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  1. I have been taking a back seat for while now. I am annoyed with the constant rubbish Wizard comes out with. With silly curses and cures. Be positive mate! How many teams have bought more than four players?Be grateful we have signed some! Everyone knows that 85% of the deals are completed on 1st day of the window and the last day of the window
  2. [quote user="James Maloney"][quote user="we8wba"] james - agree, brilliant bit other the top by me, but no one going to be able to get newcastle where keegan got them, remember he got them up from our league to top of premier, which i doubt will be done. people seem to remember him as being 12pts clear and blowing it. fair enough! but his hard work before hand is always forgotten. look how keegan stormed our league with mancity and was storming the league below with fulham. he is a very good manager, not world class as been proven on the bigger stages but he certainly a very shrewd manager in his time. i wonder if prem skipped him by now to be honest. if he tries to play attack attack attack vs likes of arsenal, well its going to be embarrasing  [/quote] Undoubtedly, with Keegan you get entertainment and attacking play.  I think you are right that they will take some lesser teams to the cleaners, but against the big boys they will either play the game Keegan likes, or try to defend - either way they''re damned really as Newcastle just aren''t good enough.  Look at how England played under Keegan to see how poorly he manages a side when his natural attacking instincts need to be reined in (Germany, last game at Wembley) or when he goes for broke (Portugal, EUro 2000) People will say we were 2-0 up after 15 minutes, but they will need to remember we lost 3-2.   [/quote] Woodgate is signing for Newcastle Utd
  3. Yes, you have read the title right! one of footballs biggest names could be joining before the end of the deadline! Bradley Wright-Phillips has been linked with 600k move to Norwich City
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