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  1. [quote user="clblue"]The facts are that you can''t afford Ameobi and thats why you have signed Cheddar as a cheap alternative!![/quote] very very true m8 if norwich fans ever thought they cud afford ameobi then they are a bit deluded
  2. and when was this fixture by my calculations nearly 3 years its been since u played us shows how downward you are and if its not at least another 3 years until you play us in the league ill be surprised
  3. im not surprised at all not playing all the time at Everton and McLeish at Birmingham was always gonna happen
  4. wooo wht is actim must be a blind person that gives him good pts for contribution
  5. [quote user="Heeley5"]Love it if we beat them!!!!! love it!!!!![/quote] Norwich beating us hahaha take up stand up comedy please im in stitches
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