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  1. Leeds were never going to get their points back bit of a stupid appeal in my opinion, however on their recent form they have looked the best team in the top 6 and have the momentum going into the play-offs I would back them to go up through the play-offs along with Swansea and Doncaster.
  2. Wenger over react what are you talking about, Taylor virtually snapped his leg in two it was a disgraceful tackle, Wenger was right with his post match comments, Taylor should be banned for a very long time he could and maybe has ended Eduardo''s career or at the very least hampered it greatly he was shaping out to be a world class striker if he wasn''t that already in the Premier League and if he comes back and reaches the potential he has I would be very surprised. Get well soon Eduardo
  3. [quote user="Boba Fett"] Out of those i dont think Eagle, Lappin or either Jarvis will be with us....  Camara is still only a loan but imo is better the drury so would like to see him sign on and give depth in that position.. So we would need  to give us a smallish but workable squad.... 2x Centre Halfs  (Taylor or Gabbidon and a young loan/prospect?) 2x centre Mid  (Lee Johnson/Commons/Bowyer/Doyle) 1x Winger  (Stelios/Bell??????) 2x Strikers  (Any of Ameobi/Eastwood/Carroll/Zamora/Evans/Sibierski/Porter/Mclean etc) [/quote] Gabbidon/Bowyer/Stelios/Ameobi/Zamora/Sibiersky Your living in a dream world mate if you think Norwich can attract these sorts of players What a joke
  4. My tip for this weekend would be Walsall to beat Yeovil at home in League One this Saturday. Walsall have only lost once in their last 18 league games. Yeovil have only won once in their last 10 league games. Also in the reverse fixture 3 weeks ago at Yeovil, Walsall won 2-0. All things point to a home banker I would say.
  5. Got to fancy Chelsea to win away at Wigan, Chelsea have been just awesome lately still in the title race and a superb performance last night at Everton, got to gancy them against struggling Wigan especially with calamity Bramble in defence.
  6. Im surprised by Painter seen as he is from Suffolk
  7. [quote user="Mister Chops"] [quote user="jim blair"]Got to be john oneil  for us at QPR., dont think he ever played football again[/quote] I think suffering a career-ending injury after 34 minutes is a bit harsh to say "worst debut ever" - most unlucky debut ever, maybe. Worst was Etuhu''s.  All he did was jog in a circle for 60 minutes and then break his Preston colleague''s leg. [/quote] Even though Etuhu''s debut came in a home win over Luton when he had a spat with a Luton player, think it was Nicholls, at the end, that Preston game when he broke Nowland''s leg was 6 weeks later in January
  8. Well if Cardiff came calling I dont think it would take much time for him to think about a team with a very real chance of getting the last play-off spot or a team flirting with relegation a no brainer in my book
  9. Patrick Boyle''s Toenail Clippings is going you will find him very regularly on the football chants section of this forum
  10. [quote user="dielectric"] all we need in this transfer window is a 20+ a season striker sum 1 who can finish and put the ball in the back of the net for fun and i beleave that man is aaron mclean gr would get the best out of him and he produced the goods against colchester in the fa cup i think hes the man and i reckon old bazza would let him come to us for 1 to 1.5 million trust the boy can make the step up what do u lot think   [/quote] Well this was quite obvious in the summer and Strihavka, Brown and Cureton did nothing to help the strikers crisis at Norwich, Roder unfortunately hasn''t rectified this although we know it is all down to Doomcaster and talk of Gray, Eastwood and Sharp are just dreams this will never happen with the current board
  11. I heard Safri played well but against Namibia you could probably put Mark Fotheringham in there and he would look commanding thats how bad Namibia were
  12. [quote user="GJP"] [quote user="Fellas"] Doherty - 8 - Very good. Not a fan of the docs, but he played very well today [/quote] In my opinion he''s as good as any centreback in this league at the moment. [/quote] slight exaggeration he has improved greatly but is nowhere near as good as shawcross, cort amongst others
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