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  1. I dont post on here much as you could probably tell from the number of posts. However, I am a long time reader, and had to put my thoughts in on the banner idea, I LOVE IT!! But for the slogan how about: "Norwich City is our religion - Welcome to St Pauls cathedral - This is Carrow Road" What you think?
  2. Is it just me, or when I click the link and type,the answers do not correspond with the correct team/match. Without giving too much away, have we not seen this team very recently?   Pete, if you can get it sorted by 12pm when I''m on lunch that will be great!  
  3. Brilliant, just brilliant, could not help but laugh out loud! Hope we beat them lot on Sunday!
  4. I know I have no way of proving this, but I was one of those, and im 25 by the way! and yes me and my 4 mates are suffering a bit of a sore throat today! There were a group of other lads behind us to which made the numbers up a bit. The cans of John Smiths on the way I think helped, but created a great atmosphere to a terrific performance by the lads! Next away game we all attened again we will most probably do the same, but the again that will be Ipswich away!   Bryan Gunns Yellow Army! NCFC!
  5. On PS2, that patch has ashton included and most of the current squad, for PC version (my version) it has only included jonson and doherty, which is useless!! anyone know where i can get ashton for the pc cos i dont want to just make him up in the edit mode either.
  6. do we have a date for when this is scheduled to be published? Always a great read and gets you in the mood for the new season! i have quite a collection now dating back to 2000-01 season
  7. I was at the supporter forum when worthy said that mcveigh would be shown the door. Its just a shame cos he quit international football to try and concentrate on gaining a place in our team, so there was obviously some dedication there. but if we get bentley, and with our strikeforce he sadly does not have a place, and it makes sense to try and get some money for him, wasnt he a free from spurs anyway?  he hasnt done too bad considering David Pleat said he wouldnt make it   David Pleat knows as much about football as Howard Wilkinson does about mangaging the england team
  8. no doubt about it leon gives it his all, but his does run about like a headless chicken sometimes, he is not good enough for the premiership im afraid. Look at how far he has come over the past couple of years - Div 2 to the Prem it is a massive jump maybe it was all a bit too quick for him.
  9. I agree with what was said earlier. At the start of the season it was ok cos were were playing well so we thought we could turn it around, but now its becoming a bit of a joke. I still think we have a miniscule chance of survival, i will not be defeated until its mathematically impossible for us to stay up. I must admit though that i have enjoyed travelling to grounds like old trafford, anfield and stamford bridge.( before the backlash begins i also went to wba and birmingham so i dont just go to the ''big'' grounds) Sometimes i have been in awe of such class players at the fortress and away from home, lampard at the bridge being one example, i had just wished that it wasnt against my team though. If we lose on saturday, bring on a trip to elland road next year! Keep the Faith, OTBC
  10. anyone know that site where there was some bloke going around taking pics of people during the title presentation? he was giving out cards with the site addy on, what is this site?
  11. we have signed graham stuart from charlton till the end of the season. He must have been down on our shopping list a bit i think, but he always shows grit and determination so hopefully he can get stuck in there. with him and damo in midfield should be quite formidable..
  12. well jon, we dont have another game at the weekend, our next one is everton on the 2nd. Worthy would want the team to keep up their fitness levels. I would also go as far to say that there will probable be an in-house match between our first team and a reserver/youth side just to get some action in
  13. Always been a helveg fan, seems that ''bad patch'' has done him the world of good, ok he is not setting the world alight but as is mentioned, he does the unrecognisable and the simple things. I thought that when he came on second half against brum he got hold of the ball and played it well.   You could tell this on saturday, bents was doing the same, rather than just play it wide every time he (and bents) were slotting balls through the defence opening them up, helveg needs to do this more, maybe after a period of uncertainty he has found his role in the team. this would be great given our current midfield problem
  14. to be fair i think that the only way we will get him (and this is pretty obvious) is if arsenal come for green, they may do a player/cash swap deal. Bentley has to look at his position at the end of the season and see where he thinks he can progress. If he chooses to go and slug it out at arsenal fair play to him. He''s a great talent, and if this is the age of chelsea now coming to fruitition then the arsenal of a few years time may be better than the current arsenal squad, look at the kids thery have bentley would surley have a place there then, if he keeps it simple then he will take the scene by storm.
  15. Heard it after the game and imho its very good. To the tune of : Status Quo ''Rockin'' All Over the World'' ''And here we are, and here we are and here we go. Youssef''s better than Ju-ninho here we goooo Rocin all Over the world... And I like it i Like it I like it i like it I la la la like it.... (Repeat Ad Naseum)
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