for a second season.
  3. I think the comments about the situation not being resolved by the time of the testimonial are extremely one sided. Just because the contract wasn''t done and dusted by the Tuesday after talks on the Monday night, MacNally, according to Payne had ''hung Grant out to dry''. But who was it who initially slapped down a transfer request a few days before the testimonial? I think blaming DM for not getting it sorted in such a tight time frame when other people were out of contract and needed their situations resolving is a bit rich to say the least. Why didn''t he wait till after the testimonial, then, if his agent is to be believed, the situation may still be ok?before
  4. It''s definitely better timing to be looking for a new manager now than half way through the season. Also if you have a manager and/or player(s) who are unhappy, it needs sorting out, otherwise results would be poor and we''d be in the bottom three by Christmas. Not sure about this second season syndrome - but first season syndrome definitely exists if you think back to 2004-5! So at least we''ve got past that!
  5. It''s shocking news about Petrov''s illness and i don''t think that has had anything to do with it - that wasn''t what i implied. I think Lambert and Petrov are old friends and it is understandable that he would want to go to a club where he has close personal friends. I don''t agree he was ''tapped up'' - he made his own mind up at some point. Not sure about the notice on the house - he may have been planning to move within the Norwich area for all we know - when you''re renting you often do.
  6. Petrov could have had a big part in persuading PL to go to Villa however.
  7. I''m pretty sure you were the first person to mention anything about Morison''s injury - no-one believed you then, until it came out in the press and your source was vindicated. Surprised no-one else remembers this.
  8. Yes I have read your posts before and know your source is genuine. Kind of confirms what we''ve been thinking. Just wish the Lambert situation could be sorted out sooner rather than later.
  9. Are any helicopters involved in Lambert staying, BW? (Just being silly!)
  10. Difficult to know. I think Culverhouse would be a great tactician if given the manager''s job. Depends how much he wants to be a number 1, some coaches seem to be happier being no.2 - Peter Grant springs to mind although his recent cv has hardly been blessed with success. Lee Clark obviously couldn''t wait to go it alone and escape the Rodent''s claws - couldn''t really blame him and harshly treated by Huddersfield subsequently. Bowen also happy as assistant, even when linked to Ncfc job in the past. I would be happy if Cully was boss as he is probably responsible for at least 50% of what Lambert has achieved. But I would be happier to keep the current set up for longer.  
  11. No wonder Villa have been flirting with relegation with those two there. Oh yes and mcleish too.
  12. I respect your opinion, Smooth, and yes if we got a better quality midfielder or two in you may be correct in saying Fox would be more of a fringe player. What I would disagree with is that this season in my opinion the team has generally been better with Fox in it. You mention the Everton game as being where the midfield finally got working, yet Fox did actually start this game. The game at Sunderland away was a disappointing 3-0 loss, Fox didn''t play at all, yet was recalled for the next two, both wins, Bolton (h) and Swansea (a). This was the start of the February to April run you mention as a bad one. I''m not sure - we lost 1-0 to Stoke and Newcastle away - no great disgrace in either case. We outplayed Man U (with Fox on the pitch the full 90) so I''m not sure it was that bad a run or that different to the rest of the season really.
  13. I would expect Fox to start against Liverpool as Lambert is bound to make changes after today''s result. Especially when you read his post-match comments. If you go to www.holtamania.com there is a lot of good analysis on why Fox needs to start every game. To replace him, or find another, better player for his role would be very expensive, and other areas of the squad need to be first priority with new signings.
  14. We are not safe mathematically but Blackburn and Wolves cannot catch us. If Wigan win all their 3 remaining games by 2 clear goals, and we lose all our remaining 3 by two clear goals, we still stay up at their expense as our GD would be -19 and theirs would be -20 Also if we tied on GD then goals scored must come into it? QPR would also have to win all 3 remaining games (as well as Wigan!) and Bolton need 4 wins and a draw as well as a massive swing in goal difference. What SSN must mean is that ''mathematically'' the chances of all that happening must be well over 1000 to 1 (a guess!)
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