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  1. are you mad? why on earth would martin play infront of evans after saturday? duhh!  
  2. I agree, but can we try and make a new punchline up...i''m getting sick of reading sarcy comments about carl cort in asda same old same old. How about Hartson in WEIGHTrose.....
  3. I''m pretty confident he will eventually sign and think the question should be when and not if, but people saying "He''ll sign today"  are just waisting their own and everybody else''s time. It''ll happen when it happens and no one will have the foggiest until it does.
  4. Hi all, I might be be a new poster on here, but i''m sick of reading this sort of b*****s. Either back it up with a GENUINE source or don''t bother, mind up merchants!!!!!!
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