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  1. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="Brown"] Ok, the fact that the team relys on loans at the moment is bad enough... And then we might get a scummer on loan I dont like it [:P] [/quote] I''m gonna have to say something. I personally don''t rate Alan Lee. Sure he''s a handful against us, but Gow and Mooney and McDonald should surely be ahead of him? However Brown, of course it''s going to be a loan, the window isn''t open. Yes he''s an EX-scummer, but that shouldn''t be a problem - if he was a quality player. Which i don''t really think he is. I''d love him to prove me wrong though, and get a couple against the Scum. [/quote] you coudn''t resist could you callum... and im aware the window isn''t open i was just moaning about the fact the team relys on borrowed players, we shouldn''t need to loan lee in the first place. Yeah it would be good if he kept us up but he''s still ex scum and i dont like him...[:@]  
  2. Ok, the fact that the team relys on loans at the moment is bad enough... And then we might get a scummer on loan I dont like it [:P]
  3. Im actually quite happy.... I can actually go now instead of not being able too because of work
  4. Birmingham v Norwich.    Draw Blackpool v Southampton.  Blackpool win  Derby v Barnsley.  Annoyingly Barnsley [:(] especially after last nights 3-1 win Forest v Wolves. Wolves win Plymouth v Burnley. Burnely win  Ipswich v Watford.  Annoyingly scum [:(] or a draw
  5. H''s not ready for a start yet He is a good impact player but should be brought on for more than 15 minutes
  6. Wow looking at that our recent form with gunny is actually better than i thought if we carry on we should be safe But.... i would still like a new manager next season, one with proper managerial experience who could take us somewere although with a board as skint as ours ferguson probably wouldnt even manage that......
  7. [quote user="hogesar"]I think it''s worse in schools. Thank god im in my last year. Apart from me and a select few, the rest follow either Chelski, Manure or Liverpool. What really gets to me, is how they compare their team to Norwich all the time, trying to insult me. Sorry but there''s a difference between supporting your local club despite how well they do, and supporting a team in the top 4 of the Premiership. And yes, the excuses are always there. "Because Norwich are s***" or even "Im going to move their when im older" Or the old chestnut "My uncle/father/distant relative told me they were good when i was young. Even such things as "They''re the first team i saw on Television" It''s dissapointing, because if everyone in Norfolk supported Norwich it could really benefit us. However the laughs on them, how often do they get to see ''their'' team play live? Once..Twice...Not at all a year? [/quote] waheyy select few[:D][;)] hmmm i have to say that i completely agree they all have a go at us for being naff fans because aparantly according to them we support a "naff" team when actually its them who are the naff fans as they hardly ever even get to even go and see their team. i garuntee that if we ever became a regular top team or the four big teams sumhow started doing really bad and got relegated they would all turn to Norwich....
  8. rite.... To man u or liverpool. That does seem a little unlikely at the moment. But who knows. Could be possible. Aparantly they also think he may be able to play for England one day......... well at least thats what it said in the EDP.
  9. Darn it. sorry i went and posted the under 16 prices coz thats what i pay at the moment.. so yeh for under 16s it is only a bit more in the jarrold... tis only sumthing like a couple of quid more methinks. But i wouldnt know the over 16 prices...
  10. This all seems to be goin a bit too far now.....  
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